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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

‘s investment in an online shop is very small, for entrepreneurs, how to reduce costs and gain more profit margins is the key. If the goods have been transferred several times, the money has been made by middlemen. Therefore, in order to obtain greater profits, it is obviously necessary to control the cost from the purchase price.

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foreign trade products are also the owners should pay attention to the target. If you have a familiar foreign trade manufacturers, you can get goods directly from the factory. In the remaining products of foreign trade orders, there are a lot of good things. Most of these goods are only 1 – 3. The styles are usually the most popular next year or now. The price is only 4 – 30 percent off of the shopping mall. There is a market.

foreign brands in the world or the day before the season, the price is very cheap. If the seller has relatives or friends abroad, ask them to help and get an attractive discount online. Even if the price is 4 to 30 percent off of the traditional mall, there is also a profit margin of 10% to 40%. Some brands inventory backlog, and some businesses simply sell all of the stock to full-time network sellers. If you have enough bargaining power to eat their stock at a low price, you can get a big profit. Finally, there is one of the most simple and convenient way to eat wholesale. Must run more regional wholesale market, not only familiar with the market, but also get a very cheap wholesale prices. However, owners need to distinguish between three types of markets: retail, wholesale, wholesale, retail and direct.

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according to senior network seller to teach experience, entrepreneurs in order to find the right source of goods, first of all, pay close attention to market changes, make full use of commodity discounts, find low prices of goods. Take to sell any open shop on the sales of famous brand clothes very fire, sellers often in the season or in in the field of high quality rice to design brand clothing, and then transferred on the Internet to sell, the use of geographical or temporal differences in enough profit.


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distinguishes between retail and wholesale and wholesale and retail, very easily. Take clothing for example: a retail and wholesale market is allowed to try on clothes; and wholesale and retail places are not allowed to try on clothes. Of course, the price is wholesale and retail places cheaper. If all items are packaged and sold without retail sales, they are mostly direct sales, and you don’t sell them at any price. Here is the amount, the lowest price. After finding the source of goods, you can sell a small amount of advanced goods, such as good sales, and then consider increasing the amount of purchase. Very open online shop, some sellers and suppliers have a good relationship, often goods sold only after the purchase, so that neither will account for the funds, and will not cause the backlog of goods.

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