Financing 242 million yuan to attract 765 shareholders to vote but now the chairman ran cash The on

Ali mother should not be unfamiliar to you, whether mother advertising will not be sh419 K, I would put on. After all, now the alliance has such a big mother like Ali, then a few, unfortunately, the threshold is really high, the mother is willing to take care of us these grassroots ah. Recently, sh419 and Taobao’s war, we must all know. Taobao and Ali mother combination, this everyone also see. Today I want to talk about the loss I brought to you. My station is a movie station, every day IP also has more than 3000, arrived Sunday IP can also go up 5000-6000. Hung mom’s advertising, at least a few days a few 20 fast, although not much, but a month also has more than 600 dollars. Hey, really did not expect, the mother has become so shameless, without telling me, the advertisement all replaced Amoy advertising, which means that people only through our advertising on the station and the success of the transaction before I earn money. Have online shopping friends all know, they want to buy what commodity, generally directly to the theme, on Taobao search. Who will see the ads that reminded me of my shopping desire? of course, female except besides, our website content, take the entertainment station for example, most of the passengers are basically imitation for recreation, listening to music, watching movies, who will go to those advertisements? Who will go to the point of the deal?? of course not, but very few, less than half a month that I have not received a penny. Perhaps some people think that the industry can stand. But the industry station basically has its own products, who will do that kind of advertising ah?. Today my mother call to customer service, they said my station is only suitable for Amoy advertising. I asked him if I could stop acting like I used to, and they said yes. Depressed, it seems that the horse is anxious, and even such a thing can do it out. After killing me, I do not support Ali mother.

from "Star stock" mutation, "meat grinder" over one hundred shareholders joint rights activist

three fixed increase financing 242 million yuan to attract 765 shareholders to vote

it is easy to understand, three ID:esanban ST Wyatt main hotel digital multimedia system platform for product development, sales and hotel chain of digital multimedia information platform operators, in December 13, 2013 listed in the new board, August 25, 2014 officially became the first city to do business in the new three.

listing three years ago, ST line Wyatt business performance brisk. From 2013 to 2015, the company achieved revenue of 61 million 690 thousand yuan, 70 million 200 thousand yuan and 103 million yuan, respectively, to achieve a net profit of 5 million 160 thousand yuan, 10 million 880 thousand yuan and 12 million 500 thousand yuan. As a result, ST Yue Yue has been favored by many investors. Two years ST Yue has completed three times for a total of 242 million yuan of fixed gain financing, in August 2014, the price of 2.5 yuan per share financing 17 million yuan; in January 2015, the price of 3.9 yuan per share financing 58 million 500 thousand yuan; in October 2015, the price of 6.66 yuan per share financing 166 million yuan.

July 20th, was held up more than thirty shareholders joint rights, and will be a joint letter submitted to the Shanghai securities regulatory bureau, in July 29th also sent to the Securities Commission and stock transfer company. Up to now, the number of shareholders participating in safeguarding rights has exceeded 100.

shares plummeted, ST line of many natural people, shareholders, market makers, investment companies were locked up, there are people in the market

as of December 31, 2016, the total number of ST Wyatt shareholders reached 765. Participating institutions include the Shanghai cultural industry fund, listed companies Kang Dexin, Fu Shun Investment, Fu Fu information management and other well-known institutions, as well as the east securities, Haitong Securities and other 21 market makers.

was the darling of investors ST Wyatt, nearly half a year since it is bad news the next thing: 11 market makers have to exit their city, 10 executives, including the chairman of the departure, the annual report is unable to express an opinion issued by the operating performance, first loss, even recently triggered over one hundred investors rights.

however, in July 13, 2017, St performed a song style mutation. Due to the suspension of the annual report is not released on schedule ST line Wyatt resume trading, that ushered in a slump. On the same day, ST line Yue highest opening price is 0.92 yuan, minimum probe to 0.19 yuan, and appear 0.01 yuan buying price. As of 3 p.m., and its final to 0.35 yuan / share closed, the day plunged 63.16%. As of August 1st closing, ST line Yue latest closing price of 0.33 yuan / share, the market value of 41 million 840 thousand yuan, which was 1 billion 450 million yuan compared with the previous ST Yue market capitalization has shrunk by 97%.

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