Many opportunities to fight more help entrepreneurs dreamEt play online show amidst the Jiangshan


for the first time to let you know the domestic

did not open physical stores, did not become a seller of Taobao, did not do micro business, like Liu Yanqiu, choose to fight more, and have small achievements in the business, there are many. Most of them from a friend to help fight groups began to pay attention to fight a lot, and a good user experience in the group, such as the s process. Mr. Zhang, who was also a great seller, told us the reason why he chose to spell more.

spelled out more about the person in charge, said, "fight much," the project itself is a start-up. "As an entrepreneur, we know how difficult it is to start a business, so we don’t accept commissions and other fees.". We are happy to give more practical, ideas, dare to young entrepreneurs to provide opportunities, competitive businesses can get considerable income, a lot of users can spell more access to goods, this platform can also fight a lot of healthy growth, it is in everyone’s expectations. Next, we will also provide opportunities for communication among entrepreneurs on the platform. Although entrepreneurship requires trial and error, success in the end is our goal."

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was launched amidst the Jiangshan play, welcome webmaster actively launch, believed to bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact customer service to open formal site webmaster. Customer service :319035193 183288818 319035197

not long ago, a "80 girls’ fight more ‘start four months, selling 5 million yuan" news detonated major portals. The news of the protagonist, is in the mobile business platform "spell a lot of" open "good taste of global delicacy Museum" Liu Yanqiu.

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"as a consumer, I think it’s fun to put together a lot of games that attract our young people’s attention.". Well, to switch to the seller’s perspective, I’m sure I’d be willing to choose a platform like that." After moving this idea, Mr. Zhang analyzed the feasibility of entering. "Because the entire platform of many users, many goods are selling well, that is to say, as long as my product features, prices have advantages, sales certainly not a problem."." After providing proof of the need for the platform, the staff of Mr. Zhang conducted a shop and shelves guidance. "The product was audited quickly, too. My store is just like this. So far, it has worked pretty well. Of course, we should also learn more from Xiao Liu Liu Yanqiu in making explosive funds. "

millet founder Lei Jun once said, entrepreneurship is at the right time to do the right thing. Combined with the experience of the post-80s girl Liu Yanqiu, it is also a crucial step to choose a suitable platform.


: real time data return return.

in 2013, Liu Yanqiu resigned from the stable work of Shanghai, returned home to Taizhou, officially joined the entrepreneurial army. Until January this year in the fight a lot of shops on the line, her entrepreneurial path finally All sufferings have their reward.: the first day of opening, two items directly sold out of stock; the next day sales straight up; less than 4 months, the store sold more than 50 thousand copies of goods, sales exceeded 5 million yuan.

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