The way to deal with cheaters is really simpleAli Alliance Taobao ad re launched in September 10th


more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml
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Dear Ali alliance Webmaster:

now announce the good news of!

1. Taobao advertising in September 10th will be back online promotion
2. existing Taobao advertising plan will follow the original Taobao promotion plan, the original Taobao publishers do not replace Taobao ad code, can continue to be
3.’s new advertising promotion plan audit strategy with existing code Taobao promotion, the need for a manual review.

Ali Alliance

is now a lot of large amount of stationmaster alliance is not buckle when the money is not money every day there is not even to drag, many webmaster very helpless, every day in the forum and online owners complained, but ultimately can not solve the problem, especially some of the union of Beijing and Shanghai, due to the many owners are not in the area just think, alliance the emperor far scolding you they say they just don’t bother you, because I think the real establishment of a special problem solving alliance webmaster group, very simple alliance do not give money. If in Beijing, he called Beijing who stand together with our friends and go directly to their company, does not give money to leave in Shanghai is very simple, let the webmaster group to Shanghai, only a collection of all the strength, but also afraid of the alliance without paying? Because of personal growth will be standing alone that alliance bully, hope we can unite together to resist those crooks and bad credit union

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