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"I did similar work in 2007, but I was called a website technician, and later I got a new term — Network nanny."." Mr. Chen, the head of an Internet cafe in Dongguan, said. He majored in computer science at the University. After graduating in 2007, he worked as a network administrator in a Dongguan company. One day, he went to Humen to meet with some friends. When he was eating, he heard a friend saying that his website server was hacked and the data was tampered with, which caused no small financial loss. Mr. Chen was listening after pondering on the way home, professional background, how to help the friends? Since then he had an idea, engaged in the new occupation — Net Nanny, for customers to provide network security consulting guidance services, website vulnerability checks etc..

or see me together, this 2 times of magnification is deficit is earned, carefully calculated, my gross profit margin is 10%, the following graphic analysis:

near the end of the year, the district management office will basically remind residents on the bulletin board anti-theft bandits. In reality, although it is the tangible come and go without leaving a trace, but, on the network "bandits" are invisible without a trace, they attack sites, loading virus, or steal information, or tampering with the data, make people impossible to guard against. The resulting network nanny is just the opposite. They provide protection for other people’s websites, and prevent hackers from attacking websites. They stay on the network all day long and earn a monthly income of over $10000.

Dongguan full-time practitioners, not more than a hundred people

my original design brand in Tmall, the factory price is 2 times the OEM price.

from 2007 to now, Mr. Chen has become a professional network nanny, he is well-known in the circle, monthly income of about 10 thousand yuan. But according to a Dongguan senior e-commerce manager Zhu Defa introduction, Net Nanny income mainly depends on the number of Web services, a website maintenance monthly fee also hundreds of thousands of yuan, so the general practitioners monthly income of 5000 yuan.

network nanny

there are a few brands, but also only a single category of their own factories, so the products are usually processed in the professional factory production, and then paste their own trademarks, it is their own brand. The same quality, the same fabric, style changes a little attached to different brands are different prices peers may Paizhuan, but the fact is such.

, tell me about my major,

do not give Tmall merchant money, there is no traffic

Zhang Honghua, President of the Dongguan net business association, said that since the skills required in this industry are relatively professional, more than 90% of those engaged have worked for the Internet, basically after 70 and after 80. There are not many professionals in Dongguan. According to Zhang, there are no more than 100 people.

upload a factory just sent to me in July out of order, such as the list folder has a pile of it, last year, the shameless owed, not someone that wants to succeed must adhere to; 1: 2: 3: adhere to the shameless shameless. I have done it at three points, and have not yet succeeded. I can see that the man who said this is not a good man. The list below:

network provides protection for the nanny, others website, to provide customers with consulting services, network security guidance website flaw inspection, to prevent hackers tampering with the data, causing economic losses, protect the people of network security.

says far away, change the subject.

Mr. Chen resigned from his former job and worked as an administrator at an Internet cafe. This gave him more time to deal with the internet. While the problems encountered all sorts of strange things, many of them are doing the network administrator in the company, not to. In order to solve the problem, sometimes although busy to the middle of the night, but see the problem solved, still full of sense of accomplishment. After insisting on, Mr. Chen is now a small circle of famous "nanny.".

speaks of the experience of the past few years, Mr. Chen said, "do this line mainly."

you know, I’m a female returnees designer, and it sounds like a tough job, but it’s a mess.

first said my professional, I was a designer, I also calculate the price for the brand routine door, with my professional talk about a piece of clothing price is how come, the factory has its own brand sales ratio is 2-2.5 times, famous brand ratio is 3-4 times of the ex factory price, do not think that this rate is very high, the same clothes of the same brand in the second market price ratio is 5-8 times of the ex factory price, the first mall is 6-10 times, so in this regard, Tmall price is good.

The last time the

some viewers don’t know what my way with OEM, OEM us about science meaning: well-known brands on the market are mostly no production capacity, they can only OEM, a clothing brand will have a suit, jacket, coat, sweater, shirt, pants, T – shirt, shoes, bags, etc..


Abstract: this year is out of the ordinary, since the point of the activity to manual review, becomes the default, which we all know that a few years all the way along with Ma through Tmall, Tmall’s environment has changed, the second power is too large, who want to let on who, if there is no way to panic buying. It is absolutely not to.

wrote an article "a day and 5 million entrepreneurs Catwoman, almost bankrupt, because Ma’s words", we are very concerned, there are also many doubts, don’t blame you, I was stupid, no expression. Anyway, I’m free, and I’m going to sort out some of your last comments.


pay attention to e-commerce, optimistic about the prospects of the industry

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