Seven considerations for improving the conversion rate of enterprise websites

CNNIC latest issue of the report shows that the current enterprise Internet utilization rate has exceeded 95%, of which 48.1% of enterprises have their own independent web site or shop. Well, from the data we know that the Internet has begun to spread in the business world, but the real problem is that most companies will use whatever part of the website is completed, the enterprise will be the site of the building after the bidding promotion also do website optimization, the confidence of waiting for visitors into customers. But in the high investment in advertising by visitors into customers is scanty, enterprise network marketing has no obvious effect, check the traffic statistics there are many visitors, why visitors can not be converted into customers this? In other words, the conversion rate of why so low? In a word, is actually a "user experience" out of the question, Allen Ji’nan network marketing training analysis together with you.

one, lack of distinctive website content,

web content is not characteristic, most articles directly from the Internet copy paste, this copy paste to articles, not only search engines do not like, users will not like. You see, the sticky articles, visitors didn’t know how many times they’d read it. Would you like to see it again on your website? So the visitor quickly left, so the conversion rate was zero. So, to keep visitors should start with the content of the website, think about why visitors come to your site visitors to your website is to see what? Your site can provide what other sites do not provide content? Theoretically, visitors at the site of the longer residence time, the more helpful to the conversion rate. Those visitors see a glance away website, how to mention conversion rate?

two, site updates too little,

said that although the enterprises do not need to update the website as the day as the news portal, but this soon 2012 Spring Festival, if your website for the latest content or the 2008 Olympic Games period, the contents of this website will let visitors think no vitality, lack of professional. Some people say that enterprise website can update the content is too small, in fact, the enterprise website content update is not difficult, like business activities, employee recognition, collective activities, new product launches, breakthrough performance etc. all of these can be used for enterprise website update.

three, site beauty is not enough,

as the saying goes, people rely on clothes horse saddle, the site has no value to the content would not say, a picture of fuzzy structure deformation, dislocation of the visitors to the website can’t last long stay, ugly page can let a person look more tired, Yu Shibie provided the conversion rate, can look at the site wrong. The Alibaba and Taobao as an example, although they are selling something, but you can see with Alibaba, there are many manufacturers of picture distortion or not clear, look at Taobao, the product sales mostly focus on the pictures and the appearance of the shop.

four, browser compatibility issues,

‘s browser now has a variety of N, not IE8>

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