Xinjiang first grassroots Adsense conference Web site strength to integration


      the first Xinjiang area webmaster website SEO conference and training seminars in December 7, 2008 will be held in Urumqi, there will be more than 100 sites of more than 200 participants, IT world famous master planning experts attended special lectures led military figures and SEO network marketing, gathering strength, Xinjiang owners say to integration. Western cultural network ( webmaster will participate in the whole meeting, and detailed, comprehensive and in-depth reports, I hope you will always pay attention to.

time: 2008.12.7 Sunday morning at 10

1. The purpose of the conference: to lead the IT industry in Xinjiang to carry out a healthy and sound development track, and to carry out a deep discussion on various topics, such as technology, Yun Wei, market and policy management.



Urumqi the first night: Xinjiang station

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