The essay notes on the grassroots network

you webmaster, today in April 25th, the weather suddenly changed very hot, noon meal, seat in front of the computer, a few minutes later, a little heavy, may be the weather reasons, so sleepy.

is now in an advertising company in local work, a coolie, 4 years of network life, so I don’t have that kind of passion before, some of the more calm and rational, not the first time to get GGPIN excitement, forgot to get the first check of GG stimulation, do not feel their own Baidu station K. After the angry. Calmly waiting for Baidu to collect and obliterate. Now pay more attention to the development of the network, understand the environment of small network, see the Shanghai 2 days rose 600 points, no sigh of their investment, ha ha, just laugh it off. Now, every day after work to accompany her girlfriend, just want to make her happy every day, do not want to own what kind of website.

is now a portal of Jiyuan local station, Jiyuan network (, did not think, do not know why, in the Baidu included to blocked, really poor Jiyuan net, I estimate the network is still under construction, because there is not much content, the website has now begun in the local promotion. In the car magazine began advertising. After all, it’s a local station, it should be good.

is now building its Web site as a major business, so it can sustain my life. Experience and cases can keep me moving steadily. Case station ( A little strange is that the point of COM was killed by Baidu, point CN is still good. I myself do not quite understand, bored and my program friend built a non mainstream club, has not yet been included. Now manual updates every day, I hope Baidu quickly included.

now found that their level of understanding has stopped, I hope the master has read the article, plus my QQ:31553182, want to find a master to learn (Cheng Xin)

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