Each webmaster should have their own web site survival mode

every day at A5, on the site of the business has been too much, whether it is for A5 and aimlessly made articles, or from their own sincerity, anyway nothing cannot do without, optimization, traffic, money. On site operation and less money is I’m not here long winded, I want to say is that no matter how much people a day, regardless of your site in the eyes of others cannot refuse, as long as you don’t feel the garbage, worth on the line. As the GG optimization in the report saying, no two website money is the same, so the same is for the webmaster, the site has a different business practices, there is no need to care about the opinions of others too, but there is no need to go to insist on their own according to the mode of people.

always someone asked me to do a webmaster in the end do not make money, what kind of website rich way, this topic is really difficult for me to answer, so I want to write down the title, has pointed out that individual owners will eventually go to the transformation of electronic commerce in the Internet before last winter haven’t come, because of personal webmaster in the Internet cannot withstand a single blow position is more and more, to the long-term development of transition as soon as possible, but this one involves a is the most essential thing: money can make money on the line, as long as I don’t want to discuss what or what industry segments and garbage, anyway as long as the site is no, what station than what station, what industry stand in the industry than what stood to make money, like a keyword in Baidu and GG also brought the same position The flow is not the same, why? Because the emphasis is different.


do any industry should consider their own work on the website of this industry what is the purpose of making money, yes, but how to make, what is money, businesses earn money, or earn money or people visit your site to earn money advertising, advertising alliance is a subdivision, or earn GG make a pop, or CPS or CPA to guide the registration and so on…. too much, these early positioning and operation mode directly affects the different types of your future income and website. Do not see a website is not sold, they think it is a garbage station, tell you to be made a UUSEE single page, even more than you do a few what the so-called "big web site", "regular station" to money more. Today on Taobao to see that a person on the left site a month income in the tens of thousands of dollars, are all on the advertising alliance earn money, a company operating dozens to hundreds of thousands of websites. (domain name parking tired) I know a friend, no months only from GG where the money is not less than 5K U. S. dollars. I want the money for a so-called grand goal which people have enough, why bother to do what bitter kiss a thankless task.


a word is to do what the site has to do, rather than blindly follow the trend, to imitate the same website, the same as the IP rankings, but not earn the same money! The money is in your own self.

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