The four element of website experience is the premise of obtaining user loyalty


a lot of people have a grassroots webmaster pessimism is strong on today’s Internet, there are more optimistic, pessimistic and optimistic this collision led to today’s Internet appeared in the local hot, there are also local cold phenomenon, and this before the Internet or collective outbreak, or a collective silence a lot of different! But I think at present this phenomenon, for our personal webmaster, or have a good chance, after all, our flexibility is strong, the investment is not so, as long as the good site experience, so money is very easy! But when it comes to the site experience, looks simple, actually it is very difficult to do, a lot of people can not stick to the end, and ultimately led to the failure of


thus, do website experience is a prerequisite for the success of the site, so how do the user experience, this time in the website planning, is to begin planning, the author’s own experience, only their own shallow view share to our webmaster friends, hope to have some help to the general


1: do a good job of website experience, begin from the convenient attribute that promotes website to visit, begin


site is naturally the rich content will be better classification and rich content nature to be logical, some websites classification method is not correct, caused by the visit too deep, such as from the links on the home page content to the real content need to click on more than three times above, and every click, also need careful search otherwise, also can not find, this site is certainly not able to meet the needs of depth, at this time, on the way to the establishment of the site navigation on the site, through the navigation function, allowing users to locate the fastest speed, site navigation is based on the content of how to set, if less content, that one site navigation then, with the defects of the superfluous


two: good website experience at the same time, but also to take care of the search engine spiders

many owners think wrongly, do search engines work there is no way to enhance the site’s user experience in this view, although there is some truth on the surface, but actually is very wrong, because with the development of the intelligent search engine, search engine has become increasingly concerned about the user experience so! Good user experience is to do search engine, and

is not self contradictory!

but in some design techniques, sometimes does not seem to affect the user experience, but affect the search engine of the suspects, such as dynamic pages, usually through a procedure call, a dynamically generated HTML page, this page does not exist because the first site inside, requiring users to click to appear, which leads to the Baidu spider to find to this page, even if the site looks very rich, but Baidu’s collection is very small, so in this respect, as far as possible the use of the HTML page, without influence on the basis of user experience, but also.

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