What can you save potatoes

and I wrote "saved", this time I only save "potatoes", my first article "what can I do to save the" potato "and" thunder "," detailed text References: http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20080530/86763.shtml, this is very clear, "users to upload video sharing" to get the government issued the "audio-visual license", it must meet the requirements of the two management first, content second, copyright legal controllable. Potatoes in accordance with the current mode of operation, in order to achieve the requirements. The current operating model must be reversed. That is, before the video appears in the website, strengthen the content and copyright review.

I found an article on the financial world website entitled "potato’s confusion". The original link is as follows: http://s.finance.jrj.com.cn/news/2008-06-06/000003733199.html. The vice president Yang Danning tudou.com this sentence deserves careful scrutiny, reads as follows: "although the lawsuit is easy to be amplified, but we currently face litigation is not much, there is a" safe harbor "international, once the users upload works to the web site, the Internet platform is not copyright liability the. If the copyright owner informs us through relevant channels and submits some supporting materials, we will delete the relevant content immediately." Yang Danning told the "legal person", from the copyright identification point of view, the video screen site as a platform for users to upload video, it is difficult to identify copyright ownership. In accordance with the international Internet treaties, basically need copyright owners to come forward to confirm, Internet companies and copyright owners in accordance with the requirements of the relevant content adjustment. A "safe harbor principle", I would like to ask the potatoes, your grandfather "youtube.com" not like you so much of the film and television drama, animation? Why not? Because he is perfecting the law, abide by the law, on the other hand they pull the gas flow does not rely on this to pull on the original. Your potatoes there by what? Explain it to us, why the number of film and television animation resources and is almost 2 times the number of original resources? These video resources are copyright? Are legal? It is the user upload? You said good, true international has a "safe harbor principle", then you Grandpa "youtube.com" do not use the "safe harbor principle", more to the point of film and TV play? I’ve heard a lot of "user video upload sharing" video site, when the audit user uploaded video file is almost 10 minutes a review, I would like to ask you to edit with potatoes how much time a review about 1 hours of video? You are the "safe harbor principle" said, if a "class enemies" to "grafting" in a movie "grafting" what harmful information of the video, you The "port of refuge" principle is not working well. The harmful information has spread through your site. Do you still want to emphasize the "port of refuge principle"?

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