Review the station course and talk about several webmaster websites in China

I have long been mixed up in the major webmaster online, do standing time is probably from the blog, should be 05 years or early 06, when the blog just into China, remember not clear time. I’ve been blogging, movie stations, forums, professional websites, local stations. Actually, I just want to have a try.

feel the most difficult to do or forum, on the one hand is the problem of personnel, on the one hand is the management problem, and the other is the combination of online and offline problems, this is more difficult to deal with. So here also to open the forum friends do so: 1, want to open the forum, at least 2 people, if you are alone, I suggest you give up 2, must have good management ability. Know how to deal with the forum events is 3, time must be adequate, because the development of the forum, so every day, even every hour check post, or if the guy made a XXXX article, you did not promptly removed, and checked the consequences of closure of the forum. 4, know must be combined with the line, also is to organize activities, this is an active forum and the increase in viscosity, other do not say, because I was fighting alone, and is a local forum, shutyourself.

and the construction of blog website: before the blog just come out very popular search engine welcome, included is very easy, do not know SEO can easily do flow up, for example, I used to do the film blog (it was purely for the GG) the peak flow is 8000, I wondered at the time, how can a blog on this rate is high, in fact, the reason lies in the movie and the SEO keyword, then do not know SEO, each with a movie (because of interest in movies, so manual) of the title is "XXX download" or "thunder /BT download XX" and Baidu has been all ranked high, sometimes even in the first place. Earn a also after Baidu to K, and later flow flow straight three thousand feet, the result is closed.

also is a professional website, since the start of the station to do interesting, personal feelings do stand in the direction should still do the professional is better, can place better, after all the individual’s ability to do the difficult. As for the professional station, and they are still groping, low flow, too low, perhaps not understand the SEO reasons. Do not want to open the URL, lest it be say, (I do stand a few years will have a soft, the effect can also be, ha ha), this word is a station owners love to an article to determine, ha ha.

, now tell me about the station.

1.  a webmaster personally think that the most promising, but the model needs to change, otherwise difficult chengdaqi. Among them, the trading section is the core, but the core of human psychology, the model must change, otherwise, one day will be reduced. Other original articles, it is not bad, and this is one of the selling points.

2. Fall behind

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