Summary of several points in the optimization of the key knowledge


optimization is very important for website construction. Many websites take the optimization method in order to increase their competitive power. But in practice, we should also pay attention to some problems. Generally in operation, should carry out the two main lines, one is to collect the website as soon as possible, and the two is to enhance the ranking of the site. Of course, the most important thing is to include, only the page has been collected, have the opportunity to participate in ranking. However, if too much attention to the SEO chain, for the site itself, will ignore, is not conducive to the optimization of the last site. According to years of experience, Yue Hao believes that only in the station optimization, is the key to improving the core competitiveness. How do you optimize your website?

1, website title and description optimize

in website optimization factor, website title and website description is the key two points. They are related to the search engine judgment, but also search engine site rankings according to the main points. Title is responsible for the main theme of the web page, and description summarizes the content of the web page. If each page of title or description is the same, then it will be very troublesome. This is very detrimental to the optimization of the site, included. The result is that the site has a large number of duplicate pages, and the server refuses to include it. Do not give the search engine a bad impression, it is related to our website ranking

for search engines, they love each page of the title and description are not the same, and each page of the title and description to clearly communicate the content of the page theme, text description should be simple and smooth, finally to the reasonable layout of key words.

two, website URL optimization

website URL refers to the URL of each page, we know that the search engine is to find the page through the URL, and then grab the content of the web page. Bad site URL will make search engines fail to work, and they won’t grab content. The tedious dynamic web site is also bad for search engine search.

web site is the link between search engine and web content. A good website URL has great influence on Web crawling. Do the following, you can make good optimization, 1, web site should be brief, not cumbersome. 2, a web page corresponding to a URL. 3, to explain the URL.

one thing we should pay great attention to is that a large number of static pages will burden our servers. Then, what can we do to solve this problem?. Discuz this forum program or CMS program can be solved. The only difference is that the method of configuration is different in different environments. But there are no shortcomings, and if it doesn’t work well, it will bring us hemp

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