Web site a month PR0 change PR3 simple and practical tips

station established a month, this month, almost every day pay attention to PR, these days found PR0 finally updated, and now is PR3, in the process of using a lot of ways, the following is the experience!

1, rapid submission page: new submission page, http://s.freewebsubmission.com/ to submit your site, such as your website address is: www.unlock4phone.com, then landing above website after you direct input www.unlock4phone.com, and then to find the page under site, on the major search engines, a one-time submission!

2, look for backlinks! This new webmaster is difficult to do, because there is no resources, PR6 station who bird you?. In fact, it is not difficult, you can use Google to search your search keywords, if there is a forum like place, please send your registration website address, some wiki websites, you can take your URL into, directly into the ranks of high PR. Several of my PR5, PR4 is the direct search found in

3, increase the site map, my site is Joomla, dynamic website, not too good to engage in the site map, you can search and then incorporated into your web site, for example, I was www.unlock4phone.com, and then to the Google administrator tools to submit, after every time, Google spider will come to your website

4, let DMOZ included

as soon as possible

is the largest man-made catalogue, Dmoz low no one can shake, according to industry knowledge revealed that most search engines are using the Dmoz directory. So, landing Dmoz, find your industry directory, writing clear description of the site to Dmoz as soon as possible to include your website has become a pressing matter of the moment, once the site is Dmoz included, and included the number of visitors will have a relatively large increase!

each point is the station building 1 months to enhance the experience of PR.

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