What have in mind the Shanghai dragon expert

said the novel station were collected, but fell in love with the sea is very wonderful, some collected novels stand rankings than copyrighted novel website ranking high in Shanghai now! Love cried every day. Ah, the original value. We do not refuse to purify the Internet. Do not reprint. Copy, so we bitter lights. Go black eye, keyboard, write the original time, the other side of a key acquisition computer. One day the content of the novel fix. Since the

wrote "Shanghai dragon pseudo experts", the article reflects very strong. Maybe the article said everyone hearts go! In recent years Shanghai Longfeng too much training, the webmaster also tired of Shanghai Longfeng pseudo experts off the reel. A lot of friends suffer my QQ! Grumble, I can well understand! I am very happy to let the king station, saw many webmaster to express their views in Lu Songsong blog enthusiastic message, there are people that want to see what is the real Shanghai dragon read more

With the Shanghai dragon super chain had to say

analysis: love Shanghai, You’ll see. first without question. CCTV is also playing the first do not want to not work, the weight of the lever. Baidu second no more words. Post Bar know certain hot promotion MP3. As for the library, encyclopedia. Shanghai library ranked in front of love. Some of you can see for yourself. So in order to see over, is arranged according to the popular acceptance of this law. A popular acceptance also shows that the weight value. That love Shanghai for their product weight value > read more

Caused by the electric district of Shanghai Longfeng meditation contest

today, the topic group inside everyone foreign chain less, we all know that the weight of the chain (now reduced to Shanghai dragon who, refers to those that are relatively easy to get outside of the chain), and even some weight chain is almost gone, such as post signature, such as blog etc.. Only survive success is one of the few outside the chain of high quality (such as large portals, news stations, love Shanghai’s own products), and gets them as to the Tianshan mining lotus like dredge for a needle in the sea. We can do is carefully in love, in Shanghai know Post Bar racked his brains leave a link…… Also, the weight of the chain to reduce what means, the PR value don’t work. You know, this was once the most popular benchmark in Shanghai dragon. read more

3B the latest fighting wars love sea of chaos 360 smile

launched 360 search, love Shanghai’s market share to maintain the stability of the above 75%. But since the launch of 360 search engines, love Shanghai’s market share continued to decline, has dropped to 66%, while the 360 search is the way up to 13%. The data from Analysys data report from Q1, the strange thing is the second quarter of this year and Ai Ruijun did not publish market share Analysys report, but to publish business revenue share, just at the end of the report: a brief mention of the 360 search this year officially began commercial operation. With the help of the 360 browser and 360> read more

Love Shanghai right down the website has the possibility of ranking

In this paper, by planting

quiz platform 贵族宝贝my478贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

after a long time tracking was down the right site and draws the conclusion: each relatively formal website has restored the possibility of ranking, but excessive collection and garbage stations website chances. The following two sites are the counterparts, the first site is down right in January of this year, another April is down right. I believe that these two sites are because of "keyword stuffing" by the Shanghai love punishment, site is also the first home page, all the keywords ranking are hundreds of meters away. read more

nsist on not to be listed on the Snap to the continued loss of the unicorn to prove himself to the

Snap is on the market and has submitted important documents such as S-1 to the federal securities and Exchange Commission. It is expected to be listed on the NYSE in March without any surprises. The stock code is SNAP".

see today the technology giant, is perhaps the day before, one or two people in mind. We have come into contact with a number of start-up companies, and summed up the following can withstand the market honed, and have the opportunity to grow into the industry giant trees of the benchmark enterprise characteristics: read more

Google webmaster guidelines more easily restore hacking website

code in detail, more quickly identify the problem

review on all issuesFor more information on the security problem of The ; noble baby

today, we are very happy to introduce you to a new function of webmaster tools, namely "security issues".

  as a site owner, if found their website was hacked or malware intrusion, will feel extremely anxious, and in a short time to remove these malicious content is not easy. In order to solve this problem, we have been committed to simplifying the site restoration operations and malicious content removal process. Therefore, when running in the corresponding website software expired, we will inform the webmaster, at the same time we also launched specifically for hacking the website to help website, which contains video and each step of recovery process a detailed description of the article. read more

Five trick of the chain

fourth strokes, making external

general station Links should not exceed 20, because other external links will not station is very powerful, not enough to ignore the negative effect brought by the friendship. The mayoral candidate selected Links like competition, the other chain is public. If you don’t get a lot of support from the public, even if your candidate vote, also can not get the trust of the search engine, and sometimes even have a negative impact. So the small owners have to be careful, don’t Links as cheating. read more

Chasing the search engine algorithm too tired to have a better method of Shanghai Dragon

give you an example about the needs of users in here, we will give you the most familiar Shanghai dragon as an example. I believe this word just up, many people will be very strange to the word. In search of what is Shanghai dragon? So this is what Shanghai dragon years occupy search love Shanghai below. So this time you must layout a website called Shanghai dragon is the content of what. This is because users are most concerned about the content. Have to say my here, that is I >

now too many people want to do Shanghai dragon can decipher the search engine algorithm used on their website to get good rankings, I saw a lot of people do Shanghai dragon staring at the search engine algorithm to do optimization. There is a search engine to quickly understand the wind sways grass which search engine algorithm to adjust. In fact, do like cat and mouse, very tired, and too unrealistic. According to Google’s official statement is: Google a year to adjust the algorithm is 500 times. That is almost a day will be one half of the adjustment, intelligent search engine development, the whole team how many people. How can we grasp the search engine algorithm accurately, we need to look through the phenomenon of nature, and grasp some essential things, try to grasp some things according to. In order to better grasp the search engine, let us win website in search engine. read more

Four principles of website optimization in Shanghai dragon content is king must follow

Shanghai dragon friends, must know, website optimization, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence, the initial study of Shanghai dragon, we will have a confused period, we conscientiously according to the method optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, according to Shanghai dragon optimization techniques to optimize we stand, but in the end, why do not get the result we want? Here I’ll tell you, the website of Shanghai dragon optimization "content is king" the importance of doing station, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in addition to understand the method, also need to pay attention to many details, the details determine success or failure, what is the four principle that website optimization Shanghai dragon "content is king" must follow the read more

Don’t blindly love Shanghai products chain or just a legend original

, however, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai products chain may not be as a tool to enhance the ranking. First, we should understand the meaning of existence is what the chain. In the eyes of search engines, the value chain is the promotion, this promotion is the promotion to the user, rather than the promotion of spiders. That is to say, only in the spider or gain weight to the chain is not natural, the chain out must have on demand chain without user clicks, is to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, the search engine is the most objectionable. read more

Five methods of exchange Links

through their large construction sites, which links the main station, of course here must be taken to avoid search engine punishment, the effect is very good, because is a one-way link, one-way links is better than the Links effect, higher weight, so the energy may wish to consider it.


third: link platform

method mentioned above are summed up in Links to do website, these are personal experience, hoping to solve the novice webmaster in exchange Links the difficulty of this paper comes from the 贵族宝贝qudou4贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source. read more

How long can the site keywords on the front page


through the website positioning analysis, and evaluation of your keywords ranking time by geographical, time, audience etc.. To achieve high precision, strong penetration and wide coverage.

the first drop-down box can be judged from the popularity of the word, add drop-down box full of words is not popular words, second top 20 home number, do not know whether a friend can understand, a number of the top 20 home page, we make an example, such as the Shanghai dragon search, search Shanghai Dragon first is love Shanghai Wikipedia, the second is ch> read more

Case analysis the frequent changes to the site will ruin your ranking

said the website customers not to search, can search the previous word now all not to search. Then I opened the site to see the next, then found that the site has done a lot of changes. Yes, from the title to the description from the column name to the content page. Have a basic change in different degree, and a large number of intermediate stack keywords, the content of the website page of each article with head and tail lists a lot of words, and with a lot of link. At the bottom of the site more than 10 several Links, most of the site has nothing to do with the industry, and there are two one-way links. Link to Taobao is a guest website, the query Taobao guest website has been the site down the right, the content of the website is around the collection, but also a variety of sentence fluent, mingled with a large number of keywords. By asking that the customers to more quickly improve the ranking, will recruit a staff of Shanghai dragon. So in the Shanghai dragon Er within two weeks of busy, all keywords are not currently website ranking, even the brand word is no longer home, Xiao Bian used to view the tool, the search results page to page 50 search. Brand word came in more than 390. The site also has 1 weeks not included new page. All aspects are in decline. To these problems, each one will. read more

An analysis of how to analysis server log

!For example: – [29/Jun/2011:00:30:29 +0800] "GET/ shichang/ HTTP/1.1" Shanghai dragon 2007926 "-" Mozilla/5.0 "(compatible; bot/2.1 +贵族宝贝 noble noble baby; baby贵族宝贝/bot.html

Third information

logging is the most useful information in the log, it tells us what the server receives a request, for example for visitors to request access to "Shanghai dragon shichang/" page.

server log

is the first remote host address information. read more

An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of soso Q & a platform outside the chain


2: can be stable to attract traffic. Because the Search ask can leave a page in the link, so the relative and love Shanghai know more likely to attract hits. I just soso after posting a few links from the background data found from search inquiry platform flow. And there is a steady growth trend. As shown in the figure below (because of the site in the recent revision period, the inside pages are temporarily open, solid from search Q & a platform into the flow decreased).

of the chain searchIn addition to read more

265 about the union September commission payment instructions A common misunderstanding when do Wang

if you have any questions, please contact customer service :331362639 or submit online question and answer management". We will be happy to answer your questions!

3, registered posing as people in developed countries

2, registration form at

has just started to do Wangzhuan friends may have a bad habit to see on-line to delete or change. This is very easy to be convicted of cheating. Do you think that the company does not know? In fact, when you click the register link, your on-line information has been in the form of "send parameters to the company server, and archived in the database. When you change, computer software, know that you are cheating. The company is not your temporary pipe, you don’t know it. Please. A lot of people will be your title, now know why? In fact, there is absolutely no need to change the line, I have repeatedly said that the line is not the slightest impact off their income, but also can help you succeed, you go or not less detours in Wangzhuan Road, part of the company also provides on-line the rebate, instead of what he means? What’s more, you change and delete the line, the line is visible, don’t think you changed the line do not know, I want you to know that certain on-line are no longer willing to provide you with any information. Say you cooked this line will develop their own downline, if your downline so you will be happy to read more

Less than two and a half years to complete the 5 round of financing valuation of over 1 billion Un


Chinese Christmas, health hot redbaby.cn/subjecthtml/2007/health/077th_double.html

, welcome to the webmaster,


difficult start,

has been in autumn, he exposed skin or sun flushed face, and small arms in peeling. As a founder and CEO of the American food network, he haunts the fields a few days ago. He went to a vegetable farm in Shandong for a few days before being interviewed and returned home with sunburn.

, Liu Chuanjun is in it. In 2013, he quit his job as Wo Wo Group vice president of the group buying website, and in June, second years, the US Food Network was founded. American vegetable network choose B2B heavy mode, procurement, warehousing, logistics to distribution, all to do their own. read more

How to exert the power of nternet advertisementEntrepreneurs make products please leave your path a

 :    : 1. Why do we want to advertise on the Internet?

 :     two. Where should we do Internet advertising?

introduction: when entrepreneurs in the first version of the finished products, one of the most frequent questions is: now, what should I do? And another to lift the question is: why is that users do not do those things I want him to do?

      almost any site welcomes other people to make paid online advertising on their site; therefore, you have too many rights to choose from. read more

Gold Wangzhuan station children can’t set the wolfWelcome to the new year 99 online bookstore Commis

here, give you a reference, not necessarily accurate, because the host’s price is not the same, some earn earn less than others, some technology is relatively strong, some of the professional degree is not enough. I am here only to price as the standard, to give you a reference:

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: linktech.cn

only 49 yuan, you can exchange 3 books to make your heart; 89 yuan, you can get 5 long favorite book; only 119 yuan, you can get 8 books and so on…… read more