Web site a month PR0 change PR3 simple and practical tips

station established a month, this month, almost every day pay attention to PR, these days found PR0 finally updated, and now is PR3, in the process of using a lot of ways, the following is the experience!

1, rapid submission page: new submission page, http://s.freewebsubmission.com/ to submit your site, such as your website address is: www.unlock4phone.com, then landing above website after you direct input www.unlock4phone.com, and then to find the page under site, on the major search engines, a one-time submission! read more

Talk about ten days to build Baidu seconds collection site

was hard to force the programmer I started to do some companies from the 04 years, when the real writing program is very small, everyone on the website is not how to understand and interest, most people on the Internet just to stroll eachnet.com and find a small flash game. I was busy at the time, because the work efficiency and reputation has been good, so the customer is more, it seems most of the time in helping customers to do a website, but not to build a platform of their own. Until last year, I began to officially do their first site, played a special vulgar name called entertainment network. As a result of these years of experience accumulation, for Baidu like what kind of Web site and how to grasp the law, still some of their own understanding, chat with everyone, study each other. Now, the entertainment network has been sold, and has made a stop again, the name is more vulgar, "the biggest star network", do not laugh, I am serious. Declare that I am not a title party, "ten days to build Baidu seconds collection site", in fact, I have not used so many days, began to receive seconds. What about the end to the point. read more

Use personal experience to teach you how to speed up snapshot updates

do the optimization of this period of time, at the beginning of the most do not understand, also why others stand snapshot update so fast, and my station is really so slow. For a period of time, there is little experience I usually do link is mainly to see the snapshot and included, also met a lot of enterprise boss ask me update snapshot of the problem, their station snapshot slow more than a month, or even 08 years.

We usually say the

snapshot snapshot date refers to the web page, the Baidu snapshot is also Baidu update your web page snapshot date, the higher the frequency of updates that Baidu spider is love, the corresponding website rankings and included will increase. Baidu snapshot date determines the quality and rank of your station to a certain extent. Many links Commissioner also snapshot as the primary reference conditions, the importance of a great extent has exceeded the PR value. Here I’ll briefly explain how to speed up snapshot updates, read more

Survival and development of garbage station

1. The reason for the garbage station

believe that every webmaster friends all know there is a garbage station, because the search engine is still some mechanical, after all it is not so intelligent human machine, in fact, even if is the brain, sometimes wrong when. Another important reason is that the quality of Internet users in China is generally not high, and most Internet users rely too much on search engines.

, for a simple example, my roommate will go to Sina to watch military news. What will he do? First, open Baidu and enter sina". The second step, and then open Sina home page. Then, find Sina’s Military Channel again. Therefore, the most common habit of the users in the dumpster gap can be drilled, take advantage of. This is to do a good job site Keywords: many webmaster more concerned about the ranking of keywords, talk about how to improve the keywords in search engines ranking. read more

QQ space log marketing creates a brand free lunch for you

QQ space log is a very large database, write the log in here, if you write well will be reproduced, when an article has been reproduced, your interest rate will be increasingly high, there are a lot of Amoy is the use of QQ space log to earn high Taoke expenses. But the role of the QQ space log is more than that. Many experts have shown themselves through the QQ space log. It can be said that QQ space is a window that can display itself very much. If you want to build your own team, or advertise your product, the knowledge of writing QQ space logs really needs to be looked at, read more

Website is easy to do concentration is difficult to manage

now live website is very simple, basically as long as this man is not stupid basically can make a website. And whether, short time webmaster flood, a person on hand a few stops, I thought to myself, you are really ray. Another company focus on a website, a person you do some busy? Can be focused on? Although I PR website is not high, the weight is not high. But if you put me on a friendship link, I’ll see that the other party is sending a bunch of web addresses for me to pick, and I don’t trade with him any more. Why, I think he is not timely attention, some web site PR high is also very likely to cheat! Imagine, not a successful personal website, who can do more than 3 sites can do very well! The result is that 3 stations are not what to do, not quality. read more

How to guide free users to become paid users

is going to write this article, is derived from the front in the use of Todoist, in the process of using the product that guide users to become paying customers process is not friendly enough to have been abandoned for Any.do, then pondering this topic, I hope I can share and exchange.

The boot process of

Todoist is not friendly enough, because the boot mode interferes with the experience of users when using basic functions as follows:

1. tag function

as shown in Figure 1, I am non paying users, this is the left side of the page bar, "tag" function location next to the "project" after the position is obvious, it is easy to understand as one of the basic functions, but when clicked on, immediately jump out of Figure 2 tips. read more

According to the traffic sources and the conversion rate to determine the site suitable for long or

with the large increase of Internet users, Internet sites also increased, many white-collar workers and students have joined the army of the Internet, more and more people in the face of the Internet site, web site operators also appeared more and more competitive, do the site is to make money, and now the site is likely to lose, lose, lose the time domain space, according to the the development trend of the Internet now, not all sites are suitable shots such as search keywords, the word "site", this kind of subject is not a personal webmaster can do it, so long in the website into the Internet industry site the first thing is to determine their own sites suitable for long term or master of words, so can the site title and description of Kung fu. read more

How to improve the weight of the website

Baidu weight refers to the relative weight of Google (PR) in terms of, as a page by users like a scoring standard. Google exit Chinese Baidu arena, according to statistics, a tiger with wings added, Baidu search engine users covering 75% of Internet users, Google is only 5%, the other part of the search, Youdao occupy. For example, the search engine in the Baidu search for a keyword, such as electric door electric retractable door, you will find a phenomenon, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu ranking experience advantage, basically out of the top 10, these shows Baidu for their own products is very important, give high weight. Two years to share the webmaster experience to quickly improve the weight of the site: read more

EMU Zoo photo enthusiasts ready pet community adorable pet

pet community to the traditional model of BBS+ mall, emphasizing product sales. EMU zoo is the main emphasis of the social atmosphere of the community, first of all to meet user demand for photographs. EMU zoo website was founded in early 2008, a group of animal enthusiasts to edit and maintenance, one of the earliest independent blog for China pet theme, to collect and translate interesting pet stories and maintenance knowledge. By the end of 2012, officially transformed into a pet community.

currently has 20 thousand users and 15 thousand PV and 3000 UV access. Founder of the ball (@underone) was Sina, China network, Sohu and other companies game product manager, resigned in 2013, officially launched. Originated from the blog period, the founding team of 4 people is now living in Beijing. read more

CN domain name is egg or chicken bones

CN started from 1 yuan of registered domain names registered last year, the volume of domain name crazy rise, second years to add a yuan, and one yuan of registered activities.

I was the domain name registration activities mixed minded, leaving a total of nearly 10 thousand dollars in July 2008, in the face of the expiring CN domain name, I don’t know whether to lose or should renew. I am in the era of Internet, beautiful orange, new network agent 5B, resources, Eastern Ruipu (basically collapse) and many other organizations registered a domain name, including Chinese registered domain name, domain name read more

Former NetEase LOFTER operations director from 0 to achieve 20 million user community operations che

text / steamed business school

Supervisor: Car Dade, former NetEase LOFTER operations director, Ali operation expert

content selected from steamed buns lesson

The rise of

pictures social

LOFTER is a light blogging product launched by NetEase in 2012. It has experienced great events from PC to mobile, and witnessed the prosperity and loss of light blogging. Over the last three years or so, LOFTER has been changing.

The United States District of

in Apple’s official website, and application of LOFTER in the same position is recommended by instagram, LOFTER and instagram is that Apple believes the same types of products, pay attention to early LOFTER buddies and we all know, is tabelog, little, Sina and other products, to be defined as light blog. read more

Focus on professional Taobao new store business opportunities

this evening, Shanghai has a small MM, find me, and took a few of my products, why would find me? Because I have a mask product is Taobao’s most natural price, you can find me, why I bought the mask, and also bought several other products for? I think she’s service was very good, very enthusiastic. In the chat, she told me that "some of the crown shop, especially drag, indifferent, so don’t expect them to buy". I deeply agree with you.

A few days before

, find a cosmetics wholesaler in Taobao, he has the product shop retail price is lower than the wholesale price, then asked him to do so, is unfair to wholesalers, he said "you find me, I think the price is expensive, you will find others wholesale". After listening, I Speechless, I am not going to him because I’m not Bitch wholesale, 345.wdwd.com, even if the wholesalers all over the world price than his expensive, I won’t go there wholesale, because of his attitude and tone has indirectly told me that this is not suitable for long-term cooperative wholesalers. read more

6 tips for creating quality single page websites designing ingenious single page websites

no doubt, a single page website once favored. They are neither for personal use nor for commercial use. Once you design a single page website, it will bring you endless benefits. A good single page site no longer depends on the weight of its content, knowing that you have only one page of space to hold your point. So discard the outdated animation techniques as much as possible. In addition, most single page websites in their layout conform to no conventional pattern. To make a glance, while maintaining the layout of well-proportioned, this is really difficult ah! read more

How to use a month’s time to key words do Baidu home page

came to A5 for more than a year, going to write an article to share their experience of SEO times is not much. It’s not because of anything else, but it’s really busy. I’m sure we’re busy all day long as SEOER’s, of course, I mean, busy with SEO. Not only that, as we age, is not only the SEO, work, life, Taoxin say a word: the pressure is really Alexander! I often and my subordinates said: "don’t think he is the world’s most hard the most pitiful and unlucky person, want to know more than you hard than you bad" so, people thousands on thousands of when you think of giving up, refer to the words of my. In fact, life is need to experience everything, take girls are now looking for a boyfriend, sometimes choose a Jiacaiwanguan husband some of everything, not far to find a current poverty but fight the ideal husband, because, do not worry about food and good day wear will let you not find fresh in the sense of repeat years back in. Man, when one is at ease, he cannot sit still, and then comes the question. So life is just for tossing. read more

How do you innovate your personal website

with the rapid development of Internet in China, increasing the number of Internet Chinese, xinhuanet.com Beijing in April 23, (von Xiao Fang, Zhou Dandan) 23 reporter learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology, as of February, the number of Internet users in China reached 221 million people, more than the United States in the world first. At the end of 2007, the figure was 210 million.

everyone who wants to do something in the Internet can think of: China’s network prospects and "money king" have unlimited space for development. This stage of development in China confusion network, personal station friends choose to like me, please recognize the overall situation, should be to do stand in the end! But in the face of China network, such a good opportunity, personal webmaster should be how to gain a foothold, from 10 million personal website Rick talent shows itself? How to innovate the personal website read more

How to grasp the plagiarism reference and innovation of product design

the current market is very impetuous, in the face of competing products and other parties from all sides of the pressure, a lot of time the product will say: "according to this interface for me to copy."." As a product design, it seems to sink in a variety of "copy". After all, this is not good for personal development. Recall their experience in doing projects, in fact, often accompanied by plagiarism and reference, of course, also have their own innovation, so I want to talk about the relationship between the three simple, new entrants to the students some reference. read more

Adsense mentality is the most important profit is next

NetEase in May released "China personal webmaster survival survey report" shows that the overall development of individual stationmaster is good, 60% of the owners to achieve profitability, but also has 40% of the owners do not have real profit. Similarly, the report also accurate analysis on the profitability of owners, the electronic commerce website member service fee and charge become the main profit model, thus the webmaster, because of the economic downturn, the advertising revenue in the webmaster profit model in the proportion is smaller. To seek long-term new profit model is not an easy thing, so webmaster nets admin5.com satisfied that the webmaster do first to adjust our attitude, earnings should be placed in a secondary position, only to fight a protracted stand ready to long-term profitability and healthy development of the website. read more

How do you do your blog

so many years to do a lot of station through many stations, there is the portal of the game have stock, also have to help a friend do SEO www.7huoo.com. now switch to study English blog, or accumulated a lot of useful experience. The day before yesterday to see an American professional blogger, a year income can reach 5W. As for how to do well in English blogs, he mentioned some opinions that could be referred to. Let me summarize. Let’s share.

* a good corn:

first, your corn is better in mind, impressive, such as www.admin5.com but such words like good corn is not much. But don’t forget we can be combined with digital letters, also can obtain good effect. For example, www.1000nb.com. can also be connected with a lot of words. For example, www.life-health-happy.com., as long as you find, there must be corn. read more

Blog development can not be separated from regular updates

love of his site will have a dedicated blog, today we talk about why to often update your blog? If you need a station to get high traffic site, frequently updated blog posts and the number of its becomes more important, the simple answer is that if you are a non-profit website, often regularly updated blog, will increase the probability of Baidu included, to provide more convenient access to the love of your blog visitors, they during the visit, the blog, will provide better advice to the latest information on the blog according to the evaluation, enjoy the visitors for you to write in at the same time, your heart is also have a sense of accomplishment? Baidu included more accurate and frequent, good blog will make your blog more on the nomination. read more