Two men in their 20s found dead in double slaying near Montreal

first_imgBROSSARD, Que. – Police near Montreal searched a sprawling green space Tuesday after the discovery of two people they believe were shot to death.A passerby called 911 after seeing the bodies of two men shortly before 11 p.m. Monday in a rural part of Brossard, on Montreal’s south shore.The victims, 21 and 23, were pronounced dead in hospital.“Both bodies seemed to present wounds that are consistent with gun wounds,” said Longueuil police Const. Jean-Pierre Voutsinos.The bodies were found near a vehicle that belonged to one of the victims.Police said late Tuesday neither man had a criminal record and the investigation was ongoing.They have not made any arrests.A team of 15 officers searched for clues in the wooded area, which includes hiking trails.“It’s a municipal park, in a wooded area and there are very, very few houses around,” he said.last_img read more

Inuk woman released from hospital after struggle with liver failure

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. – An Inuk activist from Labrador whose struggle with acute liver failure sparked a national discussion about an Ontario transplant policy is being released from hospital in what her friends and family are calling a “Christmas miracle.”Delilah Saunders, 26, has been discharged from Toronto General Hospital’s transplant unit and is returning to Newfoundland to live with family for the next few months while she recovers.Saunders said she has made a “miraculous” turnaround since being diagnosed with acute liver failure about two weeks ago, and doctors told her it doesn’t look like she’ll need a transplant in the immediate future.“People were coming in, they were expecting to just be saying goodbye to me. Even the nurses, the doctors, they didn’t have much hope for my recovery,” she said in a phone interview while en route to St. John’s on Sunday. “(Doctors) were really surprised and pleased at how my body fought back.”Saunders, who is a prominent activist for Aboriginal women, said she was “overwhelmed” by the outpouring of support for her case, which put a spotlight on an Ontario transplant program’s policy requiring patients with alcohol-related liver disease to be sober for six months before being eligible for a transplant.Saunders said she was initially told she was ineligible because of the Ontario rule, which her family criticized as discriminatory towards Indigenous citizens, the poor and other marginalized groups.Her struggle set into motion a campaign to have the policy overturned that drew support from Amnesty International and Aboriginal groups, and inspired vigils across the country. As the issue gained traction, Saunders said she had to turn down offers from friends, strangers and even a few former flames who volunteered to be her organ donor.While her condition has improved, Saunders said she plans to keep advocating on behalf of other patients who are denied potentially life-saving treatment because of the alcohol-use policy.“Families have been reaching out to me to express not only their support, but their experiences,” she said. “There are families who have lost loved ones due to these policies. There are people that didn’t know they could challenge these policies.”Transplant doctors have cited evidence that some alcoholics return to drinking after a transplant of the organ, and the transplant may not succeed as a result.Saunders said the Trillium Gift of Life Network, the organization that oversees organ donations in Ontario, must change the six-month abstinence rule because it is too “restrictive” and does not fully account for individual circumstances.Having struggled with alcohol abuse since the murder of her sister Loretta in 2014, Saunders said she was on the path to sobriety in the months leading up to her liver failure.She said she relapsed after giving emotionally charged testimony before the National Inquiry into Murder and Missing Women and Girls at Membertou First Nation in Cape Breton in October, but had it not been for that “brief slip,” she would have been weeks away from meeting the six month sobriety requirement.She believes her condition was primarily triggered by a buildup of Tylenol that she was taking for jaw pain.The pain medication has been linked to liver injury and lawyer Caryma Sa’d, who is representing Saunders, said her client is looking for affordable dental-care options so she can get the surgery she needs to address the “underlying problem.”“The silver lining to this ordeal has been the outpouring of public support, which has drawn attention to inequities in Canadian healthcare policy,” Sa’d said in an email on Sunday. “There are important discussions to be had about eligibility for organ transplants and gaps in the provision of health services for (Indigenous Peoples).”Sa’d called her client’s recovery a “Christmas miracle,” and Saunders said her family is inclined to agree.As doctors continue to monitor her condition, Saunders said her first-hand experience navigating the health system will fuel her campaign to increase access to medical care for Indigenous Peoples and others.“What I’ll really be taking away is that extra assurance that I have to speak out. I have that responsibility,” she said.“I’m just grateful to be alive. I’m so grateful that I’m still here and that I can still fight, and it’s really given me an extra boost of fire, of drive, to be able to fight … for people’s rights.”— By Adina Bresge in Halifaxlast_img read more

Suncor Energy reports production hits quarterly record in fourth quarter

first_imgCALGARY — Suncor Energy Inc. says its upstream production in the last three months of 2018 hit a quarterly record.Canada’s largest integrated oil and gas company says production averaged 831,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, up 12 per cent from the third quarter.Oilsands operations produced approximately 433,000 barrels per day in the quarter, while total production from exploration and production was 90,000 boe/d.In its outlook, Suncor maintained its December production guidance for 2019 that forecast production growth of 10 per cent even after production cuts imposed by the Alberta government.The province announced mandatory production curtailments for the industry this year in a bid to reduce a glut of oil and help boost low prices.Suncor’s full fourth-quarter results will be issued Feb. 5.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Spain: Priest Sexually Abuses a Moroccan Maid for 4 years

Rabat- Spanish TV channel “La Sexta” broadcasted a video clip on Monday of a Spanish priest involved in an alleged sexual abuse of a Moroccan woman who worked for him as maid.Speaking to the Spanish channel, the woman declared that the priest had been exploiting her for four years, sexually abusing her and subjecting her to psychological and physical torture.Answering the reasons behind her silence all these years, the Moroccan victim stressed that she was afraid of deportation. “Due to the economic recession in Spain, it had been hard for Spanish job seekers to land a job, so for me as an immigrant it is worse,” she said. “He dominated me, humiliated me, insulted me and kept me dirty,” she noted. The alleged victim gave details of the way the priest continuously abused her, adding that whether she accepted or not he forced her to bow to his demands.The alleged victim depended financially on the priest, which pushed her to think twice before deciding to uncover him.To catch him red-handed, the Moroccan woman decided to install a hidden camera in front of the kitchen where he used to sexually abuse her.While he was allegedly abusing his defenseless victim, the priest was conducting weekly mass in the Santa Monica church, in Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood.In his confession to the police, the priest admitted to having engaged in sexual relations with the alleged victim, but added that they were conducted with her consent.The priest is now enjoying his freedom pending the beginning of the prosecution.Edited by Sahar Kian read more

Tangier: Armed Robbers Attack Money Truck in Failed Robbery

Rabat – Armed robbers have reportedly attacked a van transporting cash in Tangier on Thursday morning.The thieves attacked the armored van in the Val Fleuri Avenue in Tangier, with reports suggesting that the robbers had fired around 20 bullets and lobbed a molotov cocktail as they tried to raid the cash security van.According to Arabic-speaking news website Alyaoum24, three would-be robbers were driving a black Dacia which is believed to be the suspects’ getaway car. It is not yet known if someone was hurt during the raid. No cash was taken in the robbery attempt.As of this writing, no details had been released about where the money was being transported from or where it was being delivered to.The violence on Thursday comes just months after another incident in Tangier in which an armoured truck was targeted in a robbery.The robbery also follows a series of attacks on banks, money transfer offices and on cash in transit deliveries in the northern city of Tangiers in recent months. read more

King Mohammed VI Launches Construction Works of New Railway Stations in…

Rabat  –  King Mohammed VI launched, here Monday, the construction works of two new railway stations, with a budget of 1.05 billion dirhams.These structural projects, which are in line with the 2014-2018 Rabat Development Integrated Program dubbed: “Rabat City of Lights, Morocco’s Cultural Capital”, illustrate the Sovereign’s permanent will to support the process of urban restructuring and modernization and reinforce intercity mobility. These two projects, which come to accompany the commissioning of the first line of Moroccan High Speed Train TGV, will help stem travelers’ flow, offer quality services, improve the stations’ functioning, visibility and accessibility, as well as to give new urban impetus around the new stations. The project of the Rabat-Ville station (450 million dirhams) provides for reconverting the old station, listed a historic monument, into an art gallery, covering the old railways, and building new three-level passenger facility (16,000 square meters).Rabat-Ville station is designed to receive up to 20 million passengers/year compared to 8 million passengers/year currently.As for the construction of the Rabat-Agdal station, whose first stone was laid by HM the King on Monday, it provides for building new three-level passenger facility (23,000 square meters).It is designed to receive 30 million passengers/year compared to 7 million passengers/year currently.The new stations, which are carried out by the Moroccan national railway office (ONCF) are also expected to generate 500 stable jobs during the exploitation phase.These projects will turn Rabat-Ville and Rabat-Agdal stations into smart and multi-service spaces that make of railway stations a community space for customers and the large public like the railway compounds of Marrakech, Fez, Tangier and Casa-Port.On this occasion, Director General of ONCF Mohamed Rabie Khlie handed HM King Mohammed VI two books. The first highlights the achievements made in railway sector during the last fifteen years under the leadership of HM the King, whereas the second retraces the transformation of the railway stations in the Kingdom into multi-service living spaces, read more hopes to overcome gnawing Wall Street memories

NEW YORK — PetSmart’s online pet store Chewy is selling its stock in an initial public offering that may revive memories of the days when its breed of internet retailing seemed like a lost cause.The Dania Beach, Florida, company is setting out to raise $100 million, but that figure listed in documents filed Monday is likely to change in the weeks ahead as Chewy’s bankers gauge investor demand for the IPO. If all goes according to plan, Chewy’s share will trade under the ticker symbol “CHWY.”It marks the latest IPO in a parade of unprofitable technology companies led by ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft trying to persuade investors that they are mining markets that eventually will turn into money makers.Chewy, which hasn’t been profitable since it was founded in 2011, stands out from the rest of the crowd because of its involvement in online pet sales — a niche that turned into a financial wasteland as hundreds of internet companies imploded after raising billions of dollars during the late emerged as most prominent of at least nine online pet stores born during that era. It collapsed nearly 19 years ago with the ignominious distinction of leaving behind a sock puppet as its most valuable asset. The puppet, which starred in expensive TV commercials, eventually sold for $125,000 in’s liquidation sale and became the mascot for an auto lender providing financing to people with bad credit.Chewy may also have to overcome that spectre , given it lost $267.9 million last year on revenue of $3.53 billion.However, much has changed since the days of, including how much we pamper our pets. Americans spent $72.6 billion on food, vet visits and other pet related services last year, according to the American Pet Products Association, more than triple the amount spent two decades ago.Chewy will also be able to point to shifts in shopping habits and the evolutionary changes in technology that have made e-commerce a much more viable concept than it was 20 years ago.Millions of consumers now routinely order everything from dog food to diapers online, a trend that has helped establish online retailing pioneer as one of the world’s most valuable companies. But it took Amazon years before it consistently made money.While Amazon’s success could help Chewy woo investors, it also poses potential challenges, too. Amazon also sells pet supplies in its stores and offers free two-day shipping to its more than 100 million households that subscribe to its Prime membership.Chewy thinks it can turn the financial corner by expanding its in-house brands, increasing its pet pharmacy offerings and venturing beyond the U.S. market. The company, which was bought by PetSmart in 2017 for more than $3 billion, operates seven U.S. warehouses where orders are packed and shipped to shoppers.The Associated Press read more

Lankan sailor complicit in war crimes

His appeal to the Federal Court of Canada was dismissed on June 13, and he and his family now face deportation to Sri Lanka. The court ruling was significant because it upheld the finding that the Sri Lankan military committed atrocities.“The extensive sources of evidence and the reporting contained therein, including references to tens of thousands of disappearances and the institutionalization of torture, supports a finding that the navy and security forces’ acts were part of a widespread or systematic attack on Sri Lanka,” Justice John O’Keefe wrote in his 50-page decision. Since the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war, evidence has emerged suggesting the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels recruited young children and used civilians as human shields. Government forces, meanwhile, have been accused of shelling civilians and executing captives.Western governments, the United Nations and human rights groups have been pushing for an independent investigation into the war crimes allegations. Sri Lanka has refused to co-operate with such a probe and defended its wartime actions. One of Sri Lanka’s top naval officers has fled to Canada but federal officials are refusing to accept his refugee claim on the grounds he was complicit in war crimes during the troubled island’s long civil war against Tamil rebels.Nadarajah Kuruparan was Commodore of the Sri Lanka Navy, third in rank behind the Admiral, when he retired in June 2009 — just weeks after his forces helped defeat the separatist Tamil Tigers in a conflict that left untold civilians dead. On Aug. 4, 2009, he arrived at the Canadian border with his wife and two children and made a refugee claim, a development that has only now emerged with the release of a court ruling on his case. He has apparently lived in Toronto since then.One of only five ethnic Tamil officers in the navy, he said he feared the government, pro-government militias and rebels but the Immigration and Refugee Board ruled he was not a genuine refugee because he was complicit in crimes against humanity. According to the court ruling, the commodore joined the navy in 1981 but he said as a Tamil he faced challenges. He was approached repeatedly and asked to help the rebels, he said, and while he refused, the navy still suspected he was a sympathizer. David Poopalapillai, the Canadian Tamil Congress spokesman, said the court ruling gave credibility to the war crimes allegations.“Now our judicial system, one of the finest in the world, is echoing this same thing. It means the Sri Lankan military apparatus have committed war crimes and it should be investigated,” he said.While ethnic Tamil civilians and former rebels commonly seek refuge in countries like Canada, it is unusual for Sri Lankan military officials to do so. Mr. Poopalapillai said only a handful have turned up in the United Kingdom and United States, but none as high-ranking as Mr. Kuruparan. A month after he retired, he said his wife was abducted by the Karuna Group, a pro-government Tamil militia. He said the group demanded a large sum of money and threatened to kill the entire family if it didn’t get paid.The Kuruparans travelled to the U.S. and asked for asylum at the Canadian border. But the IRB found that while he had never personally committed a war crime, Mr. Kuruparan “participated in facilitating the navy’s operations, which included the darker aspects of those operations.”Although aware of the atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan forces as early as 1985, he made no attempt to leave, even when travelling abroad, the IRB found. The board found he “had been complicit in the crimes against humanity because he had a long service with the navy, an organization that was known to regularly and systematically commit human rights abuses against the LTTE, the Tamil population and individuals suspected or perceived to be LTTE collaborators or sympathizers.” (National Post) read more

Brock student examining impact of Scotties tournament on Niagara

Economic impact studies are important, but they don’t tell the whole story of how major sporting events impact their host communities.A Brock University Sport Management master’s student is collecting data this week at the Meridian Centre in St. Catharines that will be used to examine what economic, environmental and social impact the 2017 Scotties Tournament of Hearts had.“A lot of major games focus on just the economic impact data, but I think this gives organizers a bit of a different view of the local community and what the overall impact is,” said Chris Charlebois (BSM ‘11). “I think this is potentially the start of a new trend.”Charlebois has a table set up on the concourse level of the Meridian Centre where curling spectators can use iPads to answer a survey about their perceptions of the impact of the overall event.“It’s all psychographics and behavioural data of what they think of the event rather than just straight economic data,” he said.So far the effort has netted around 100 respondents ranging from local fans to those who have travelled across the country to cheer on their respective provincial champions.“We’re trying to do an analysis of which type of demographics have different perceptions of the overall impact on the community,” said Charlebois.A partnership with Curling Canada on the research project allowed him to run the survey at the Scotties event in exchange for the master’s student providing the organization with an initial round of data once the championship has wrapped up.From there, he’ll examine the data collected to put together his master’s thesis this summer.Charlebois is available for interviews during the Scotties tournament. read more

The Jaguars Defense Isnt Playing Well Enough To Win With Bortles Anymore

QBR48.245.5 yearFOllowing year Cardinals2010308th101926th0 49ers2013306th (tied)5294th (tied)3 Bills2011309th62123th (tied)1 Patriots2010382nd5343rd3 Bears2012441st92813th (tied)6 Bengals2013313rd (tied)52610th (tied)3 Jacksonville’s defense regressed even more than expectedNFL teams from 2010 to 2016 that had at least 30 takeaways and five defensive touchdowns with how they fared the following year, along with the 2017-2018 Jacksonville Jaguars Texans2014342nd52512th (tied)3 Patriots2012412nd52910th (tied)3 There’s no denying that Bortles and the offense are a problem. But this was perfectly predictable. This year, Bortles is playing exactly like you would have expected. His QBR and passer rating are similar to his career rates, and his yards per dropbacks metric is actually significantly better.Bortles has led his team to only 34 points in four losses, though all of those came without bell-cow running back and 2017 fourth-overall pick Leonard Fournette in action. While the Jaguars have averaged 4.3 yards per rush this year, the same rate as in 2017, it could reasonably be argued that defenses no longer need to focus as much on stopping the run, making the sledding more difficult for Bortles and the passing game.But more importantly, last season the Jaguars could count on getting some offense from their defense. They had a league-high seven return touchdowns on picks and fumbles in 2017. But this year, they have had only one — and none in the games they lost. And their defense is not even setting up their offense with good field position via the turnover, as they had just two takeaways in the four defeats after finishing second in the league last year by averaging more than two per game. Sources:, ESPN Stats & Information 2018 Blake Bortles compared with his career average prior to this season Passer rating80.380.8 Chiefs2016331st5267th (tied)3 2018Career Chiefs2013362nd71430th (tied)1 Lions2011343rd (tied)71727th0 Yards per pass play6.415.98 Source: Packers2011381st (tied)52318th (tied)2 The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Super Bowl dreams are turning into a nightmare. And the obvious culprit is quarterback Blake Bortles, who was benched early in the second half of Sunday’s 20-7 loss to the Houston Texans — the team’s third-straight defeat.A civil war appeared to erupt after the game in the locker room, which beat writer Daniel Popper of The Athletic described as having “surpassed 212 degrees Fahrenheit.”“The Jaguars are sinking helplessly into the burning cauldron with no lifeline in sight,” Popper wrote on Twitter.The defensive players were yelling the loudest, so the narrative is that the finger-pointing is at Bortles and the club’s offense. But those fingers may be pointing the wrong way: The real reason for the team’s struggles is that its super-human defense is not merely regressing as expected in forcing turnovers and converting them into touchdowns — it’s collapsing. Cardinals2015332nd6284th (tied)3 DefenseYearTake-awaysLeague RankDef. TDsTake-awaysLeague RankDef. TDs Jaguars2017332nd7529th (tied)1 Bears2011315th (tied)5441st9 Cardinals2013306th (tied)52514th (tied)4 Make no mistake, the Jaguars defense overall is still very good — second in yards allowed and second in yards allowed per pass play. It’s just not supplementing an offense that needs supplementing. So now the Jaguars attack isn’t Bortles-plus — it’s just Bortles. And completely unsurprisingly, “just Bortles” is not a recipe for NFL success.NFL teams this decade that had at least 30 turnovers and at least five defensive touchdowns generally badly regressed — from an average league rank of 3.5 in turnovers to 13.5. But the Jaguars thus far have gone from second to a tie for 29th. So now a team that appeared poised to return to the postseason after reaching the AFC Championship is on life support.Head coach Doug Marrone seemed to concede after Sunday’s game that Bortles wasn’t really to blame for the team’s woes, but he had to do something.“I just literally did it to try to get a damn spark from this football team, to put everyone on notice that they have to focus, and they have to go out there and play better,” he told reporters. “That’s not fair to the quarterback, but that’s the way this business is. … The one thing you do with that position, doesn’t matter the name, doesn’t matter who it is: When you make a move to get a spark, everyone goes on notice. Everyone.”But the spark Marrone was trying to get isn’t really the spark that the Jaguars need. It’s some turnovers.There’s a chicken and egg issue here though. Turnovers are easier to come by when you have the lead. In 2017, the Jaguars forced 41 sacks and 13 picks in 372 pass plays while they were leading — when the opposing offense was more reckless and pass-happy.Those 372 plays were 63 percent of all opponent dropbacks last year and led to 62 percent of the Jags’ picks and 75 percent of their sacks. This year, opponents are throwing only 44 percent of their passes while trailing — and those plays accounted for just 47 percent of their sacks and 33 percent of their picks.So the way for the Jaguars to function better as a team is for someone on either side of the ball to make a play early and give Jacksonville a lead. They’ll get a chance Sunday in London against another team that’s learning that success in the NFL is far from stable, the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, who are also just 3-4. But if the Jags can’t turn it around, the temperature in their locker room might never go down.Check out our latest NFL predictions. read more

54yearold miner arrested for possession of 250 grams of cannabis

Generic photoA police report has outlined that ranks of a mobile patrol in 58 Miles Mabura, Upper Demerara River on Tuesday afternoon stopped and searched a motor car and its occupants. During the process, one of the occupants, a miner, who hails from Victory Valley, Linden was reportedly found with a parcel containing 250 grams of cannabis. According to the Police, the 54-year-old miner will be charged soon. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedThree arrested over illegal possession of firearm, cannabisNovember 29, 2017In “Court”Teacher among 4 busted with marijuana in different incidentsApril 24, 2017In “Court”Miner busted with 902 grams of ganja in speaker boxesJune 8, 2017In “Crime” read more

The gold sector to change significantly this year – Hartleys

first_imgAt the second day of the Paydirt 2009 Australian Gold Conference in Perth, Hartleys’ (a financial services company) Lead Director, Corporate Finance, Grey Egerton-Warburton, said the Australian gold industry had changed significantly in the past few years with fewer local operations. He announced that the Australian gold sector can expect a recovery in 2009 as it shakes off negative impacts that have weighed on the sector in recent years despite the metal’s rising price.“While the high gold price has led to renewed interest in the sector, the high price had not in recent years ensured the profitability for all gold operators. Rising capital and operating costs and staff shortages during the boom had more of a negative impact than the upside from the rising gold price,” Egerton-Warburton said.“However, Hartleys believes the sector will change significantly again – and for the better – in 2009. An analysis of the share price returns of gold stocks since January 1 this year shows that gold stocks have significantly outperformed the All Ordinaries and the S&P ASX200 resources index, over this time. The outlook for gold stocks appears strong for the foreseeable future. Australian gold companies with domestic and offshore production will be considerably more profitable with the rising US$ gold price and the lower Australian dollar. Australian gold explorers can also expect lower exploration costs, and the talent pool will improve as other mining commodity sectors ease.”He continued by saying that bank finance, however, would come at the cost of tougher terms and conditions and that a number of junior gold companies, and even mining heavyweights such as Rio Tinto or Oz Minerals, have not and will not be immune from the burdens of debt, but fortunately renewed interests in the gold sector means the availability of equity to allow development, expansion and exploration.“I encourage gold producers that while the appetite for gold is strong, capital raising strategies need to be better executed than ever before. There is the potential for significant consolidation in the gold sector as larger companies attempt to replace resources and juniors combine to enhance size. Listed gold entities on the ASX should look to use the strength of their listing to also seek opportunities offshore where capital for gold projects is less available,” Egerton-Warburton concluded.last_img read more

DavyMarkham to highlight Latin America success

first_imgSheffield heavy engineering firm DavyMarkham is set to showcase its Latin American success story to business leaders at an international networking event later this month. Sales director Gordon Scott has been invited to present at the ‘Journey through Latin America’ conference at the Royal York Hotel in North Yorkshire on 23 February 2012. The event is part of a five-day road show organised by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) which includes panel discussions, presentations and one-to-one meetings. He will highlight the success of DavyMarkham’s groundbreaking $5.4 million mining sector project in Peru. The company secured the contract in 2011 to provide Volcan Compañia Minera, the fourth largest producer of zinc and silver worldwide, with two heavy duty mine hoists.The project was the first contract win in Peru for DavyMarkham and the hoists will be used at Volcan’s Pique Andaychagua mining project in the Yauli province, 150 km northeast of the Peruvian capital Lima. Gordon has worked for DavyMarkham for 33 years after joining the company as a design engineer in the mining department. He commented: “This is a great opportunity for DavyMarkham to cement our reputation as leading industry experts. I will be talking about breaking into the mining sector in Peru, which is new and unique territory for DavyMarkham. I’ll be discussing how we approached the project, how we recruited an agent, successfully won our first contract with Volcan and also our plans for the future. The Peruvian project has been such a success story for the company that I hope it inspires others. I will also be looking to glean information from other industry representatives about their work in different areas of Latin America, such as Mexico and Chile, to help DavyMarkham expand our markets further.”last_img read more

EDF the CEA and AREVA establish the French Nuclear Platform

first_imgEDF, the CEA and AREVA say that “in order to develop aligned positions to meet the major challenges facing the French nuclear sector and to prepare the appropriate decisions,” they have decided to set up the French Nuclear Platform (Plateforme France Nucléaire – PFN), a tripartite body to discuss the major transversal topics for the nuclear sector in France and abroad.This body will meet, on a quarterly basis; six key executives from the three entities, including the Chairmen of the CEA, EDF and AREVA. Its chairmanship will be on a rotating basis, with the Chairman’s mandate lasting one year. The first mandate will be entrusted to the Chairman of AREVA.“The purpose of the PFN is to improve the joint effectiveness of the three entities, in particular to devise a shared vision of the medium- and long-term goals for the sector, which will contribute to the preparation and implementation of decisions taken by the French Presidential Nuclear Policy Council (Conseil de Politique Nucléaire).“The PFN will establish by the end of 2016 a working agenda that will to cover the current priority topics: the prospects for the French nuclear sector in accordance with France’s Energy Transition law, the sector’s international strategy established in cooperation with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and other concerned ministries, the review of technological options for the EPR NM, the consolidation of relations with SMEs in the sector in coordination with the French Industry Strategic Committee (Comité Stratégique de Filière Nucléaire), and the coordination of positions on regulatory changes notably regarding safety requirements and objectives.“The PFN will also work together on the future of the closed fuel cycle in France and abroad, the optimisation of the CIGEO deep waste disposal project, the development of dismantling technologies, as well as the R&D program for fourth generation reactors.“It was imperative for EDF, the CEA and AREVA to form a consultative body to be able to best confront the profound changes currently underway in the highly-competitive nuclear sector. The creation of the PFN will make a major contribution to the French nuclear sector.”A key player in energy transition, the EDF Group is an integrated electricity company, active in all areas of the business: generation, transmission, distribution, energy supply and trading, energy services. A global leader in low-carbon energies, the Group has developed a diversified generation mix based on nuclear power, hydropower, new renewable energies and thermal energy.The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a public research organisation working in four main areas: defense and security, nuclear and renewable energies, technological research for industry and fundamental research. Building on its recognized expertise, the CEA takes part in organizing cooperation projects with a wide range of academic and industrial partners.AREVA supplies high added-value products and services to support the operation of the global nuclear fleet. The company is present throughout the entire nuclear cycle, from uranium mining to used fuel recycling, including nuclear reactor design and operating services.last_img read more

MKB Veszprem win 20th Cup title

Maybe they have problem to find their way to the EHF Champions League semifinal, but in Hungary, MKB Vezsprem improving domination. In the Hungarian Cup Final last weekend, team coached by Lajos Mocsai beated PLER KC 37:19 (18:8). That was 20th Cup title for the most successful Hungarian team.Veszprém: PERICS – Iváncsik T. 2, SULIC 4, Laluska 2, LUSNYIKOV, Terzic 4, Korazija 5. Cs: FAZEKAS (kapus), Vilovszki 4, Gulyás 2, CSÁSZÁR G. 4, VUJIN 5, NAGY K. 5.PLER: IGLESIAS – Szalafai 4, Marczinkó, Kocsi 4, Bak 1, Lendvay 1, Gazdag 2 (2). Cs: Székely (kapus), Debreczeni 1, Kupi, Rév 1, Pálos, PÁL 4, Jakub 1.Third place won Tatabanya over AXA Váci KS-Taxi 2000 29:25.In Hungary, still has Play-Off to be played. MKB Veszprem is absolutely favorite NO.1 in front of Pick Szeged and FTC. ← Previous Story Adnan Jaskic has to leave C.O Zagreb Next Story → ZRK Buducnost out of the EHF CL – Katarina Bulatovic again in the team! MKB Veszprem read more

Wisla Plock beat RK PPD Zagreb in direct encounter for place No6

1.Vardar11821299:25318 The Polish vice-champions Orlen Wisla Plock made an important step towards EHF Champions League TOP 16 by winning important points against the direct rival in the race for the sixth place in the Group – RK PPD Zagreb 27:24 (13:10).The Croatian champions caught the domestic team on 23:23 eight minutes before the end, but strong finish of Piotr Przybecki ended their hopes…Orlen Wisla Plock: Ivic 5, Duarte 4, Gebala T 4, Daszek 3, Tarabochia 2, Racotea 2, De Toledo 1, Krajewski 1, Gebala M 1, Obradovic 1, Ghionea, Zabic 3, Mihic, Borbely, Morawski, WicharyPPD Zagreb: Bičanić 9, Vori 4, Ravnić 4, Pavlović 2, Šušnja 1, Valčić J 1, Božić Pavletić 1, Horvat 2, Mrakovčić, Vuglač, Jović, Valčić T, Kontrec, Marković, Vekić, KastelicSTANDINGS: 8.PPD Zagreb11128274:3174 3.Barcelona11623326:30214 ← Previous Story “STARS ARE FREE”: ZRK Vardar to be completely renovated next summer Next Story → Janc saves Kielce in Flensburg 6.Wisla Plock11227295:3176 5.Szeged10415297:2869 4.Rhein-Neckar10442287:26812 2.Nantes11812323:30317 7.Kristianstad11227278:3336 read more

Ireland got stuffed on banking debt Martin Wolf

first_imgWith a visibly, palpably, split ECB, the institution will start getting destroyed because it will fragment along national lines.So, out of fear of causing strife between members, the ECB “is not doing anything, and because they can’t do anything that would be really effective, they have to pretend that they don’t have a problem.” IRELAND WAS ‘STUFFED’ when it was forced to shoulder debt associated with the banking bailout, and we have very little chance of getting off the hook.That’s the verdict of Martin Wolf, the chief economics commenter from the Financial Times newspaper and one of the world’s most influential writers on economics.Wolf was in Dublin yesterday for a seminar on the future of the euro, organised by the Institute of International and European Affairs.Speaking to, he said that while Ireland has performed the best out of the problematic eurozone periphery countries, we have been saddled with a debt which he described as “unconscionable”.“The biggest problem is that you’re left with a pretty big debt overhang that you didn’t have beforehand, and it’s going to be quite a long time before that becomes manageable.”Debt forgivenessHe said that there is little chance, in his opinion, of Ireland getting some sort of debt writedown or alleviating the burden assumed by the state during the financial crisis.“The feeling (in Europe) is that Ireland has accepted the debt, is doing OK, is not in a big enough mess to deserve special treatment…and after all, it made lots of mistakes and it has not at any time given credible threat of repudiation.” I feel that the eurozone is being run for the benefit of the creditors, so you got stuffed as a result, and I don’t see that changing.While he says Ireland’s inability to devalue during the crisis – because of our membership of the euro – may have made navigating the euro furore more fraught, he doesn’t advocate or predict an exit from the single currency.“Being in the eurozone, not being able to default on bank debt, made it more difficult than it needed to have been.”However, he argues that “people would only leave the single currency when they’re in the middle of a crisis so terrible they can’t imagine anything worse…if there was a chance of that it’s passed, and for Ireland it’s passed durably.”StagnationWolf is predicting a recovery, but he says that the eurozone is in a state of “semi-stagnation” thanks to the inaction of policy makers charged with driving a recovery.“It seems to me absolutely clear that policy makers haven’t tried to make (a recovery) happen.”“The result is semi-stagnation, and I think that can become deeply entrenched in economies. If people expect there to be no growth, then there is no investment. There’s no investment, there’s no growth.”The root cause of the weak recovery, he says, is a European Central Bank riven by insecurity, and haunted by the prospect of falling apart. Frankfurt, essentially, has been frozen into inaction.Since Mario Draghi’s coup-de-grace in the of summer 2012 when the Italian persuaded the eurozone central bankers to side with him against the German Bundesbank (central bank) and “do whatever it takes to save the euro”, the institution has done little to spur recovery.Now, he says, the spectre of a Japanese-style deflation is haunting the eurozone, while Frankfurt dithers.Catch 22‘Super Mario’, he argues, is caught in a catch 22 whereby he doesn’t have the freedom to implement any radical policies, but that restriction itself is moving the eurozone closer to a deflationary crisis.“If he (Draghi) proposes seriously unconventional monetary policy measures, he must feel that he will get the opposition not just of the Bundesbank, but of other central banks.”center_img But they do have a problem, and their problem is of course moving towards ultra-low inflation then deflation, which is making managing the debt more difficult.Too little, too lateThe real risk is that the ECB will only act if deflation becomes a reality, and even then that it will be “too little too late, and they won’t do anything until everyone is panicked.”Ultimately, Wolf’s outlook is not optimistic. With stasis in Frankfurt, the only thing that will kick the ECB into action will be another crisis, this time a deflationary one. Pre-emptive action seems off the cards.“This ‘Waiting for Godot’ kind of policy strikes me as wrong conceptually and wrong practically, but I can’t envisage anything else happening.”We should be worried about low inflation, says NTMA chief>No more austerity, even for the sake of the euro>What do our bond yields actually mean?last_img read more

A revolutionary era ship from the 1770s was found buried underneath the

first_imgSource: NBC Nightly News/YouTubeIT’S A SHIP tied to two critical points in American history, 11 September 2001 and the eve of the Revolutionary War.Researchers said this week that a vessel unearthed four years ago at the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan was made from wood cut around the year 1773 — two years before the start of the war and three years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.Scientists at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory are attempting to lift the veil on the mystery surrounding the almost a quarter of a millennium old ship.Using the process of dendrochronology, which involves analysing the pattern of rings in the wood used to build the ship, the researcher have dated the ship back to the late 18th century, around the time of the Revolutionary War. Archaeologists begin dismantling the remains of an 18th century ship. Source: AP Photo/Mark LennihanWriting in the July issue of the journal Tree Ring Research, the researcher s say that the white oak in the ship’s frame came from a Philadelphia-area forest and matched the material used to build the city’s Independence Hall.They said they tentatively identified it as a Dutch-designed, Philadelphia-built sloop made to carry passengers and cargo over shallow, rocky water.It’s believed that the ship sailed for 20 to 30 years before being weighed down and sunk to the bottom of the Hudson River as landfill to extend lower Manhattan.A 32-foot piece of the vessel was found in July 2010 about 20 feet under a street during construction of a parking garage for the new 1 World Trade Center tower, part of the complex rebuilt after the 9/11 terrorist attacks took down two towers. Planks from the ship stick out of the mud at the World Trade Center construction site. Source: AP Photo/Mark LennihanArcheologists dismantled the ship piece-by-piece and freeze-dried each plank so they could be studied and eventually reassembled for display.A 100-pound iron anchor was found a few yards from the hull, possibly from the old vessel.It was the second ship found buried in Lower Manhattan in the last four decades. Archaeologists found an 18th-century cargo ship on Water Street in 1982.Read: Unidentified 9/11 remains returned to Ground Zero >Pic: Incredible image of escalator being lifted to new World Trade Center >last_img read more

Bikini barista suit put on hold as city appeals injunction

first_imgEVERETT — The city of Everett has filed an appeal after a federal judge ruled in favor of bikini baristas, who sued the city over new dress code ordinances that ban bare skin.The Daily Herald reports the baristas’ lawsuit has been put on hold as the city appeals the judge’s decision in December to extend an injunction, preventing the city from enforcing its two laws.The judge last month agreed to stay the case as the appeal proceeds.A group of baristas and a coffee chain owner filed a lawsuit last year, claiming the city’s regulations violated their civil rights, including freedom of expression.Judge Marsha Pechman issued the preliminary injunction, saying the city’s ordinances were likely too vague.The city declined to comment about the appeal.last_img read more

Former Mayor of Escondido Sam Abed on his campaign for the 50th

first_img Posted: July 9, 2019 KUSI Newsroom July 9, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Congressman Duncan D. Hunter has another challenger in the 2020 election.KUSI’s Sasha Foo sat down with the former Mayor of Escondido, Sam Abed, who thinks Hunter’s time in Congress is up. KUSI Newsroom, Categories: Local San Diego News Tags: Duncan D. Hunter, Sam Abed FacebookTwitter Former Mayor of Escondido Sam Abed on his campaign for the 50th Congressional Districtlast_img read more