Iraq warns of danger of war as Iranian FM visits

first_imgBaghdad: Iraqi leaders have warned of the risks of war during a visit by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, whose country is locked in a tense standoff with the United States. Zarif’s visit to neighbouring Iraq — which is caught in the middle of its two allies the US and Iran — follows a decision by Washington to deploy 1,500 additional troops to the Middle East. Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi warned of the “danger of a war” during a meeting with Zarif on Saturday night, his office said. Also Read – ‘Hong Kong won’t rule out Chinese help over protests’Abdel Mahdi pleaded for the “stability of the region and the upholding of the nuclear deal,” it said, referring to a 2015 agreement between Tehran and major powers. Iraqi President Barham Saleh discussed with Zarif “the need to prevent all war or escalation,” his office said. On Saturday Zarif called the deployment of extra US troops to the region “very dangerous and a threat to international peace and security.” It follows a US decision in early May to send an aircraft carrier strike force and B-52 bombers in a show of force against what Washington’s leaders believed was an imminent Iranian plan to attack US assets. Also Read – Pak Army chief accompanies Imran at key meetings in ChinaWashington says the latest reinforcements are in response to a “campaign” of recent attacks including a rocket launched into the Green Zone in Baghdad, explosive devices that damaged four tankers near the entrance to the Gulf, and drone strikes by Yemeni rebels on a key Saudi oil pipeline. Iran has denied any involvement. The US this month ended the last exemptions it had granted from sweeping unilateral sanctions it reimposed on Iran after abandoning the 2015 nuclear deal in May last year.last_img read more

VICE Canada names Vanessa Case as SVP Studio Canada

first_imgAdvertisement With a career spanning two decades, Vanessa has been a critical player in the launch and development of several world-renowned brands landing in Canada, including BBC Earth, HGTV Canada and National Geographic. Prior to her role at Blue Ant Media, having held positions at Shaw, CanWest and Alliance Atlantis, she commissioned hundreds of hours of original content, developed original production slates and led scheduling and acquisition strategies for some of Canada’s top speciality channels.“I’m thrilled to be joining the dynamic and creative team at VICE Media Canada and working under the leadership of Naveen to help grow and expand its offerings for the Canadian marketplace and international audiences” said Vanessa Case.In her new role, Vanessa will head up all VICE Studios’ productions in Canada including development, production, financing, sales and licensing, as well as overseeing VICE’s production and post-production facilities located in Toronto.ABOUT VICE MEDIAVICE is the world’s preeminent youth media company and content creation studio. Launched in 1994, VICE now operates in over 30 countries and distributes its programming to viewers across digital, linear, mobile, film and socials. VICE includes an international network of digital channels; a weekly and daily news programming partnership with HBO; a television and feature film production studio; a magazine; a record label; and an in-house creative services agency. Advertisement Advertisement Facebook Vanessa was most recently EVP Content at Blue Ant Media and is a senior media executive with deep expertise in content strategy, delivering business growth, and development and execution for global companies, including owned intellectual property (IP), co-productions and international financing. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: TORONTO – VICE Media Canada, Canada’s leading youth media company and digital studio, is pleased to announce senior media executive Vanessa Case as SVP Studio Canada, effective immediately. “Vanessa is a well known, well regarded executive here in Canada and abroad so we’re thrilled to have her on board’,said Naveen Prasad, President, Vice Media Canada. “She will play a key role as VICE Media Canada continues its focus of being a leading, innovative content producer.” Twitterlast_img read more

Security Council urges Burundis Government and rebels to comply with truce

26 August 2008The Security Council today welcomed the recent agreement by Government forces and rebels in Burundi to try to dismantle any roadblocks to the revised ceasefire agreement they signed in June. In a statement to the press, Ambassador Jan Grauls of Belgium, which holds the Council presidency this month, called on the Government and the Palipehutu-FNL rebel group “to demonstrate flexibility in overcoming the obstacles” to the accord, known as the Comprehensive Ceasefire Agreement.They also encouraged the rebels to work with the Joint Verification and Monitoring Mechanism to ensure the rapid disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of their former fighters.The Government and the Palipehutu-FNL, the last major rebel hold-outs after the end of the brutal civil war between the Hutu majority and the Tutsi minority, first signed the agreement in 2006, but then revised it earlier this year after a fresh outbreak of deadly fighting.“The members of the Security Council stress that the successful implementation of the Comprehensive Ceasefire Agreement constitutes a critical step that will help Burundi’s partners accelerate their support for peacebuilding and development in Burundi,” Mr. Grauls said.In the statement the Council President also encouraged the Peacebuilding Commission to continue its assistance to the Government “in laying the foundations for long-term development in Burundi and in mobilizing the resources needed to consolidate peace and security, including for the coming elections [scheduled for 2010].”A representative of the chairperson of the Peacebuilding Commission group on Burundi – headed by Sweden – and the permanent representative of Burundi addressed the Security Council separately in an open meeting this morning.The Security Council later moved into consultations with a briefing by the Executive Representative of the Secretary General for Burundi, Youssef Mahmoud. read more

Sri Lankan among four killed in Visakhapatnam accident

Four people, including a Sri Lankan, were killed on the spot and three others were injured when a lorry rammed into a roadside restaurant in Visakhapatnam, India last evening, The Hindu newspaper reported.The deceased were identified as Krishna Kumari (50), headmistress of RV Nagar tribal welfare school, Karri Raju (30), G. Palasundari (40) and Subrahmanyam Ganesh (26), a migrant from Sri Lanka. The injured were P. Palav (65), K. Easwar Rao (35) and K. Mohan Rao (34). All the dead and the injured, except Krishna Kumari, are residents of GK Veedhi mandal. The vehcie, without its driver, later rammed into the roadside dhaba, where the four persons were waiting for a bus, said Mr. Anil Kumar.Among the injured, the condition of Mohan Rao is said to be critical with head injuries and is being shifted to a hospital in Visakhapatnam, the others were moved to Narsipatnam hospital. According to information reaching here, Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas expressed grief and ordered probe into the incident.The Minister also directed the medical officers to immediately conduct post-mortem examination and hand over the bodies to the victims’ families. (Colombo Gazette) Both driver and pillion rider, Easwar Rao and Mohan Rao, fell off the lorry.Thinking that they were dead, the lorry driver slowed the vehicle and jumped from it and ran away. According to Chintapalli DSP Anil Kumar, the lorry laden with cement bags was coming from Sileru when at a sharp bend on the ghat road near RV Nagar in the AGency the driver lost control and hit a two-wheeler coming from the opposite direction. read more

Maneka Gandhi urges Maithripala to free elephant in chains for 67 years

There have been reports in the Sri Lankan media about bleeding wounds on Bandula’s fore limbs, due to heavy chains for years.Send the elephant to the Ridiyagama National Park to “live free”, said Ms Gandhi.The minister cited examples in India about how elephants are banned in zoos and the gentle giants look “stressed” when chained as they have “same sensitivities as humans.” The Sri Lankan elephants are an endangered species, mostly pushed to smaller areas as large tracts of forests have been cleared for developmental projects.The elephant population in Sri Lanka has fallen by 65 per cent since the turn of century as per a World Wildlife Fund or WWF report. (Colombo Gazette) “Sri Lanka is such a gentle and beautiful island. It seems out of character to treat the elephant this way,” the minister said in her letter. Indian Union Minister and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi has written to President Maithripala Sirisena, requesting him to free an elephant from the Dehiwala Zoo and elephant orphanage.Ms Gandhi said many in Sri Lanka have reached out to her about the “plight of Bandula” who is in chains for last 67 years, NDTV reported. read more

High dividend yields as shares slide spooking investors say oil and gas

The Canadian Press CALGARY — Mid-sized Alberta oil and gas producers say their share prices have fallen so low that investors are starting to worry their rising dividend yields are becoming unsustainable.CEO Grant Fagerheim of Whitecap Resources Inc. says the irony is that his Calgary-based company has no intention of reducing its monthly payouts to shareholders, which it has hiked three times in the past three years, and is instead looking at another increase this year.A company’s dividend yield is determined by comparing its regular payouts per share with its current share price — when the price goes down, the yield goes up.Fagerheim says nothing else has changed for his company but Whitecap’s share price has fallen by almost 30 per cent in the past three months — a situation he blames on worries about regulatory uncertainty and pipeline delays in Canada — driving its yield from about six per cent to eight per cent from its more typical four to six per cent.CEO Tony Marino of Vermilion Energy Inc. says he is seeing the same investor worries as his company’s share price fell by 16 per cent over the past three months, boosting its yield to almost 10 per cent from about eight per cent, although there is no interest in cutting dividends.Ian Dundas of Enerplus Corp. says his company could “easily afford” to increase its dividend but the low value of its shares — down 20 per cent in the past three months — makes buying them back and cancelling them a compelling alternative use for the company’s free cash flow.“I think there is a disconnect (in the market),” said Fagerheim. “There is no risk that we’ll be decreasing our dividend. If anything, we’ll be increasing it on a go-forward basis.”The three CEOs appeared on a panel Wednesday at the TD Securities Calgary Energy Conference. read more

Nearly one fifth of world population to be over 60 years of

At the start of the 21st century, there were some 600 million older persons, triple the number recorded 50 years earlier, according to “World Population Ageing 1950-2050,” published by the UN Population Division and released today at UN Headquarters in New York. By 2050, the world’s population of seniors is expected to triple again.During the same period, the proportion of older persons in the world has steadily climbed from 8 per cent in 1950 to 10 per cent in 2000 before projecting to jump to nearly one-in-five by mid-century.The report says that it is evident that unprecedented demographic changes are “transforming the world” and attributes the changes in the structure of all societies to declines in fertility reinforced by increasing longevity.The consequences of an ageing population, the report concludes, “present enormous opportunities as well as enormous challenges for all societies.” read more

At UN Tanzania – as a country of refuge to many –

“Tanzania has set a target growth from an average of 7 per cent in 2015 to 10 per cent by 2020 in order to reach a middle-income status by 2025,” said Augustine Phillip Mahiga, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, during the Assembly’s annual high-level debate. He said this growth will ensure equity in the society by reducing the unemployment rate from the current 10.3 per cent to 8 per cent and reduce proportion of population below poverty line from the current 28.2 per cent to 16.7 per cent by 2020. Collaborating with development partners and other stakeholders, the Government has developed frameworks for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include communication and dissemination strategies to make the goals understood to everyone, he said. Dissemination is in both English and Kiswahili, a national language spoken by all Tanzanians, he added. Tanzania has been a country of refuge to many for decades, actively participating in regional and international peace initiatives including the ongoing Burundi peace process. The peace talks are still on track, and it is encouraging to note that in some parts of Burundi, the security situation has significantly improved to permit the voluntary return of some 12,000 refugees out of almost 250,000 refugees who have been in Tanzania since 2015, he said. Tanzania has also intermittently for decades been receiving and hosting refugees from pockets of troubled areas in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he said, expressing hope that the 31 December 2016 Peace Agreement, with its promise of timely elections, is fully implemented.Full statement available here read more

MLB Teams Should Go For Talent Not Balance At The Trade Deadline

But to examine the broader question of whether balance helps a team, we need to see if our measure of balance — specifically, the absolute difference between a team’s index and the league average of 100 on both offense and defense — tracks meaningfully with a team’s future success after controlling for its overall talent level.To that end, I computed the same offensive and defensive indices as above for each team on July 31 of every season since 1986, when the trade deadline was permanently moved to that date (except this year, when the commish moved it to Aug. 1 because July 31 fell on a Sunday). As a first pass, I checked whether a change in a team’s balance correlated with improved play over the remainder of the regular season — and the relationship was practically non-existent.2In statistical parlance, the r between the change in a team’s balance from before the trade deadline to after and its change in winning percentage was 0.018. I then did the same thing but for eventual playoff teams only … and got the same result.3This time, the correlation was -0.009. Finally, I looked at whether a playoff-bound team’s balance had any real bearing on its World Series odds after controlling for its talent, and again, a team’s balance had no significant effect. (If anything, less balanced playoff teams have tended to win the World Series more often since 1986, though that finding is likely just noise.)In other words, balance isn’t something for a team to seek at the deadline — talent is. Teams should be wary about dealing from a strength to improve a weakness if it doesn’t leave them in a better overall place than where they started. Even under the bright lights, a run saved is still worth the same as a run scored, balance be damned.Check out our latest MLB predictions. One school of thinking about the MLB trade deadline, which passes at 4 p.m. Eastern time, is that teams should address their weaknesses and become more balanced in preparation for the stretch run. The notion, which we’ve taken as a given around these parts in the past, is that sacrificing in some area of strength (whether on offense, pitching or defense) to plug a weakness makes a team less vulnerable in the postseason. But is that true? Certainly teams should patch up their weaknesses if it doesn’t mean taking away from their strengths, but all else being equal, balance for its own sake may not necessarily help improve a team’s chances.It’s easy to look at a team’s offense/defense balance — defined as how closely matched a team’s run-scoring and run-prevention capabilities are. We can quantify the clubs most in need of it at the deadline this season by indexing each team’s (park-adjusted) runs scored and allowed per game against the league average. In the chart below, the teams in the bottom right-hand corner are the most balanced — they’re good at both scoring and preventing runs1In this case, a lower defensive index is better because it means a team allowed fewer runs. — but those in the adjacent quadrants have a weakness in one of the two categories. (Those in the top left are just bad at everything.) read more

Ohio State sees mixed results in 2015 edition of annual Spring Game

Redshirt-senior wide receiver Corey Smith (84) had 6 catches for 174 yards and 2 touchdowns during OSU’s annual Spring Game on April 18 at Ohio Stadium. His 37-yard touchdown with 3:43 to play sealed the 17-14 win for the Gray team. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead / Lantern photographerSaturday’s Ohio State Spring Game featured phantom tackles, zero-yard penalties and rules seemingly made up on the spot.The score, which ended as a 17-14 victory for Gray over Scarlet, did not matter. Nor did the stats, which featured six turnovers from the two starting quarterbacks. However, in front of a record crowd of 99,391, players on the field, new and old, had a chance to shine.One such player who used Saturday’s contest to make a name for himself was freshman linebacker Nick Conner. The early enrollee was active in the first half, totaling an interception, a pass breakup, three total tackles and a forced fumble. He finished with a game-high seven total tackles.“He was good. We had high expectations for him, though,” OSU coach Urban Meyer said. “Hope he doesn’t redshirt and gets involved in the kicking game. He … had a good day today. He’s a tough guy and plays hard. Good qualities to have.”Also featured prominently, but with less success, was sophomore running back Curtis Samuel.The Brooklyn native pulled in just 11 catches in the 2014-15 season. On Saturday, however, he was targeted six times while lined up primarily as an H-back. He finished with just three catches for 30 yards, but looks poised to see more action this season.Sophomore wide receiver Noah Brown, who also figures to see an increased role in the offense following the departures of Devin Smith and Evan Spencer, seemed to struggle as well. He tallied 44 yards on four receptions but was targeted a game-high 11 times by redshirt-junior quarterback Cardale Jones.Despite the struggles of two of the primary targets on the afternoon, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Ed Warinner said he considers OSU’s receiving depth its strongest attribute.“We spent a lot of time focusing on developing our passing game and getting the ball in those guys’ hands, the playmakers, so I saw a lot of development in the receiver position, with guys like Noah Brown making some development,” he said.Warinner also singled out redshirt-senior Corey Smith and redshirt-freshmen Parris Campbell and Terry McLaurin as receivers who made strides this spring. The latter two pulled down Scarlet’s two touchdowns Saturday.Corey Smith finished with six catches for 174 yards and each of Gray’s two scores.On the other side of the ball, sophomore safety Erick Smith shone as well, picking off redshirt-freshman quarterback Stephen Collier twice.While players like Conner, Campbell and McLaurin have used the spring to try to introduce themselves to the fan base and coaching staff, others are battling for continued prominence in the fall.Although neither quarterback got a chance to play in front of the Ohio Stadium crowd as they each recover from injuries, redshirt-senior Braxton Miller and redshirt-sophomore J.T. Barrett stood in the backfield next to Meyer throughout the game.Barrett and Miller are expected to compete with Jones in the fall for the starting spot before OSU opens its season Sept. 7 against Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va.Barrett, who is recovering from a fractured ankle suffered Nov. 29 against Michigan, was able to take part in a halftime quarterback competition that included Jones and former OSU Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith.Miller was unable to show off his passing talent next to his teammates as he recovers from a shoulder injury that forced him to miss the entire 2014 season, but he was still permitted to take part in the halftime festivities — with his legs. He was one of three Buckeyes — along with redshirt-sophomore H-back Jalin Marshall and junior running back Ezekiel Elliott — to participate in the fastest student competition.Elliott won the contest, jumping out to an early lead and edging out Miller.While Meyer remained mum about who holds the edge in the quarterback competition, he did pencil in a starting cornerback opposite redshirt-sophomore cornerback Eli Apple: fellow redshirt-sophomore Gareon Conley.Conley was not the only player whom Meyer chose as a starter after the game, as he also announced that redshirt-senior offensive lineman Chase Farris will be the starting right tackle when fall camp rolls around.Correction: The photo caption initially said the Scarlet team won the Spring Game, when in fact, the Gray team won. read more

Baroness Brady clings to government title she has not held since 2016

She states that she is the “government business ambassador” on her official website, and records the position on the House of Lords register of interests. On Sunday night, however, a government spokesman said that the 49-year-old peer has not advised the Government or the department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), since at least… The peer, who is chairman of Sir Philip Green’s business empire, is facing questions about the extent of her knowledge of the large settlements with staff who complained about Sir Philip’s behaviour. Baroness Brady is no longer the Government’s small business adviser, it has emerged – even though her official website still refers to her in that role. read more

The Priory Group fined £300000 by judge over death of teenage girl

The Priory Group, a private mental healthcare company, has been fined £300,000 for breaching health and safety law after a 14-year-old girl died in its care.A criminal investigation was launched by the Health and Safety Executive after the death of Amy El-Keria, who was found dead at Ticehurst House psychiatric hospital, near Tunbridge Wells, in 2012.The Priory Group indicated a guilty plea after being charged under health and safety legislation with being an employer failing to discharge its duty to ensure people were not exposed to risk.The company was fined £300,000 at Lewes Crown Court today. Prosecutors had previously warned the penalty could be as much as £2.4 million.Sentencing, Judge Mr Justice James Dingemans said: “It is obvious that any penalty I impose can never reflect the loss suffered by Amy’s family in this case.”Amy’s mother, when giving her victim impact statement, said that she hoped that lessons would be learned from this tragedy.”It is apparent from the investigations that have been carried out in Amy’s death, and the works carried out by Priory Healthcare and the CQC, that there is now a much better understanding of young person suicide, and that vital lessons have been learned.” The judge said he was “unable to be sure… that the offence was a cause of Amy’s death”. He concluded that there was a “low likelihood” of harm in the case but culpability should be assessed as “high” as patients including Amy were exposed to risks to their health and safety.”This is because Priory Healthcare permitted these breaches to persist over a long period of time, from the opening of the HDU in 2008 until Amy’s death in 2012,” he said.”They only took action after her death. Further, Priory Healthcare failed to make appropriate changes when required to do so by the CQC.”There was, in my judgment, insufficient urgency demonstrated in dealing with these problems.”Mr Justice Dingemans said Priory Healthcare had a turnover of £133 million in 2017, with an operating profit of £2 million that year.”He said he was unable to find any aggravating factors and he took into account the company’s guilty plea, lack of previous convictions, “good” health and safety record and its steps to close and refurbish the unit where Amy lived.”The private mental healthcare provider was also ordered to pay the Health and Safety Executive’s costs of £65,801.38 and a victim surcharge of £120. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Turner Townsend to manage post FEED EPC bid scope for Danakali

first_imgGlobal construction and project management consultant Turner & Townsend has been appointed to manage the post FEED EPC bid scope for the Colluli sulphate of potash (SOP) project for Danakali Ltd and its joint venture partner – the Eritrean National Mining Corp (ENAMCO):• EPC bidding document preparation underway• Front end engineering (FEED) design well advanced• Defining the full scope of the EPC bidding requirements as the FEED design process progresses.Managing Director, Paul Donaldson commented “We have engaged Turner & Townsend to provide support and advice that will: optimise project set up at the execution stage; facilitate the development of the procurement, construction, commissioning and contracting strategies; and review risk and mitigations through execution of stakeholder engagements”.Colluli is the shallowest known evaporite deposit in the world with a solid form ore reserve estimate of over 1,100 Mt. Permitting for the project was completed in February 2017, providing the Colluli Mining Share Co (CMSC) exclusive rights to apply for mining licenses within the Colluli tenements. Seven mining licenses have also been granted.Danakali is an ASX listed company and 50% owner of the Colluli potash project in Eritrea. The project is located in the Danakil Depression region of Eritrea, and is ~75km from the Red Sea coast, making it one of the most accessible potash deposits globally. Mineralisation within the Colluli resource commences at just 16 m, making it the world’s shallowest potash deposit. The resource is amenable to open pit mining, which allows higher overall resource recovery to be achieved, is generally safer than underground mining and is highly advantageous for modular growth.The company has completed a definitive feasibility study for the production of SOP. SOP is a chloride free, specialty fertiliser which carries a substantial price premium relative to the more common potash type; potassium chloride. Economic resources for production of SOP are geologically scarce. The unique composition of the Colluli resource favours low energy input, high potassium yield conversion to SOP using commercially proven technology. One of the key advantages of the resource is that the salts are present in solid form (in contrast with production of SOP from brines) with which reduces infrastructure costs and substantially reduces the time required to achieve full production capacity.The resource is favourably positioned to supply the world’s fastest growing markets.last_img read more

EHF Challenge Cup SKA Minsk with one hand on the trophy wins

challenge cupeschhandball eschmartin mullerminskmironovitchSKA Minskspartak mironovic ← Previous Story Polish Holy War: Vive Kielce defeat Wisla Plock 34:27, take 1-0 lead Next Story → ASOBAL (Round 29): Guadalajara and Academia Octavio win, last round to decide the final relegated team SKA Minsk and Spartak Mironovic are on the way to return the club where it was at the end of the 80’s, when the club won three times the EHF Champions League in 1987, 1989 and 1990. This time SKA Minsk won the lowest in ranking European Competition – the Challenge Cup – but with the superb play they’ve showed this season and also the fact that they are pretty much able to parry Dinamo Minsk and Brest Meshkov in the domestic Belarussian Championship, we can surely expect them to challenge a higher in rank EHF Competition next season.In the first leg of the Challenge Cup final, SKA Minsk won 31:26 against Handball Esch in Luxembourg, and with this victory the second-leg seems only a formality. Pukhouski was the game’s top scorer, while at the same time he is the Challenge Cup top scorer as well. read more

Disruptions at Dublin Cork Airports after heavy overnight winds

first_imgUpdated, 08:41PASSENGERS PLANNING to take flights from Dublin and Cork Airports have been advised to check with their airlines before travelling, after severe overnight winds caused a number of flights to be diverted or cancelled.Airport authorities said the heavy winds overnight – which coincided with a ‘status orange’ weather alert from Met Éireann – had made it impossible for some planes to land.Shannon Airport said it accommodated 14 unscheduled arrivals which had been bound for Dublin or Cork but redirected due to the inclement weather on the eastern and southern coasts.While the weather has since calmed, the disruptions mean that some aircraft are out of position.Some 19 departures from Dublin have so far been cancelled today as a result of the disruptions.Three departures from Cork airport have also been cancelled.Passengers have been advised to contact their airline for updates on any disruptions to flights.last_img read more

Galway Christian church leaders line up to condemn mosque attack

first_img IRISH CHRISTIAN CHURCH leaders have collectively condemned an act of vandalism on a mosque in Galway.In a joint statement, representatives of the Catholic, Church of Ireland, Methodist and Presbyterian and Quaker churches in Galway condemned the attack.The statement reads:“We unequivocally and without hesitation condemn the recent malicious, unprovoked attack on Masjid Maryam Mosque.“Coming during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and during Mosque prayers makes such loutish, criminal behaviour particularly outrageous.“Our city has always enjoyed excellent inter-faith relations. This attack serves to further our resolve, and the resolve of our faith communities, to work and pray to ensure that these relationships are further deepened. Galway Christian church leaders line up to condemn mosque attack In a joint statement, representatives of the Catholic, Church of Ireland, Methodist and Presbyterian and Quaker churches condemned the attack. In an increasingly secular world, we look forward to further strengthening our bonds of cooperation, friendship, respect, prayer and peace.The Masjid Maryam Mosque had its windows smashed by vandals on Monday night while worshippers were inside saying prayers to mark the holy month of Ramadan.It is believed that the vandalism was carried out by juveniles.Read: Imam says extremists are targeting ‘vulnerable’ young Muslims in IrelandRead: Window smashed in Galway mosque while people inside praying Jun 7th 2017, 10:06 PM Image: Imam Ibrahim Noonan‏ via Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 48 Comments Wednesday 7 Jun 2017, 10:06 PMcenter_img The smashed window at the mosque. Image: Imam Ibrahim Noonan‏ via Twitter Share26 Tweet Email By Cormac Fitzgerald At this difficult time we together offer our full and wholehearted support to Imam Ibrahim Ahmad Noonan, to the Ahmadiyyan Muslim Association of Ireland and to our Muslims brothers and sisters here in Galway and throughout Ireland. Short URL 13,776 Views The smashed window at the mosque.last_img read more

Gardaí seize cannabis and cocaine worth €42000 in Drogheda

first_img By Cormac Fitzgerald May 13th 2019, 7:08 AM Share35 Tweet Email 12,572 Views 18 Comments Monday 13 May 2019, 7:08 AM Image: Garda Press Office. GARDAÍ HAVE SEIZED cocaine and cannabis worth a combined total of €42,000 in an operation in Drogheda. As part of Operation Stratus, gardaí searched a house in the Hill View area of the town. During the course of the search, they discovered cocaine worth an estimated €20,000 and cannabis herb worth €22,000. Other paraphernalia including weighing equipment and documentation was also seized. A man in his late teens was arrested in the Drogheda area during a follow-up operation. He is currently detained for questioning under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984 at Drogheda Garda Station and can be held for up to 24 hours.Investigations are ongoing and further updates will follow. Gardaí seize cannabis and cocaine worth €42,000 in Drogheda As part of Operation Stratus, gardaí searched a house in the Hill View area of the town. Image: Garda Press Office. Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Iniesta suffered to adapt to Japan

first_imgThe former Barcelona superstar Andres Iniesta said he and his family had a hard time adapting to Japanese life.One of Barcelona’s biggest stars, Andres Iniesta, decided to leave the Spanish La Liga giants to join Japanese side, Vissel Kobe.For many it was a shocking move, to others it was expected as the player is now aging but he doesn’t want to stop playing football.And now the 34-year-old explains how difficult was to adapt to the Japanese lifestyle.“I have to confess that the adaption process has not been easy during my first six months in Japan, in sporting and in family terms,” he was quoted by ESPN.“We arrived here after the World Cup, so we had hardly any time to organize ourselves.”“We have spent our time getting used to the differences between the two cultures,” he added.“Japanese customs are radically different to ours [in Spain] but, finally, we feel adapted. Now it’s time to enjoy being here.”Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…“After a run of six or seven defeats when I first got here, I was surprised how well the fans took the bad results,” he said comparing how Barca fans feel after a bad result.“The Japanese take losing in a very different way to how we do in Spain.”“I’ve found it hard to adapt to that philosophy. I have always been very competitive. I have never liked losing. Now, I have to learn from them and see it from another point of view. They’re competitive, but they extract other conclusions from defeats,” he explained.“But my time here has been infinitely more relaxed than my spell at Barca. I was completely empty [in Spain]. I had nothing left. The pressure at a club like Barca is huge. Coming to Kobe has released me from that tension.”90 años de fútbol, de pasión y de ilusiones. Fue un privilegio jugar en @LaLiga con tantos y tantos grandes jugadores y compañeros. Por muchos años más de fútbol.— Andrés Iniesta (@andresiniesta8) February 11, 2019last_img read more

Washington House Democrats drop beer tax other proposals

first_imgOLYMPIA — House Democrats in Washington state have dropped their plan to extend the state’s beer tax and backed away from other revenue proposals they felt were distracting.Democratic Rep. Reuven Carlyle, one of the chamber’s budget writers, said the beer tax might have been subjected to a ballot challenge from large beer companies. He said he thought it and other proposals could have created problems for the larger goal of increasing funding for education.“Some of those items were particularly distracting from our success,” Carlyle said. “Goal No. 1 is to be successful at getting a revenue package to fully fund public education.”The beer tax extension would have raised a projected $60 million over the next two years. The Democrats also dropped a plan to eliminate tax breaks for insurance agents and dockworkers, which would have raised more than $80 million. They also passed on a proposal to pursue a sales tax on janitorial services, which would have brought in an estimated $41 million.The House is still pursuing a variety of tax changes, including an extension of business taxes that would raise $620 million over the next two years. Senators have approved a budget without those tax changes, and the two sides are now involved in final budget negotiations.last_img read more

Kenai River Closed to Sockeye Salmon Fishing

first_imgThe waters of the Russian River confluence remain open to allow anglers to target Russian River sockeye salmon. With about 20% of the Russian River late-run sockeye salmon past the weir, the run looks strong with a projection of over 70,000 salmon, according to DF&G. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has announced the closure of sockeye salmon fishing on the Kenai River effective at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, August 4. The Kenai River is closed to fishing for sockeye salmon from its mouth upstream to the Sterling Highway Bridge at the outlet of Kenai Lake, except those waters of the Upper Kenai River, Russian River, and Russian River confluence areas remain open. “The department doesn’t take this action lightly,” stated Sport Fish Cook Inlet Management Coordinator Matt Miller. “This fishery is important economically to the community and important to Alaskans trying to put salmon on the table; but when projections indicate we won’t make the escapement goal, we have to take that final action and close the fishery.”last_img read more