Help members fight the urge to “overspend”

first_imgIt’s that time of year and the barrage of messages are almost unavoidable. Your members are being bombarded with advertisements and ideas for gift ideas that are “perfect” and “must-have.” Sales emails, special shopping days, free shipping – the messages are mesmerizing. The temptation to overspend is everywhere. Without careful planning, members can overstretch their budgets and quickly get into trouble. But, as your members’ best financial partner, you can be a voice of calm this season, using your social media and other communications tools to help prevent financial disaster.Alternatives to “big-dollar” gifts – use your credit union’s blog, or Facebook to promote fun alternatives, or budget-friendly gift ideas. There are plenty of ideas out there to tap into. You can work with a DIYer to post ideas for making items like bath salts, sugar scrubs, cookies or other craft ideas that will give your members options for gifts that will be well-received without breaking the bank.Budgeting tips – even though the holidays are already here and people are spending, now is still a good time to help members remember basic budgeting tips. You can use your credit union’s blog or Facebook to post an article, or link a series of tips to the article via Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. These reminders can help members stay focused and, perhaps keep them from derailing from their budgets.Skip-a-Payment programs – Credit unions that offer this member benefit should utilize all their social media channels to promote it. By giving your members the option of skipping a loan payment, you are helping them free up money for the holidays they might not have otherwise, and thus, possibly prevent them from using credit cards or other options that will hurt their budgets.Short-term personal loans – similar to skip-a-payment, if your credit union offers a small dollar amount loan around the holidays, promote, promote, promote it! Giving your members an alternative to payday lenders is a huge benefit and allows them to access the money they need during the holidays without the long-term payment issues of payday lenders. Financial seminars – use this time to promote any upcoming financial seminars your credit union might be offering. If your members are thinking ahead, and planning to attend one of these classes, it may help them stay on task and get the next year off to a better start.Your credit union’s social media channels are a tremendous tool to help keep members on track during the holidays. There are a lot of messages out there urging them to spend money they may not have. Make your message the one of reason that helps them stay on the path to financial security. 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Patti Hazlett As Director of Corporate Communications for the Mountain West Credit Union Association, Patti oversees all aspects of public affairs and communications for the Association and member credit unions. She is … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Strategic thinking and the road ahead

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » Planning season is approaching, and as credit union teams across the country lay out their agendas, there are a few tough questions I challenge them to add.As you talk about your credit union and your market, consider this: What don’t you know?What don’t you know about the market ahead? What will your market look like in five years? How about in 10 years? What will your members need to survive and thrive? How will their needs be different tomorrow from what they are today?last_img read more

Deer Park Crash Leaves 1 Dead, 2 Critical

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 28-year-old man was killed when a vehicle he was riding in crashed in Deer Park, critically wounding two fellow Wyandanch residents who were also in the auto early Monday morning.Suffolk County police said Hamzah Abdul-Hakim was one of three occupants in an Infiniti that was heading southbound on Straight Path when the vehicle struck a tree south of Sagamore Lane at 4:30 a.m.Abdul-Hakim, who was trapped in the vehicle and had to be extricated, was pronounced dead at the scene.One of the other occupants, 28-year-old Ismail Latif, was ejected from the vehicle and was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in West Islip.The third occupant, 31-year-old Darnell Snell, who also had to be extricated, was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital.Investigators are still working to determine who was driving the vehicle.First Squad detectives impounded the Infiniti, are continuing the investigation and ask anyone who may have witnessed this incident and has not been interviewed by detectives to call them at 631-854-8152 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will remain confidential.last_img read more

The Porn Pandemic: The Devastating Effects on Children, Family and Society

first_imgThe Porn Pandemic presents scientific evidence, expert commentary, and personal testimonies showing the addictive nature of pornography and how pornography addictions can lead to violence against women, prostitution, trafficking in persons, and sexual crimes against women and children.As former pornography addicts and their family members tell their stories, we also learn how early exposure to pornography can lead to a long-term debilitating addiction that devastates marriage and family relationships and can lead to acting out in unhealthy ways. While many people who view pornography do not become seriously addicted to the point of committing sexual crimes, conversely, the majority of people who commit serious sexual crimes against women and children, have usually been viewing pornography. Our documentary features world-renowned neurosurgeon and brain expert Dr. Donald Hilton on how pornography viewing can actually change the brain in harmful ways and how pornography addictions escalate in the same way as hard drug addictions.In our brave new digital world, young children who have access to technology are being exposed to pornography, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and their immature brains, which are not fully developed until their early 20s, are not equipped to handle these images.It only takes a fraction of a second for explicit images to be permanently imprinted on the brain, and the majority of these images give an unrealistic and distorted view of sex, most often depicting the demeaning of women and violence against them.Some of the adult addicts in recovery we interview in our documentary report accidentally coming across pornography at age 7, 9, and 11 and becoming so addicted that it destroyed their lives. Some of these people reported not being able to control their viewing, regardless of the consequences to them or their families. The more people understand the inextricable link between pornography, sexual crimes, prostitution and trafficking and the devastating impact of pornography on the brain, the better able we will be to organize governments to stamp out this scourge that is destroying our families and thus society.last_img read more

Pope surprises nuns with phone call

first_img Sharing is caring! Pope FrancisPope Francis has cultivated a reputation for informality and simplicityNuns in a convent in southern Spain have told local media of their surprise at an answerphone message they received from Pope Francis on New Year’s Eve.Pope Francis was previously archbishop of Buenos Aires and knew some of the nuns at the convent as they also are from Argentina.The nuns were at prayer when the Pope rang.On hearing the message, they rang their bishop to try to get back in contact, but the Pope rang back in the evening.Sister Adriana, the prioress of the convent, told COPE radio “she wanted to die” on hearing the message.“Our friendship goes back 15 years but I never thought the Pope would remember us,” she said.A recording of the message has been played on Spanish media.“What can the nuns be doing that they can’t answer?”, it begins.“Pope Francis speaking, I wanted to say hello to you at the end of the year. I’ll see if I can call you again later. God bless you.”Since taking up his post last year, Pope Francis has struck a more informal note than his predecessor, underlining his reputation for simplicity and humility.Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, he named himself Francis after a 12th-Century Italian saint who turned his back on an aristocratic lifestyle to work with the poor.He has eschewed some of the more regal trappings of high office, made headlines by washing the feet of prisoners, and called for power to be devolved away from the Vatican.BBC News 65 Views   no discussions Share Sharecenter_img Share Tweet FaithInternationalLifestylePrint Pope surprises nuns with phone call by: – January 4, 2014last_img read more

10 old-school dating habits that are due for a comeback

first_imgLifestyleRelationships 10 old-school dating habits that are due for a comeback by: – January 26, 2015 Share Sharing is caring! Share Tweetcenter_img Share 508 Views   no discussions Has anyone else noticed that 21st century dating seems to have changed quite a bit? And not for the better.Whether you are married or looking to get married, bringing back these “retro” dating habits will greatly enhance your relationship with that special someone.1. Go on an actual date — just the two of youYou know things have sunk pretty low in the dating world when the first tip is to just go on an actual date! You see, contrary to popular belief, a real date involves two people going out together — not two swarms of people. Hanging out with people of the opposite sex does not constitute a date. That’s a get-together, a party, a scrum or whatever you want to call it, but it’s not a date! So, if you’re married, take your lovely spouse and go out — just the two of you. If you’re not married, find a lovely person you’re attracted to and go out together — just the two of you. It will be fun!2. Pick up the phone and ask your date outThe art of calling people on the phone and asking them out has quickly been lost — replaced by sending messages through cyberspace with funny emoticons and acronyms. This is very unfortunate. Actually asking people out on dates tells them you’re interested, that you want to spend time with them and that you value the relationship you share. Sending a text message says you’re bored and have nothing better to do. Your spouse will be tickled pink if you call her up to ask for a date (even if just from the other room). Try it. She’s going to love it.3. Actually plan something to doYou might think it sounds fun to chill on the couch watching football, playing video games or perusing Netflix, but rarely do these plans (or lack thereof) lead to successful dates. Failure to plan is one of the primary reasons married couples don’t date as much as they should. Don’t fall into that trap. Plan something, get it on the calendar and go have a blast! Show your spouse, or that special someone, that he means everything to you by planning fun and creative dates!4. Select activities that get you interacting with your dateMovies are great, but they’re not great dates. Sure, it can be nice to have a low-key, “cuddle up together” movie night from time to time. We’re certainly not opposed to that. However, it would be wise if you also selected some activities that got you talking, interacting and getting to know your date better. When was the last time you asked your spouse a meaningful question and then listened to every last word she said? Go ice-skating, play a board game, make dinner together, go on a scavenger hunt, go dancing or take a class together.5. Tell your date beforehand what you’ll be doingThis might seem obvious to some, but we’ve heard far too many horror stories about “the girl who went hiking in a skirt and stilettos” or “the guy who went to the symphony in tennis shoes and a ball cap.” You should always let your date know what to expect so she can come prepared and feel comfortable. If you want to surprise your date, that’s sweet, but at least tip her off as to what she should wear. If you’re married, it would be especially sweet to set out an outfit on the bed with a little sticky note saying, “Can’t wait for our date tonight.”6. Open up the car door for herRemember those cute chick flicks where the guy acts like a gentleman and opens up the gal’s door for her? We should bring that back. Since when did chivalry go out of fashion? It’s possible that some women don’t like this gesture, but we think those women are in the minority, and it’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t offend your date by getting her door. You might even impress her so much that she’ll say “yes” to a second date! Oh, and if you’re married, you’d better be opening the door for your wife! At least on dates. Make dates that special.7. Hold handsHolding hands is fun and romantic. It’s a very simple gesture that says a lot. It sends the message that you care, that you’re interested, that you’re enjoying yourself and that there’s definitely some chemistry — all very good messages! The worst thing you can do on a date with your spouse is act like you’re not married and walk side by side without any physical touch. If you’re married, you should always hold hands on dates. Always.8. Ask when your date should be homeThis one might not apply as much to the married folks, but we guarantee that the married folks will appreciate this for their children. The point here is to have an end time in mind for the date and not simply wait for the fun to die down. Have you ever heard of “the point of diminishing returns?” This has great application in dating — trust us! For the married folks, ask your spouse when he would like to be in by, and honor his wishes (plus, getting in early leaves plenty of time for some proper loving to happen).9. Send a follow-up “thank you” or “I had a great time”This doesn’t have to be a formal call or anything like that. It could be a simple text message. Either way, express gratitude to your date for taking you out. If you had a good time, let her know that. If you’re married, leave a cute note for your spouse on the mirror, on her pillow or in her car, thanking her for the night out. This reinforces how much your date meant to you and shows that time together is a high priority in your marriage! Gratitude goes a long way.10. Go on dates oftenDates don’t have to be extravagant. They don’t have to cost a lot of money. They don’t even have to take very long. They simply need to happen — and often. Dating gives you time to connect (or reconnect) and discover (or rediscover) what you love about your special someone. Dates bring people closer together and nurture relationships. Don’t let dating fall by the wayside and become something “old fashioned.” Choose to make date nights happen, and watch the dating magic strengthen and nurture your relationship.last_img read more

Duffers tee off in 30th annual golf tourney

first_imgCost is $40 per person, which includes nine holes of golf, a golf cart and lunch, and entries will be taken right up until tee time. The winning foursome earns $200 with $100 paid to the second place team. John Watson, Mike Bennett, Ben Baldwin and Solomon Bennett made bank with a tourney-best score of 30 last year. Tee times are 8:30-9 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 6 for the four-person best shot tournament, to be held at the Cedar Pointe Golf Course. Each team is required to have at least one IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s participant.  BOONE, Iowa – Golfers of all abilities will drive, chip and putt for a good cause at the 30th annual Duffers National Tournament. center_img Remaining proceeds go to Shop With A Cop, which sees youngsters accompanied local law enforcement officers to pick out Christmas presents at Wal-Mart.  Entry forms for the 2019 tourney are available in the Super Nationals section at or available by calling tournament director Rich Lange at 515 432-1679.last_img read more

Local students earn RSRF scholarships, $64,000 worth

first_imgRising Sun, In. — The Rising Sun Regional Foundation announced that it has awarded a total of $64,000 in scholarship grants to 64 graduating seniors who reside in Ohio and Ripley counties and the City of Aurora, the foundation’s southeastern Indiana grantmaking region. Each student has received a $1,000 scholarship award.Recipients of these RSRF scholarships are:Batesville Community School CorporationBeatrice Amberger, Nathaniel Craft, Jenna Ertel, Monica Gerstbauer, Kelly Gole, Daniel Gutzwiller, Trey Heidlage, Brooklynn Laker, Hayley Laker, Grace Lamping, Tyler Myers, Kaitlynn Ronnebaum, Chloe Shaw, Caitlynn Werner, and Alex Westerfeld.East Central Community School CorporationAlli Beard, Ava Billman, and Bailey Grunkemeyer.Jac-Cen-Del Community School CorporationLogan Cobler, Mariah Day, Brooke Heaton, Trent Linville, Mikayla Sutton, Elizabeth Williams, and Karlene Wolfe.Milan Community School CorporationMadysen Acra, Courtney Bruns, David Carpenter, Jessica Doyle, Spencer Gammons, Hunter Gray, Mikayla Hill, Kayla Jarrett, Mallory Murray, Haley Myers, Jacob Rohrig, Sara Roush, Sydney Smith, AJ Strassell, Jamey Tush, Kaitlyn Tuttle, Lindsey Tuttle, and Zack Wilburn.Rising Sun/Ohio County Community School CorporationNicole Becker, Sydney Bostic, Jacob Bovard, Jena Bovard, Brayden Bush, Alexandra Courter, Spencer Harrell, Caleb Mathis, and Sofia Seiler.South Dearborn Community School CorporationErin Brennan, Braden Ickenroth, Kelsie Jackson, Mariana Reyes, Darcy Rose, and Makenzie Teke.South Ripley School CorporationAlayna Cantley, Megan Cole, Caitlyn Garcia, and Mary Smith.Homeschooled DivisionKendall Potter and Shelby Stahl.All graduating seniors who reside in Ohio and Ripley counties and the City of Aurora, who have maintained a six-semester grade point average of 2.75 or higher, and who plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution, were eligible to apply for these scholarship awards.  Winners of these scholarships were drawn at random from the pool of applications which were submitted to the Rising Sun Regional Foundation with official transcripts.The Rising Sun Regional Foundation is funded by the Rising Star Casino Resort, owned by Full House Resorts, Inc., which makes monthly contributions to the foundation based on a percentage of its Adjusted Gross Revenue.last_img read more

Lampard is solely a City player

first_img But now it seems that Lampard, despite being announced as a New York signing last summer, has never signed any formal contract with the Major League Soccer newcomers. Lampard had actually been on a short-term, full-time deal with City for the first half of the season and that was extended to the end of the campaign on New Year’s Eve. It means confusion remains over what exactly Lampard had agreed with NYCFC, who had publicly announced they expected the player to join up with them on January 1, while Lampard also fronted their season ticket marketing campaign. There have been suggestions that Lampard might actually have signed with the City Football Group – the parent company for both clubs – but the Premier League has indicated there is no provision for a move to NYCFC. The league has looked into the matter, feeling it needed to ascertain who owned Lampard’s contract to safeguard the integrity of its competition. And, despite the confusion, it has concluded nothing untoward has occurred. A Premier League statement read: “Frank Lampard is registered with Manchester City FC until the end of the 2014-15 season. “The Premier League has sought and received assurances from Manchester City that there is no agreement in place between the club or City Football Group with New York City FC relating to the player.” Press Association City have not yet responded to requests to clarify the situation. New York City said on December 31 they were unsure when Lampard would now join them. “His exact starting date with New York City FC will be confirmed as the EPL and MLS seasons unfold,” a statement read. Lampard, released by Chelsea at the end of last season, has made a positive impression at the Etihad Stadium and scored seven goals so far this term. The league is also satisfied that the Barclays Premier League champions have not broken any rules over their signing of the former England midfielder. Lampard, 36, was expected to join City’s sister club New York City full-time this month having apparently been on loan in Manchester from the American outfit. The Premier League has confirmed that Frank Lampard is registered as a player solely with Manchester City.last_img read more

Wisconsin heads to Big Sky country for tournament

first_imgFresh off their season-opening tournament win at the Air Force Falcon Invitational, the Wisconsin Badgers volleyball team will travel to Bozeman, Mont., this weekend to compete in the Holiday Inn Classic.The Badgers opened their season last weekend with a 3-0 record at the tournament, winning matches against San Jose State, Weber State and Butler in three games, respectively.However, the tournament was no cakewalk for UW, as the Badgers were still battling off a few first-game butterflies.”Our first two matches were fairly tight games even though we won in three, so our opponents were battling pretty hard, but one factor was the gymnasium we played in had pretty poor lighting,” head coach Pete Waite said of his team’s play. “It made it pretty tough to play, but it was one of those challenges you have to overcome, so once we got in the main gym I thought we played really well and really took them out of their game.”Nevertheless, the championship game offered a glimpse of a much more consistent team for the upcoming season, as they easily defeated Butler in the finale.”I thought we played really well, especially against Butler,” senior co-captain Sheila Shaw said. “We got on them right away and we stayed on them until the end, so that was a huge accomplishment, I think, for our team because it’s been pretty difficult once we get up by so much to actually stay on a team and finish them off.”Wisconsin held the Bulldogs to a mere 44 points in the three-game match, only one point away from the school record for fewest points allowed. Also, Butler’s game-three point total of 10 was one point short of the school record for fewest points allowed in a single game.This growing defensive intensity will be a key goal for the Badgers this season. In the past, Wisconsin has earned a reputation as a mainly offensive team, utilizing their big hitters to score points.”The main thing I think we’re going to focus on this year is passing and defense because we have the big hitters across the whole net, so, if we can pass and play defense then we can get the ball up there and do some damage,” Shaw said.In fact, defense, as well as passing, has been a focal point of the Badgers’ practice sessions leading up to this weekend’s tournament.”We were working hard this week, still, on our defense, our serve receives and being tougher servers,” Waite said. “I think our offense and our blocking are going to come really well, but we’ve got to work on the rest of it all the time.”Possibly the biggest highlight of last weekend’s tournament, however, was the way redshirt freshman Audra Jeffers stepped up in her first real match. Jeffers’ play was impressive enough that it’s almost as if Wisconsin isn’t missing a beat as they attempt to replace All-American Jill Odenthal.”Audra’s been doing a great job on the right side,” senior co-captain Aubrey Meierotto said. “She’s taking a lot of swings for us and she’s doing a lot defensively. She’s also very consistent, so it’s almost like having Odie right on the court.”Jeffers and sophomore Taylor Reineke, who led the Badgers with 3.86 kills per game, were named to the all-tournament team.Following the Falcon Invitational, the Badgers moved up in the national rankings one notch to No. 9, but will face their hardest opponent of the new season at the Holiday Inn Classic, when they square off against the No. 14 Missouri Tigers Saturday.”Missouri’s ranked No. 14, and a year ago they came in here at our place and they beat us,” Waite said. “They’re actually a team that I think is better than their ranking. I think they’re probably a top-10 team; they’re right up there so it’s going to be a real battle and a great challenge for us.”Missouri may present the type of challenge the Badgers need to prepare themselves for their tough conference schedule in the Big Ten, a conference possessing four of the nation’s top 12 squads.”I think it’s going to be a challenge for us and I think that’s what we need,” Meierotto said. “We need to be challenging ourselves in the preseason so we look forward to it.”The Tigers could present some problems for the Badgers, especially after their big upset last weekend over the No. 9 Tennessee Volunteers. Led by 6-foot-3 sophomore Na Yang at outside hitter with 4.33 kills per game, Missouri swept Tennessee 3-0.Though a possible upset looms with the Tigers on the docket, Wisconsin is excited to be on the court and get the new season into full swing.”We actually watched some game tape on Missouri today and they look like a really good team,” Shaw said. “They have a lot of good shooters and we’re just excited to play them.”last_img read more