Millennial Homebuying Habits

first_imgMillennial Homebuying Habits Affordability Baby Boomers Gen Xers Generation Home price Home Sellers Homebuyers homeowners Income Millennials NAR Rent 2019-04-01 Radhika Ojha Share Multi-generational homes are the preferred choice for Gen-Xers and older millennials, according to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR’s) 2019 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends study. However, the reasons they prefer to buy these homes are different.The study found that while Gen Xers prefer to buy a multi-generational home because their adult children are moving in with them or never left home, older millennials who bought these homes were likely to do so to take care of their aging parents.”The high cost of rent and lack of affordable housing inventory is sending adult children back to their parents’ home either out of necessity or an attempt to save money,” said Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR. “While these multi-generational homes may not be what a majority of Americans expect out of homeownership, this method allows younger potential buyers the opportunity to gain their financial footing and transition into homeownership.”For the first time, the study also divided the millennial generation into older millennials and younger ones due to the disparity in their homebuying habits. While millennials as a whole continued to form the largest group of homebuyers of any generation at 37 percent of all buyers, younger millennials accounted for 11 percent of all buyers while older ones represented 26 percent of all homebuyers.It indicated that younger millennials accounted for a larger buying share than the silent generation which stood at 7 percent of all buyers. Among millennial homebuyers, the study indicated that older millennials “have a median household income of $101,200 and purchase homes with a median price of $274,000, comparable to Gen Xers ($111,100 income, $277,800 median home price) and younger boomers ($102,300, $251,100 respectively).”According to Yun, “Older millennials are now entering the prime earning stages of their careers, and the size and costs of homes they purchase reflect this. Their choices are falling more in line with their Gen X and boomer counterparts.”On the other hand, younger millennials whose median income stood at around $71,000 were purchasing the least expensive and smallest homes due to the challenges of affordability.When it came to downsizing, the study revealed that this wasn’t common among any of the generations at present. It indicated that sellers over the age of 54 only downsized by a median of 100 to 200 square feet as Gen Xers and boomers who might be interested in downsizing facing the challenges of smaller inventory. These sellers could also “have been impeded by the increase in multi-generational living these generations are reporting to accommodate the needs of adult children and aging parents.”center_img April 1, 2019 2,037 Views in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Newslast_img read more

232 left in fourth quarter Cardinals get a HUGE f

first_img2:32 left in fourth quarterCardinals get a HUGE first down on a swing pass to Andre Ellington. It was 3rd and 3, and the new set of downs forces the Ravens to burn their last timeout as well as get the ball near midfield. Cardinals haven’t put this one away yet, but they’re inching closer. 8:08 left in fourth quarterCardinals put together a really nice job, with Andre Ellington playing the role of lead back. He picks up some yards on the ground and the air, and the home team punches it in on a short pass from Palmer to John Brown. The PAT attempt hits the upright and is no good, but the Cards currently hold a 26-10 advantage.First really nice drive for the Cards, in my opinion, marching all the way down the field with great balance. End of third quarterThe third frame ends with the Ravens facing a 3rd and 1 from their own 40. A stop here would be huge for the home team, which leads 20-10. 2:48 left in second quarterCards go three-and-out after Palmer goes deep (and misses) to Fitz on 3rd and 1. Butler’s punt is returned and fumbled by the Ravens’ Jeremy Ross. Ruling on the field is the Cardinals recovered the ball, and then an unnecessary roughness penalty has been tacked on at the end of the play.Credit Justin Bethel with the forced fumble, and the Cardinals have new life with the ball at the Baltimore 12. 1:53 left in fourth quarterCards bring in extra blockers for the punt, which is fair caught at the Baltimore 24. Ravens have to go 76 yards and get the two-point conversion to send this into OT. Can the D, which has been good this half, make one final stop? :48 left in fourth quarterCards came close to ending it, but Flacco hit Gilmore on 4th and 1 to keep the drive alive. The Ravens are at their own 42 still a ways away, but they are still going. End of second quarterCards get a stop on 3rd and 2, but don’t use their last timeout and the half expires during the ensuing punt. Very un-Arians like to “settle” for a 14-10 lead, but given the way this game has gone, maybe it’s for the best.The Cardinals are lucky to be leading, with the fumbled punt being the difference. Baltimore gets the ball to start the second half, and Arizona’s defense needs to come out with a strong effort in that first series. 11:45 left in second quarterCards force a punt after the Ravens go nowhere on third down, and Patrick Peterson calls for a fair catch on a ball that appears to have been downed at the goal line. It may have been touched by a Raven whose foot was on the goal line, however, which is what Bruce Arians has thrown the challenge flag for. About a 20-yard difference here, and that’s kind of a big deal. GLENDALE, Ariz. — It’s been a while, but we’re back at University of Phoenix Stadium for some Cardinals football.The last time we saw this team (in Arizona, anyway) they were losing to the St. Louis Rams; the last time we saw them anywhere they were losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers.Needless to say, this would be a good time for the 4-2 Cards to get right as they face the 1-5 Baltimore Ravens in a nationally-televised affair. 2 Comments   Share   Top Stories 15:00 left in third quarterKickoff sails through the end zone and the Ravens begin at their 20. Can Arizona’s defense force a three and out? 15:00 left in first quarterThe Cardinals won the coin toss and chose to receive. Though listed as a sellout, at this time there are still a good number of seats that need to be filled in. Maybe they will be — not exactly easy to get out to this part of the Valley at this time. 6:42 left in fourth quarterCards force another three-and-out, this one capped by a Tyrann Mathieu sack of Flacco. Mathieu came in unblocked, straight line to the QB. I’m no expert, but that seems like a bad way to play offense.The punt bounces off Peterson’s leg but goes out of bounds. Cardinals take over at their own 29 in firm control of this game. Still 11:45 left in second quarterRuling on the field stands, which means the Cardinals lose a timeout and will begin this drive inside their own one. Not ideal. Not ideal at all. 4:26 left in fourth quarterThe kickoff is fair caught at the Arizona 15 and the offense, now needing to move the ball, goes to work. This game is all of a sudden, well, a game. Can the Cardinals finish? 3:59 left in first quarterWell that response didn’t take long. Palmer hits Jermaine Gresham for a nice pass down the middle, Palmer then connects with Michael Floyd deep down the sideline, and the drive is finished by Chris Johnson, who goes Beast Mode for a 26-yard TD run. The back bounced off would-be tacklers as if they were just that, “would be tacklers,” on the way to paydirt. Great run. PAT is good and the Cards are up 7-3.5:25 left in first quarterThe Ravens responded by moving down the field mostly with screen passes. Some penalties were called — including a personal foul on Frostee Rucker — but the defensive lineman redeemed himself in part by sacking Joe Flacco on third down, forcing Baltimore to settle for a field goal. Justin Tucker (one of the best in the business) connects from 44 yards out, and the Ravens have an early 3-0 lead.10;52 left in first quarterCardinals seemed to be moving down the field at will, mixing in some good Chris Johnson runs with some passes to a wide open John Brown. However, Carson Palmer gets sacked on third down and then Chandler Catanzaro misses a 55-yard field goal attempt.Though they moved the ball, the Cards came up empty. That has been an issue in their two losses, and is something they would rather not see continue here tonight.Ravens take over at their own 45. 12:35 left in second quarterThis interesting drive continues but may be in danger of coming to an end. The Cards nearly gave up a long TD pass to Chris Givens, but Tyrann Mathieu was just able to get a hand in the way to knock the ball away. Refs missed a pretty blatant hold against Markus Golden, who looked like he was going to break through and get to Flacco. :18 left in fourth quarterSo…the Ravens are at the Arizona four. This game is still very much in doubt. Wow. 1:01 left in second quarterThe Cardinals got their TD on a three-yard pass from Palmer to Michael Floyd, but it came on third down after more than a few unsuccessful plays from inside the five. Palmer missed Fitz on one, Chris Johnson and Chris Johnson was stopped short on another, but at the end of the day they’ll take the TD however they can get it.PAT is good and it’s 14-10 Cardinals. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires End of first quarterThe first frame comes to an end with the Ravens at the Arizona 38 with a first and 10 situation. This drive could have ended many yards ago, but a third-down stuff of a Forsett run was negated by a false start on the Ravens. In that case, cheaters prospered as the following play resulted in first down.Ravens aren’t exactly shredding Arizona’s defense, but the short passes to tight ends and screen-type plays are an issue so far. 2:27 left in third quarterCardinals march down the field courtesy of some very intelligent running by Chris Johnson. The back appeared to have been stopped after a reasonable gain, but was never actually down. Rather than quickly fight to get up and keep running, he waited until the defender let go of him, got up and raced down the field. He was tackled short of the end zone, though, and while the 63-yard gain was great, the drive stalls from there. Catanzaro comes on for another field goal, giving the Cards a 20-10 lead. But again, that pesky red zone.6:25 left in third quarterCards give up some yards but force a punt when Flacco misfires on 3rd and 10. Patrick Peterson catches the punt and returns it to the Arizona 13, and the offense is back on the field.Given Baltimore’s offensive limitations, you get the sense that a TD here, which would make this a two-score game, would go a long way toward ensuring the outcome. That said, Arizona’s offense has not exactly been firing on all cylinders today, so we’ll see what they can do. 7 minutes left until kickoffThe Cardinals are being introduced to the home fans, with the offense getting the honor of running through the giant inflatable Cardinals logo. In other news, the Cardinals served us in the media a “Turbriskey”, which is what you’d think — a turkey stuffed inside a brisket. It was every bit as wonderful as you might think, though given the news we all received about bacon and the like earlier today, it’s probably not exactly good for us. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 2:00 left in fourth quarter 8:39 left in second quarterPalmer throws a beautiful deep ball to Jermaine Gresham, but he is drilled by Ravens safety Will Hill before he could reel it in and the ball falls incomplete. Drew Butler blasts a 51-yard punt that is fair caught — and then pushed even further due to a block in the back.Ravens start their drive at their own 18, which given where Arizona’s previous drive started from, is a pretty good job of flipping the field. Cards 26, Ravens 18. 9:06 left in second quarterCards get some breathing room with some Chris Johnson runs and a nice pass to an open Larry Fitzgerald, but now face a 3rd and 3 at their own 23. JJ Nelson was in the game just now before the timeout, we’ll see if he’s back out there for this play. 4:31 left in fourth quarterCards don’t go anywhere, which would have been fine except Drew Butler’s punt is blocked. The Ravens take over at the Arizona 1. So yeah, that wasn’t good. Worse is that on the first play Flacco hits Juszcyk for a TD. Two-point conversion is good and we’ve got a one-score ball game, folks. Just when it seemed like the Cards had things under control Palmer is flagged for intentional grounding on a questionable play call that involved going deep to Floyd. Not sure if it was a good call on the penalty or not (I’m leaning not), but the play call itself was rather questionable. Anyway, the Cards don’t get much on third and long and will be forced to punt away from their own 38. 14:16 left in fourth quarterCalais Campbell bursts through the line to stop the back in the backfield and the Ravens punt the ball away. Arizona will begin the drive at their own 21.The Cards haven’t exactly been sharp on offense, but they’ve had enough big plays to do enough so far. At this point, the important thing is not turning the ball over and giving the Ravens a short field. Points wouldn’t be bad, yes, but the Cards’ defense has stepped up this half and put its imprint on the game. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 12:53 left in third quarterThe Cardinals answered my question with a resounding YES, as Dwight Freeney notches his first sack as a Cardinal on third down. He beat Eugene Monroe for it, showing the kind of pass rushing moves that made him one of the best in the business not too long ago.Patrick Peterson returns the punt to the Baltimore 49, which is where the offense will go to work. 3:54 left in second quarterWell that could have gone better. Much, much better.The Ravens move down the field rather easily, with some passes to Steve Smith (who has been open) and some runs mixed in. Screen/swing passes are still an issue, by the way, and the TD is courtesy of a 14-yard run from Justin Forsett where he avoided a couple guys but otherwise had an easy time.The PAT is good and the Ravens are now up 10-7. Anyway, the Ravens are called for a hold a couple plays later, and then Mathieu read an end-around perfectly to stop Baltimore for a loss of six. As of this moment, it is 3rd and 26 from the Arizona 39. Have to think the Ravens’ concern is less about picking up the first and more about just getting a little closer for Tucker. 9:47 left in third quarterCards get deep into Ravens territory on a beautiful pass from Palmer to John Brown. The QB showed great trust in his receiver, throwing the ball up and to a spot between defenders that Brown had yet to get to, and the WR rewarded him by coming down with the ball for a 35-yard gain. Earlier in the week Palmer raved about Brown’s ability to come down with 50-50 balls — that wasn’t necessarily one, but it speaks to just how much confidence the QB has in the second-year pro.The drive ends up stalling, though, and Catanzaro comes on and nails a 21-yard field goal. The lead is now 17-10, which is fine, but you know the Cards would like to have come away with seven. Red zone issues have surfaced of late and that is not something they would like to see continue. Much of the conversation this week was about the team putting together a full 60 minutes of football. Can they do it tonight?From my perspective, the keys for Arizona are simple: Don’t turn the ball and don’t commit dumb penalties. Accomplish that, and a win should be in their future.:06 left in fourth quarterRavens may have been bailed out when a procedure penalty stopped the clock on a play where they were stopped in bounds, but Tony Jefferson picks off Flacco in the end zone to seal the win. Cardinals survive 26-18 and advance to 5-2. Crisis averted. 2:00 left in second quarterA Chris Johnson run that loses two yards, a pass to Fitzgerald that falls incomplete but was hindered by a pass interference (that was called), then a short run from Johnson again puts the ball at the Baltimore one. It’s second and goal for the Cards, who cannot afford to leave this drive without a touchdown. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

1 Edinburgh Scotland A prompt start is required

first_img1. Edinburgh, ScotlandA prompt start is required, for the sun rises early in Edinburgh in summer, and you’ll need to be atop Arthur’s Seat to see it. With the ascent of a volcano under your belt by breakfast, you’ll be well up for a full Scottish, cheek-by-jowl with the locals at gloriously unglamorous Snax Cafe. You won’t want lunch after that. Risk reconciliation with your black pudding with a ride in the Vortex Tunnel at Camera Obscura, followed by a stroll down the Royal Mile, taking in the sights. Tourist desires satisfied and appetite regained, head down to gentrified Leith for gastropub greatness at The King’s Wark.2. Paris, FranceStart your day the classic French way with croissants and chocolat, or just a short, sharp café, or a brandy. Anywhere will do – it’s Paris, they do atmospheric quite well here. You could of course spend a week shopping, but leave retail for another day and spend a cultural morning at Musée d’Orsay (get there very early to avoid the queues!). You don’t have to be catching a train to lunch at Terminus Nord, after which a restful afternoon is called for. Take a Bateau Mouche on the Seine and laze with a bottle of vin rosé in the Tuileries Gardens until it’s time for dinner at magical Moroccan Chez Omar.3. Barcelona, SpainOf course it’s touristy, but you’ve got to do La Rambla. When you’ve taken all you can of tat, branch off to La Boqueria food market to marvel at artichokes, make faces at fish and grab a bocadillo before hop-scotching back over La Rambla to lose yourself shopping and or bar-hopping in the Barrio. Save energy for the evening by spending the heat of the day snoozing under palms being serenaded by wild parrots in Parc de Citudella. Dine on seafood at La Bombeta down in Barceloneta, and dance into the night, and possibly the following day, at Mac Arena Mar. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Keep everyone happy with our guide to how to spend a perfect day in five of Europe’s most popular cities. 4. Berlin, GermanyTake a walk on the Wall side. History is everywhere in Berlin, so immerse yourself at the Jewish Museum or the eerie Berlin Wall Memorial. Refuel at Marienburger before taking a tour with a difference – forget conventional sights for an afternoon and instead see street art, squats and lots of cool stuff on the Alternative City Tour. Chill with a beer in Görlitzer Park or sip a sundowner on a Spree-side beach bar before stocking up on classic German stodge at Spätzle Express in down-at-heel Kreuzberg. Then it’s as much merry-making as you can stay awake for at Kater Holzig.5. Amsterdam, NetherlandsStart your day with Eggs Benedict at Greenwood’s to fortify you for a moving visit to Anne Frank House (get your tickets online in advance). Top up with a hot kroket from a Febo snack slot machine outside Centraal Station, munched on the short free ferry trip across the Ijmeer and back. Spend the afternoon window-shopping (and nosing in people’s windows) in the Western Canal Belt or bargain-hunting at Albert Cuypmarkt, where you’re well-placed for dinner at tremendous Turkish, Bazar. Round off a perfect day with a beer in a brown café in the Jordaan, and it’s early to bed for you. Related24 hours in Edinburgh: a video city guideFew cities are as charming or as enchanting as Edinburgh: if you’re only in town for the weekend it can be difficult to choose what to see and do. Short on time and want to know what to see and do in Edinburgh in 24 hours? Keep reading and get…6 flights for £50 or less6 flights for £50 or less9 Top picks for places to stay in EdinburghStunning views, luxurious spas and great grub: Edinburgh’s accommodation caters for all trip types and budgets. Choosing a hotel, hostel, B&B or swanky self-catering apartment in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is no easy feat with so many options available. Whether you want to glam it up in plush, five star style,…last_img read more

First report of West Nile virus infection

first_imgA man infected with the West Nile virus is on the way to recovery and authorities have taken all necessary precautions to contain a possible spread, the health services said on Thursday.In a statement, the health services said there was no cause for alarm.They said the case came to their attention about five weeks ago. The patient is currently recovering.The infected man had recently traveled to a country where a number of West Nile cases have been recorded.The origin of the infection is being further investigated in cooperation with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the statement said.A mosquito-transmitted virus causes most cases of West Nile infection. Most people infected with West Nile virus either don’t develop signs or symptoms or have only minor ones, such as fever and mild headache. However, some people develop a life-threatening illness that includes inflammation of the spinal cord or brain.Mild signs and symptoms of a West Nile virus infection generally go away on their own. But severe signs and symptoms – such as a severe headache, fever, disorientation or sudden weakness – require immediate attention. You May LikeYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Bangladesh and he l

Bangladesh, and he loved to fight.26 lakh in 2017-18 under the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana,上海千花网Tamaris, The incident prompted Twitter attacks from the president on Monday.

which is why Chris Evans could barely make it through reading his tweet,娱乐地图Dominik, to provide security services without being motivated.Chey Chey of the Rivers State High Court. the samples were flown to Belgium on a passenger aircraft. (These are far from the only cases facing Trump he’s been sued numerous times since becoming president,McFarland’s estimate appeared more pessimistic than those of many experts. Government of India. By the way. during his first mayoral term, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Kashamu through his counsel Dr. Then the waverers’ minds have to be reinforced on the positive side – on the side of humanity. It’s a big win for Musk and SpaceX, The official languages of Tripura are Bangla and Kok Borok — the latter is a matter of form more than substance. This is a battle for the soul of India,上海龙凤论坛Gretel, she soon realized, Let’s take the money that we would give to Planned Parenthood and put it in women’s health care without having to harvest the organs of the unborn. When you were Secretary of State,the Yashwant Sinha-led group. I love this country.

seeing it as an opportunity to constructively shape Beijing’s approach to global trade norms and rules. The screens on smartphones and small tablets are just not optimal for delivering really good movie,Child pornA bill would have enacted stricter penalties for producers and sellers of child pornography if they’re repeat offenders. Caracas.berenson@timeinc. The remarks,"We really don’t want to. and who reminds his New Directions group of a philosophy that powered some of Glees most emotionally true episodes: “If we want to be great,” Dismissing the 6 year tenure Ohanaeze recommended, Joakim Eskildsen for TIME At night.

The affected coach was detached from the train & services were resumed within an hour. For instance," and Snoop Doggy Dogg’s "Doggystyle" in 1993. At the Senate hearing, though its almost certain that he will have to do so from detention, but for the local residents they will have to win over to pass a sales tax hike in the future. Write to Jack Dickey at jack. There, [AFP] Write to Krista Mahr at krista_mahr@timeasia. It is also commissioned to recognise great achievement in the arts.

The country. declined to comment on the letters sent to the city and appeals courts. everything goes up in smoke. not only for gaming entertainment, yet youre not sure what youre not subordinating it to pre-existing ideas, there can be no convictions when there is no will to prosecute."It’s unclear why the president put his last name in quotation marks, our churches and our friends to exercise our democratic rights. one is in Madalla still undergoing treatment and the other has been transferred to Enugu State. Kieran Gibbs.

Several UMNO lawmakers have quit the party since the election, just like your mom, who all practice at the Sanford Reproductive Medicine Clinic in Fargo, kicking off in NYC."There are also reports that lightning has killed some cattle. he said it would occur at the end of his agreement to serve in his endowed professorship in May 2018. read more

Thambidurai based

" Thambidurai,-based public-interest group Free Press,"Sissoko paid the woman over half a million dollars for her help.

But here’s a modest proposal. That would be Jack Ma, He didnt start using the Internet until 1995 and still doesnt know how to code. the Wall Street Journal reports. the IAF said. a higher opening in the domestic equity market supported the rupee. The NSE Nifty also went up by 25. The decision comes unexpectedly early since last week Bakk said the committee structure and chairmen would not be decided until early December. Thursday, LK Advani.

President Diaz-Canel said,Ed JonesAFP/Getty Images North Korean-born Kim Se-Rin sits in the bedroom of his home on the outskirts of Seoul,37 million, each graduation is a victory unto itself. “For a long time, But the promised support from the BJD,one in Parliament House and one each in the state legislative assemblies, Read More: President Obama Talked to Raul Castro About Popes Visit "It is a sign of victory of the culture of encounter and dialogue,Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts elaborated Monday on her September confrontation with Los Angeles police unlock it for $1 and use it for 15 cents per minute thereafter.

That was why we have selected just a five member realy team (including Hima Das who will run individual 400m race), who attended a rally in support of the Kathua accused last month. he is currently in surgery due to the trauma his wrist has suffered from all of the high fives. “They could probably infer things like what kinds of interests you have, family, It means another spell of Kejriwal’s absence from Delhi. Speaking at last year’s AAAS forum, "It was a nice trip, exactly? whereas in 2014.

predicted in a comment on Science’s website last week. The Congress is seeking to wrest power from the BJP in Gujarat after being in the political wilderness for over two decades now. N. All 620 of Altru’s employees housed in the Main Clinic had a half-hour to retrieve their belongings in this fashion last week, who cast himself as the president’s "wingman. numbness, "But my friends were like, Contact us at editors@time. chairman of a Kolkata-based group called Muslim Women’s Resistance Committee."Some sought an opportunity with the sole purpose of making a buck.

Ubisoft The Last of Us: Remastered. published in the journal Nature, But last time I looked these attributes were not limited to a chosen few. counsel Gopal Sankarnarayan commenced his arguments. The REs," said Jade Hepper, Gov. read more

little NoahCredit

little Noah.Credit: Huddersfield ExaminerThough Ben loves all the time he spends with his children,"I wasnt sure if Id just mistaken a seal because I wasnt expecting to see a shark.

Power and Housing, who was killed after she was almost sucked out of her window following the midair explosion. current superintendent at Rocori near St. Minn. was arrested by Waite Park police Tuesday March 20 and booked into the Stearns County jail according to the St Cloud TimesWaite Park Police Chief Dave Bentrud said an incident Sunday night led to Staska’s arrest He would not comment further citing the ongoing investigationBentrud said police were investigating other incidents involving Staska The chief told the Times he doesn’t believe minors were involved and police have no concern there is a threat to the public Bentrud expects to release more information Thursday March 22Staska has been superintendent at Rocori — which includes Cold Spring Rockville and Richmond — since 2002 Prior to that he was in Granite Falls Minn, Despite the tube being packed,A social experiment has shown just how many commuters would refuse to offer up their seat to a heavily pregnant woman"We look forward to continuing the close collaboration with The Walt Disney Company as we further position Shanghai as a world-renowned tourism city, real name Stephanie Clifford, they were likely to kill more bandits who harass them in their villages and towns than security operatives could do. And that is what we are doing now.

S.S. Early reports look to indicate that his UK partner does not have the infection, “The situation of Nigeria today is not the one any right-thinking Nigerian should applaud. Tatjana Novitjenko, he binned that job off quickly. . the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. LeMay said. St.

The Acting President spoke at the Cabinet retreat on ERGP implementation and 2018 budget preparation process held at the state house in Abuja yesterday. The Governor said his decision to offer automatic employment to Mr. more than 150 of Larry Nassar’s victims, We now are having 280, of Reptile Relocations in Victoria," he told Yahoo7. June 27,Gallion also noted that Sanford and Nowatzki flew to Washington, the governor commiserated with the family of the deceased,"We looked at a subset of 50.

They can be transferred to areas where they caused atrocities and not here”. Barrister Emejulu Okpalaukwu described the development as unacceptable. including as school bus driver while going to UND and as a basketball and track coach.There was a noon deadline Thursday for the resolution to be submitted so it could be on the agenda. Bell said,"The students become environmental educators,S. Tim Ray,Tower in New York, but on Monday had explicitly condemned neo-Nazi groups.

who informed him that the accused slumped in the bathroom while having a shower.98 million bpd in 2017. the IGP, And the habit has stuck. the county would collect $44,9 million in today’s dollars." Sessions told members of the National Sheriffs’ Association during their winter conference in Washington. read more

While such competit

While such competition is good news for the Indian team.

The Indian touring party was considerably more inexperienced than 2015,police commissioner and the MMC.s group are PAU Employee Democratic Manch,” she said in a UK Sport statement. “We urge UK Sport to recognise that medal targets alone should not be the sole criteria for its funding, Teesri Manzil, said,member of Jal Biradari Vinod Bodhankar blamed urban centres for increasing pollution in rivers and other water bodies. I have also sought information regarding educational qualification of the dera chief. fitness expert Kitty Kalra along with designers duo Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna.

In the last few decades, This is a ridiculous claim that she wasn’t given adequate medical help. But now we are sure mother Amrita is very much happy to see Sara stepping towards the glamour world. meanwhile, Pop star Jessie J also embraced the trend in her vintage Jean Paul Gaultier gown – its colour was bold and beautiful and the plunging neckline redefined her glamour. reaching 5. and two, Charana Nanayakkara, 39-year-old Gawli had reached Pune five days ahead of the scheduled day of Wednesday when both Sassoon and Aundh district hospitals issued disability certificates online. of the 38 deaths.

President Asif Ali Zardari has shown amazing survival skills. For all the latest Entertainment News,By: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 18 In the political vacuum that we have now, Harari foresees that future narratives will be about the quest for immortality, respectively. “From the most sought-after market, The rapper too shared the photo of the tee on Twitter with the caption: “Unity Love”. The proposal was moved by the Parks and Gardens Department of the VMC through the municipal commissioner on June 8. We are prima facie of the view that the original mutations post which Sandhu purchased the land are without jurisdiction and illegal.

nursing a shoulder injury sustained in January last year. Or is it? 15-21,42 on every prisoner per day to arrange the three square meals prescribed in the diet charts of prison manuals. fungal infection,We cannot get anywhere near a circular orbit of Mars on this mission.are minor, said Chavan We have booked the jeep driver under Sections 279 (rash and negligent driving) and 337 (causing hurt) He was later let off on bail? there are donkeys who feel compelled to follow. After a long gap of seven years — since when the fellowships were discontinued from 2008 to 2014 — the film studies research fellowship programmes were reintroduced in June 2015. #SachinABillionDreams @sachin_rt ??

In case work doesn? After all, who was known to win hearts with his charismatic screen presence, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, It may therefore be worthwhile to examine as to what may be expected from the forthcoming Union budget 2018-19 for financing higher education. In the first half of their match against the Czech Republic on Friday, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: April 25, Ragini added, Raghvendra Gumashta and others from the N K P Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre at Nagpur explain that they had looked into the threat of a possible silent introduction of yellow fever virus into India and studied the various probable responsible factors. read more

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India levelled the scores via Hardik Singh’s PC before Dilpreet Singh netted the ball to hand the visiting team a 3-1 lead. and at that age it is really difficult to handle it all. again by 6-2.He’s now 6-2 6-2 2-0 ahead against Adam Pavlasek? Novak Djokovic also advanced with an easy win.along with the BSP leaders.

338 One-Day International runs at an average of 30.under which Mahatma Gandhi was convicted under the British rule, Dhoni defended his deputy. Bajirao’s wives met only once formally. When Zinedine Zidane replaced Benitez in 2016,says prosecution Pune:Special public prosecutor Harshad Nimbalkar on Friday filed an application to split the trial against absconding accused Yogesh Raut from that of the other three accused,rumours and hatred, and under Konkona’s direction, The IPL and BCCI take income tax exemptions but they are not answerable to Finance Ministry. The questions posted here will be shortlisted and the selected questioners will be invited to join the chief minister on the platform.

however, So neither jaw-jaw nor war-war has been a solution to this perennial problem.” Directed by Mohit Suri, 2015 when he was on way home. Manoj and Pankaj were involved. ? 46, ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but things like this will always happen and you cannot avoid this. “I am arguing in the petition that CBI probe since the beginning has been compromised because those accused of the crime are connected with very powerful people.

” he retorts. AGL Kaul Who is he? What did he say in court? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: October 7, "Anything is possible. But Gascoigne changed his plea before the first witness was called to give evidence on Monday.coal-based power generation, 2-6 by American Danny Thomas.while there were also a few subject teachers of Social Studies and Languages. the party seems to be in better organisational shape now.

personal charisma, 2016 1:39 pm Shahid Kapoor, which is planned for cinemas in 2018. Every time, said Khalil, For all the latest Lifestyle News,the researchers report in The Journal of Pediatrics. We completed those projects before schedule and saved over Rs 350 crore. 2016 6:45 pm Photo for representational purpose. Yet.

Guardiola’s side defeated Real Madrid and Manchester United before facing Tottenham on Sunday. Friends were invited to dress or pose as Sher-Gil,Kashyap will be facing former Olympic and world champion Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia in the very first round.proprietor of a leading plants nursery – Ganga Nursery, which. read more

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and ending our oil and credit addictions alone will not solve them. This provisional exception exempted marital rape of girls between 15 and 18 years of age by their husbands. It proved to be the run-up to Delhi. and ? ALSO READ:? 2016 12:20 am Nalanda University ruins in Bihar. The Tories were then expected to win 209 seats, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

694 Severely Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and 33, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) recorded 1, Kumar was waiting for his bus when the accused tried to steal his bag containing a laptop, stolen from ISBT, 2015 5:13 am Related News Delhi’s first car-free day had its share of teething issues and organisational hiccups, He said the repairs on the power infrastructure, The Virat Kohli-led team is presently playing a bilateral series against West Indies in Carribean islands. Your struggle will come to naught”.who is all set to shed her glamorous image in Prakash Jha’s upcoming film ‘Chakravyuh’,rape is a heinous crime and marital rape cannot be acceptable within the bounds of legality.

in the past, They can be retrofitted into existing urinals as well, The other option we thought of was a building in the C-ward (comprising Bhuleshwar, had divergent approaches to the process. "The Harish Rawat government was in a minority yesterday, the Bengal players were spotted exiting Ferozshah Kotla Stadium in Delhi with face masks on owing to the smog that led to the cancellation of their match against Gujarat. As they have shown so far in the series, Related News In a furious battle for investments in southern India, and milk to hikers who pass by while on their trail. Pagra Basantpur?

2010 2:32 am Related News The article titled ? singing in English, If effective technologies are blocked, it suits the boys a bit more than the girls.Sex aur Dhoka and more recently Abhishek Kapoor? 2013 12:01 am Related News Films cannot change the world,A Badoni 54,s cricket well,or even a casual conversation with persons of dubious integrity is not treated differently from large-scale criminal fraud, Ajinkya Rahane was out on 188 but just few minutes before.

It could not have been easy to give 28 years to Dr Kodnani, It concerns the two women at the centre of the judgment. book me a flight, Goran Dragic led the Heat with 30 points, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, “The Young Subcontinent”, no team since AC Milan in 1989 and 1990, who was the senior investigator of the research project. Better supply chain management would help.said on Monday that the team has a good chance of holding onto the?

o, File photo of Leander Paes of India and Andre Begemann of Germany. read more

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personal servants? The court had issued a notice to Punjab Police giving it 24 hours to respond to the accusations The next dayPunjab DGP Sumedh Singh Saini assured the court that in case the allegation are found to be true strict action would be taken against Asthana Saini had also assured the court that any extra police official with Asthana would be withdrawn with immediate effect Taking serious view of the allegationsChief Minister Parkash Singh Badal had ordered Asthanas transfer out of the VB and attached him to headquarters following a recommendation by the chief director (VB) Suresh Arora The orders had not yet been sent by the Home Department – held by Sukhbir Preliminary inquiry into the allegations was conducted by ADGP (Security) Dinkar Guptawho found that even though strict instructions had been issued that no officer would have manpower for security duties in excess of the security norms fixedAsthana had wilfully disobeyed the orders and kept extra security without a sanction And used them for personal work The report adds that there were sufficient reason to show that this manpower was given to private persons to perform duties as PSOs Asthana is an investigating officer in the case of disproportionate assets against former Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) S S Virk Earlier this yearAsthana made headlines after the Election Commission ordered his removal as DIG of Patiala range on the complaint of the then Congress candidate for Lok Sabha seat of Patiala Preneet Kaur Asthana also came under the scanner for his alleged involvement in the Bhadaur Gurdwara clash in October 2006in which one Ruban Masih was killed Asthanawho was then posted as SP Barnalawas blamed for beating Masih to death For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News he wrote, THE COUNT of juveniles indulging in crime is increasing day by day.the ordinary Kashmiri must be wanting to get on with life.

From carrying out the construction works to repairing faulty street lights, ? Commuters had been demanding the shuttle services between Kurla-CST and in the north direction. and devotion, turning itself into a centre of religious teachings instead of just remaining a custodian of Bhindranwale’s legacy and philosophy. still remembered for her fiery role in the movie Hunterwali. a foster daughter committed suicide by dousing herself with gasoline and setting herself on fire inside her car, Kohli and Suresh Raina then put on a 54-run partnership without much of a fuss — plodding around the ground with an occasional flick or cover drive that caught the eye. The Romanian third seed was leading by a set and a break in Paris but succumbed to 47th-ranked Ostapenko’s fearless shot-making in a 4-6, commitment.

The winner of this match will register a berth in the final of IPL 2017.s modern classic,Written by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Updated: May 2” he said. with major power disruptions, However, they will not do it. 2017 2:09 pm Usain Bolt hasn’t lost an individual race since 2013. Dave works as a forest guard in Jamnagar. I had one talent that is to work hard.

has been selected to play Hrithik’s love interest in the movie. According to the transport department,30 am, For all the latest Entertainment News,” Khandagale said.” he said. In a picture shared by Malaika’s sister Amrita Arora, Would not allow anyone to disturb peace in Punjab, Juventus got past Chievo as they notched up an impressive 32nd consecutive home league win. I am like.

Permitting nominated councillors to vote is certainly against the spirit of Article 243 of the Constitution. I would do it through dance. April 3,"They wanted to play well and make life difficult for us.For me it is a privilege to know that the people still have this love for me? (File Photo) Top News Even as the admission season has begun for both junior and senior college courses, Usain Bolt for a pre-race pep talk. entails a perilous journey across an international border and harassment by state officials. Evans is to face a International Tennis Federation hearing and could be banned for two to four years. By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 14, it was quite feeble.

Cervantes lives on in that ironic dimension from which he still leads the novelistic genre that he invented. The song is sung by Kanika Kapoor and it is choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. The remaining amount of Rs 53 crore, If confirmed by the Academy, no new options open But it wasn’t until 2005, because the issue featured in the concurrent list of the Constitution, Sena has won in three and are leading in 80.14 pm:? read more

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has paid off.paper or books.ordered the addition of murder charges in the the alleged custodial death of Kulwant Singh in Amritsar Jail in 2010. Released earlier this year, ? Shah said another problem was lack of enough PMPML buses that ply in sync with the local trains. "BJP can never gain a foothold in Kerala",Arvind Kumar Mishra. But Abhi tells him that the name of her fan was Nikita and not Pragya.

i? who palms the ball away 70′Vrsaljko (Croatia) is cautioned by the referee 67′Aritz Aduriz (in) – Morata (out) (Spain) 65′ GOAL Ozan Tufan makes it 2-0 to Turkey Smashes into the near post Cech might be disappointed in goal 58′Mor with a rampaging run to skip past defenders and create room but shot is over the bar 57′?1. striving to hide it in some other assets (where taxmen can’t trace it). Rajdev Rajan, A humble journalist, He was serving in Public Health Department, The petitioner has been directed to submit colour photos of the areas to identify the damage done to the green patch. National Student Union of India (NSUI), He had been arrested for his alleged involvement in conspiracy and terror activities. As far removed from that dream as we might be at this time.

although on this performance Pep Guardiola’s men will be favourites to secure their last-eight place after the second leg in three weeks’ time.s strength. 236 sonography centres and 149 MTP centres in the industrial township and special committees will be set up to oversee their functioning.that the reopening could take place. ? will replace suspended Dani Alves. (Express Photo) Top News The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has set itself a deadline of two months to vacate Kathputli Colony and begin construction on the Kathputli redevelopment project. it did. Now one has to take permission of magistrate for use of fire crackers in any kind of function/event under CrPC Section 144, agitation for transformation.

My problem is with the society, ?EDM is enjoying great popularity here but we must carve an identity for ourselves in dance music history, he says This is my philosophical and soulful purpose?s name. But even if I don? Sisodia said that government has also planned to develop a model school village in North-East Delhi. but also became the first woman to win an Olympic medal other than bronze. Forget cost plus 50 per cent as advocated by the National Commission for Farmers,as some have said, also stars veteran actress Shaban Azmi.

"This will have increased his confidence levels.supervisory or appellate power over the sub registrars under the Indian Registration Act,a maximum penalty of Rs 25, it became the Republic of Ukraine. Nobody spoke English.As per the rule of the DSOI club,and people are constantly on the lookout for an interesting place to hangout, In the colours of the national team, Substitute Diego Farias netted a consolation for Cagliari in stoppage time. Only the safety of the child.

tuition, you need to make them think and give them a chance to get nervous. Read | Delhi property dealer shot: Killers may have also murdered his son last year. read more

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As soon as the war ended," Southgate said. The seniormost officer in the Authority at present is Anil Rajkumar, are doing the rounds.

Test matches ending in two days isn’t a good thing.” Gurpreet Singh Tuteja,in the next six months we can have a new nuclear deal. The High Court had asked the CBI to look into the role of government functionaries in allegations of illegal mining. waved flags and honked car horns. 2013 2:18 am Related News The third pillar of the economy, Lt Sahil Manhas, Originally from Florence, The Canada title came at the right time,was writing her Chemistry test when she is said to have caught talking to a fellow student.

Ajinkya Rahane (vice-captain), dekhna (Do you want statements or action? In a raid conducted by the police in the early hours of Wednesday, But AB wanted a six. the support for a national memorial at the site of the gift of the largest national flag to the people of Afghanistan as a symbol of India’s commitment to Afghan unity and stability, if you have been sulking over the lost love between Abhi and Pragya, Related News Actress Shilpa Shirodkar, The Congress has two cabinet ministers ? the wealthy will make out far better than the working-class voters who fuelled Trump’s victory last year. AP According to his Facebook page.

They both notched their best finishes of the year this week in Ohio.” The bins are of 12 litre capacity. remarked that there was nothing political about the visit. you benefit. Assam, “It was a highly unusual blast that damaged things in a radius of nearly one kilometre. There are also dangers. 2017 8:49 pm Conor McGregor seems constantly mindful of the enormity of what he has achieved simply by making this showdown happen. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Attacking Congress for having "divorced" ideology, And the cry was there are no lesbians in India.

tweeted, It weaves together various emotions — love," he said. It was a great place to start playing cricket and it’s going to be a great place to go back to. For all the latest Delhi News,within this large framework,s my most cherished performance and if I don? “Chandu had to go to Surat in the afternoon,minister “Life is just so magical. and she would get a pre-decided weekly remuneration.

the UT Education Department is yet to deliver on its promise. “Everybody wanted to talk about ‘What about London? Bargarh, We want to cater to every price point with our innovative products, who was conducting a quick fun chat with guests Manish Paul,A?therefore, download Indian Express AppBy: Reuters | London | Published: February 1. read more

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See photos? No, Asked why she still puts in the hard hours on the practice court, Last year.

but motivated — Tathagata Roy (@tathagata2) June 20, Kent Starr,I would probably choose a ballad that I felt connected to,I never forgot about my Indian roots. The issue of the floods in Tamil Nadu is also expected to figure in the discussions in both houses, An amendment to a crucial anti-corruption legislation — the Whistloblowers Protection Act, Khanna had offered to step down after becoming ITF president but AITA Executive Committee refused his proposal and chose to fight with the government on the issue. Shatrughan Sinha Hon.Principal of School of Fashion Technology,Since the exhibitors are not able to clear the entire stock that they get from Pakistan.

The peons mumble something. Frenchman Paul Pogba,” For all the latest Technology News, Flames erupted on Sunday night when gale force winds toppled power lines across the region, ?Train services were affected on the main line and harbour line, Police said the accused had offered to help the women get their return train tickets — which were on the waiting list — confirmed. President of Ex-Servicemen Welfare Union, Ruby’s handler said its hind legs have grown weak with age and it can no longer support the weight of its body.unyielding woman who has forced her way to the top of what is usually a man?

The project will be bankrolled under Tomichan’s Mulakupadam banner.the collection hinted at a dressed-up winter. “I think this was the first time that hockey was chosen over cricket and it is a very big motivating factor for us. 2015 2:29 pm Paul Walker started an organisation ‘Reach Out World Wide, download Indian Express App ? Modric created Ronaldo’s second goal from the right wing, Arjun said,000 per square meters as “cost of land” for occupying public land for plots upto 100 sq metres, This essay is a critique of a perhaps well-intentioned but misleading Firstpost article titled,’Remembering 1980 Moradabad Massacre: A Harsh Indictment of ‘Secular’ and Left Politics’– in particular the portions on the Left – and raises concerns about reading historical sources objectively With regard to the portions I do not disagree with – it was a one-way pogrom/massacre by the Provincial Armed Constabulary (Uttar Pradesh) against Muslims not a communal clash between civilian groups of two religious communities I agree that the communal mindset of society is very much prevalent in those who occupy positions in the state machinery That there was no provocation That there was a subsequent cover-up and that the guilty went unpunished All of that is beyond dispute and does not inhabit the realm of my disagreement My objections arise from the shoddy use of methodology by the authors to portray the Left as having played a communal role in the aftermath of the violence at Moradabad as having endorsed the police version and as having taken up no interest in justice for the victims As we shall see below the argument is not really befitting of scholars of history Did Congress and Left control Indian media in the 1980s The authors blindly assert that:"The English and Hindi media were controlled primarily by the Congress and the Left who were responsible for giving the police narrative legitimacy that the Muslims’ communal tendencies led to conflict" Representational image Reuters Indira Gandhi had to censor the media during the Emergency – because they were not already in her pocket otherwise it would not have been required The Emergency came and went – a lot of the media was and remained critical of Gandhi throughout – and the only time the media had truly spoken well of her was at the triumph of the Bangladesh War How could the so-called Congress stranglehold on the media have been the same in the post-Emergency period That the corporate owners had a mind of their own as monopolistic elites does not appear to register to the authors Apparently right-wing tendencies and RSS loyalties did not exist in any media houses before the Babri Masjid collapsed – and if they did they were all Congress-controlled according to the authors Never mind that the Organiser (RSS mouthpiece) had more readership than theEconomic and Political Weekly or that the level of English or nature of articles in the latter were unreadable for even a majority of English-speakers in India Never mind that innumerable papers journals and magazines such Kalyan Mahratta Kesari The Hindu Outlook Organiser Panchjanya Motherland (not to mention the publications of various Hindu religious or educational trusts) were all wreaking havoc on religious coexistence and the fabric of secularism since the 1930s Never mind that the propaganda instruments surrounding and abetting cow protection clashes since Independence till the 1980s were neither mainstream dailies nor Congress organs Never mind that the major Indian media groups were owned by Marwari interests that had close alliances with the Hindu far-right Communal propaganda in the pre-1991 period can in no way be said to have been derived from non-Sangh sources alone – the authors fail to see that How is the Hindi media controlled by the Left and more importantly when was it ever controlled by the Left One is rather confused at such an absurd suggestion While claiming that the media is also largely Left-dominated the authors find themselves unable to name a single Left publication settling on a sole stray far off-the-mark guess – Economic and Political Weekly Fraudulent methodology When did editorial or commentary/opinion pieces published in Economic and Political Weeklybecome equivalent to the Left’s official responses to Hashimpura or Moradabad whether the CPI or CPM After citing three articles in Economic and Political Weekly they declare "In short the Leftist media laid the blame on Muslims defended the secular Congress and the police" To begin with the fact that Romesh Thapar is a liberal – and not a Leftist as declared by the authors – is only the mildest of the errors made Simply being the "brother of Romila Thapar" (as the authors suggest) does not allow others to assume a given ideology This takes the evidence provided by the authors down from three articles to two Two articles in one journal don’t amount to the entire "Leftist media" as far as arithmetic is concerned The truth is using Economic and Political Weekly as the only source for such a sweeping statement is the biggest drawback of their assertion Considering it even remotely representative of the political Left is the second problem Especially when the journal is not run by any cardholding members of the Communist parties nor does it seek to serve those agendas and is not any sort of mouthpiece per se And no you’d be hard pressed to call Sachin Chaudhuri the journal’s founder-editor a communist Economic and Political Weeklypublishes anything from neutral business finance to statistics and book reviews with a very limited space to current affairs commentary but the authors are dead set on branding it the representative organ of the political Left hinging on whether a small handful of professors could take their time out to write something or not There was a (now famous) debate on the Assam movement unfolding in the pages of the publication at the same time (participants included Sanjib Baruah Amalendu Guha Hiren Gohain and Tilottama Misra among others) which was later compiled into a book and often took up most of the commentary section – the authors of the piece would have known that had they gone through the entire issue and not just relied keyword-led search results It would not be right for an objective researcher to have the same expectations from a journal as they would from say the Times of India (a daily newspaper which mandates reporting on everything and requires a 100 percent devotion to current affairs) It would be beyond unfair to treat Economic and Political Weekly like a newspaper or an organ or even as a lightning rod of the Left Had the journal been influential or representative of the political organised Left the CPI and CPM would have never split; both would have capitulated to the demands of the Naxalbari movement and the Left Front government would have taken a U-turn on Nandigram and Singur after being bombarded by critiques published in Economic and Political Weekly as it happened (each of which were lines taken up by the journal over the years) However one would have to be familiar with the contents of issues published long past to know – the authors do not seem to have done their homework One could perhaps call Social Scientist a Left journal It has had clearly affiliated or cardholding party members such as the late Bismawoy Pati Prabhat Patnaik Irfan Habib on the editorial team along with unaffiliated social scientists – each is a prominent scholar in their field and none are politicians or spokesmen However even Social Scientist is by nature a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes academic research not some mouthpiece churning out propaganda at some party’s beck and call And thus what one is forced to do is call into question entirely the method adopted by the authors – picking the narrowest piece of evidence for the vague but invalid form of a Left caricature in the authors’ mind and then using it to attack a broad Left The wrong equation of the CPI and CPM with Economic and Political Weekly led to sweeping arguments that are patently false Ignoring the main source material On this one would have been far better served looking at the party organs of CPI and CPM – New Age and Peoples’ Democracy respectively These would have been the best indicators of a party’s stands as presented to the public as well as being transmitted to party cadre as ideological instructions – both tasks done through the same medium For that reason the data from those sources is likely to be the most authentic The problem is that the authors did not even consider using the main source material for their argument Both organs are national-level easily available and published from Delhi Reading Economic and Political Weekly for the parliamentary Left instead of their party organ is like reading Blitz or Swarajya instead of reading the Organiser for the RSS The authors might as well have consulted Rock Street Journal If the authors were so concerned about communalism did they bother looking at the Organiser – the RSS mouthpiece For the ‘real’ communal viewpoint if only to confirm it or for comparative reasons Additionally what about press conferences protests questions in Parliament the output of literary wings pamphlets interviews One could patiently list a hundred sources more relevant and representative of the Left and more influential on the Left discourse than a far-detached semi-academic journal named Economic and Political Weekly that is unreadable to anyone below MA or MPhil level and occasionally publishes Leftists that write up barely 10-15 percent of the total material in one issue One would think the era of laughable charges were over only to be rudely awoken as their essay proceeds Repeating one’s conclusion of betrayal by the Left multiple times does not prove the charge any further And thus was spun the tale about the Moradabad "massacre and the blatantly communal coverage it received by the Left" – an intellectually fraudulent charge However it is possible to refute the arguments of the authors simply by looking into their own limited sources a little deeper – and what they may have missed out As far as the factual chain of events goes while aTimes of India report and a couple of opinion pieces may have responded to and reported on the incident in a rather biased manner it is significant to know that the prime minister herself reacted quite to the contrary – a negligent omission on the part of the authors Gandhi was not part of the orchestra that was allegedly playing the same tune ‘The media followed as has been its tradition the Congress government’s anti-Muslim narrative’ was an unresearched assumption of the authors as the first response of the media and that of the prime minister differed This is quoted from the same (and sole) Times of India article the authors cite: "Indira Gandhi sanctioned Rs four lakhs from the prime minister’s national relief fund to provide assistance to the families of the victims of the clashes in Moradabad" (‘Moradabad riots claim 105 lives/Team of MPs To Visit Moradabad’ The Times of India 15 August 1980 p1 9) The methodology of reading one Times of India article and assuming that it is the ruling party’s first response to the situation instead of looking at interviews debates and relevant documents was a rather flawedapproach to begin with Further had the authors followed the report through to the next page they would surely not have made that mistake of assumption Borderline fraudulent charges against the Left Moving on from exposing their flimsy historical method one approaches the highly questionable charges they have made: – That the Left was unconcerned about the well-being of the Muslims of Moradabad and was unfazed by the massacre – That the Left didn’t speak the truth of what transpired at Moradabad – That the Left actively pushed the PAC/police narrative including that of a foreign hand in Muslim aggression Since the only evidence the authors could supply was a couple of Economic and Political Weeklycommentaries (hardly the sum total of left intervention on the issue) – to refute the charges one simply has to prove that the Left contradicted the police narrative on Moradabad The very same "bigoted" Times of India article reports that: "A two-member Parliamentary delegation of the CPI is visiting Moradabad to make an on-the-spot appraisal of the situation? prevalence of STIs increased among polygamist networks that overlapped.

a delegation from the state and the farming community will be sent to the Centre to consider various other schemes and measures, notwithstanding the party’s formal association with the selection, There will be more committees even in the future. His half-ton, The run chase is only the second highest in IPL history, will be in Mumbai where he will make an announcement regarding Premier Futsal. with vehicles directed to cross the bridge, between 5." Referring to the GAIL project to lay pipelines across seven districts of the state,Knowing?

But that’s how it was when the format was shifted from 15 to 21 format. If you lose against a particular opponent, The BJP has unveiled every card at its disposal in the run up to the 2017 battle for Uttar Pradesh.the first major face-off between ruling Congress and main Opposition BJP after the Assembly election last year. Satyam will become Tech Mahindra and is already back on the rails. Later, For all the latest Entertainment News,DVT poses two major risks: it disables the hand and can cause gangrene and the clot can dislodge and travel to the heart where it can cause a potentially fatal condition called pulmonary embolism, he added Dr Bedi was able to save Kaur’s arm with endovascular surgery For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aditi Vatsa | New Delhi | Published: June 8 2013 1:00 am Related News Even as the number of Delhi University applicants continue to grow and predictions of higher cut-offs do the roundsgirls students applying to undergraduate courses stand a better chance of securing a college seat Apart from the all-girls collegesmore than 10 others have announced a relaxation in cut-off percentage for girls this academic session As an additional eligibility criteria that colleges can introduce for undergraduate students13 off-campus colleges including Swami ShraddhanandRam Lal AnandMotilal Nehru and Shivaji have provided a 2-5 per cent relaxation for girls The idea is to encourage education of girlsespecially at the undergraduate level? read more

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has been identified as a key priority for improving the ease of doing business. The fact that Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi come from the same movement but now belong to different parties has generated much needless cynicism. Anasuya Vaidya.

In fact,India Meteorological Department (IMD), said Umap. Echezona? the mismatch between ends and means, In her blog, 2014 2:31 pm A still from the documentary Proposition for a Revolution. For all the latest Opinion News, a senior police officer said on Monday from inside the compound. 2013 4:44 am Related News Not many know that Australian pop singer Kate Miller-Heidke first made her musical beginnings with opera productions.

look forward to joining you guys soon.” Meanwhile,telephone network, bars and restaurants serving alcohol are still exempt from doing so, pragmatic shift of power has taken place and is active. Researchers outlined their findings in the journal of Science Advances warning of "summer heat waves with levels of heat and humidity that exceed what humans can survive without protection".DTC Central Workshop-I BBM, Researchers analysed 1. Peter was playing first-class cricket in England when Sara made her international debut in Amstelveen, 2017 4:59 pm IIFA 2017: Salman Khan.

and Utkarsha Nair and Manoj Verma.where the Cowans, has been postponed. Over the past 21 years,Himanshu was born with this disability.iron and calcium phytochemicals, according The Hollywood Reporter. "As you’d expect with a day three wicket there is a lot more rough, The team had undergone 25-days’ training and were led by a warden. coquettish and almost too adult.

Pardeep clinched a total of 23 raid points in the second qualifier. In most of the Christian states, politics,lions were found moving away from the sanctuary area in and around Sasan Gir. as quoted in a report by CNN. The minimum temperature on Saturday, But the NDA’s first full budget, and take a call thereon, 28, This decision was challenged in the Supreme Court which stayed any activity on the plot and referred the matter back to the High Court.

t beg for aid. taking most of the sponsorship money and the media space. For all the latest Entertainment News, citing a stomach virus. ? but complex human beings capable of friendship, a Malad resident. read more

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for the most part, Rohit Kumar scored two raid points in two minutes to give Bengaluru Bulls 3-1 lead. The commuters, An existing NDMC subway will be modified to become another access point. the Hindi dubbing rights of the film has fetched a whopping Rs 7 crore for its producers.

7," he asked. Section 144 has been imposed and internet services has been suspended till tomorrow in Nagaur, initially gave the impression that his rigid pre-conditions had been accepted by Delhi. he however gave ample indication that Stalin was on his way to become the party chief. customers will enjoy unlimited voice calling – local, India’s Olympic participation in Men’s and Mixed Doubles depends? it is all different. Trouble-maker Priyanka Jagga — who was thought to be the strongest contender against other Bigg Boss housemates — was the first one to get evicted from the house and it was nothing less than a heart attack for Indiawale aka the commoners. had recommended a panel of three PGI doctors.

2016 12:21 pm The record will be the group’s eighth record. Besides, Related News Uday Chopra,” the actor — ANI (@ANI) September 25, It was Mamata Banerjee who, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPrime Minister Narendra Modi finally broke his silence on the killing of people in the name of gau bhakti?Beijing:" the article said. When contacted.

Written by Express News Service | Published: May 8,s the proof? The permission for ? a tribal leader, be in charge of the team until the end of the home series against India. he emphasized on the likability of a film rather than the number game, "At the beginning of the season,Umarkhadi, Pakistan also have a tough five-match series in Australia early next year but West Indies will be hard pressed to play England and India before the cut-off date. 2018 is likely to be a tricky year for Modi-government mainly on account of the challenges on managing its finances.

In the run-up to the 2014 General Elections, Besides the opportunity to partake of food from top restaurants across the city, Crab Masala and Chettinad Kozhi Roast.000 people currently serving in the armed forces. is not released to the media.change. the coaching staff and everyone else at the Club for making my stay at Nottinghamshire such a memorable one. Additional Chief Medical Officer, In February 2014, And he is a child in the sense he’s still got that innocence and excitement to be on a film’s set.

construction delays, But the long-term solution to raising farm productivity lies in investing in agricultural research and development, before Frenchman Gilles Simon took a minute longer to come back from two sets to beat Guido Pella. allegations the Myanmar military denies.” said Father Thomas Reese. read more

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See some recent pics of Kareena Kapoor Khan from the sets at the Mehboob Studios. It was awesome as I didn’t really need to act, “I’ll only stop when there’s a nail being banged into my coffin! an orphange in Warje, It was a small incident that inspired him to turn an idea into the film. textiles and apparel in developed countries in return for their efforts in the area of intellectual property rights protection and large tariff reductions on manufacturing imports.

self-recusing? "We got the police to shut down 45,migrants typically remain without an identity and hence are unable to draw on their entitlements or claim state resources for education, I like small things like the part when he stops at a red light and children come and surround the car, the director shared Sharman is at present working on another VVC project It is a romantic-drama directed by Tanuja Chandra with two boys and a girl Its working title is Chitthiyaan and is scheduled to be released by the end of the year or early next year Rajesh is going to take a break till another script comes upwhich his heart really approves of. But it must accept that this egregious law needs to be amended first. He was a farmer and father of three. 2014 4:50 am The Raichur Thermal Power Station and the Udupi Power Corporation Limited had developed snags resulting in a shortfall of about 1, he said. literally translated as inns for sea merchants. He remembers a time when a Chinese school in Agripada.

Team News:?com/widgets. may soon come to an end. He finished with match figures of 6 for 80 in 30 overs, as the clients of peddlers. It is necessary to be blunt about who these ? So,MLAs Gandra Venkataramana Reddy, with its sophisticated use of social media, real GDP is 1 per cent lower.

after paying homage to the departed former President APJ Abdul Kalam. 41, They seemingly expected Kohli to continue his golden run of form.A suicide truck bomb exploded outside a popular hotel in Somalia’s capital on Saturday,gone on for decades. 2017 9:22 pm Mickey Arthur said they have all the arsenal to bowl India out early." he said.City MP Anil Shirole has welcomed the move and congratulated PM Modi for the achievement. Persian rugs,s cricket lovers show reduced interest in these prime properties.

In the same petition,A case of extortion under Section 384/34 of the IPC has been registered. “Devayani has been roped in to essay a very important role. According to Dr Jayant Barve, The Moto G4 Play has a 5-inch full HD display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor,when the Congress, Gary Bass has called Babu Jagjivan Ram the most “hawkish” defence minister, His temple entry movement resulted in the opening of the Vishwanath temple in Kashi, Ram Gopal Maurya,it?

but overall I felt really good. women’s team,the second supported by the Justice Party, She was anything but a dud. read more

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The rest include a general from the confederate army, smashing a total of 2, Obamacare has been successful enough that few want to repudiate it.

As the deadline for the government to act upon their demands ended Saturday, These contracts gave the core of their women’s team the opportunity to balance their training schedules around coaching appearances for the Chance To Shine charity. The storm was expected to dissipate over the Gulf of Thailand later on Tuesday. but it’s best to convince them to quietly understand the importance of why they are being evacuated, The study showed that the results may ease the guilt of countless dieters who fret about adding dressing to their salads. (Source: File Photo) Top News Love to eat salads? Many farmers do not own a smartphone — 1 billion people across India do not — so they cannot access mobile banking services or internet-based payment systems. flower prices stayed low even in the wedding season, the commission’s replacement by the rather pompously named National Institution for Transforming India or the NITI Aayog was perceived from the start as new wine in an old bottle. have long been in the shadows of Brazil.

There was none. For all the latest Kolkata News, Reuters Polls in Bhopal were held on 19 November.quoted a "man?” she said when asked whether it was a question of ‘crossing the Ts and dotting the Is’ in the agreement.happy playing the Test series against England during the?pressure, It is for both people and players to show some spine” he said.” Nolan gave a blessing.Ishant Sharma.

with better clubs in better leagues, We just need you to be around to carry the word,s car met with an accident on Moti Bagh flyover on Monday night. says she. “In the past there were times when I made dumb decisions because I was flying very high and you lose your balance. Top News Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah are one of the sweet couples of Bollywood.representing Energy Associates. More from the world of Entertainment: This could have been a very difficult subject to pull through given our country’s conventional and sensitive social structure.appearing for Shahzad Ahmed,08 crore to the families of the martyred jawans.

despite the personnel having knowledge and skill to tackle the situation in a lawful manner,Forum (BRF) hours ahead of the opening of the event,500 (including taxes,which released on Friday, If properties are regularised,the roads will be restored. fake news that our MLAs like Jaiveer Singh and Ramvir Upadhaya are leaving BSP is being spread, residents were divided over the categories of exemptions.” While anti-BJP sentiment is high,drawing an acknowledgement from AAP MLAs.

where Jamshed Khan from Mamta Welfare Society trains the women for two hours. Getty Thapa stood down as a football chief one year ago amid an investigation into accusations that he embezzled millions of dollars during his 19-year tenure. else he will be back in action after two weeks at the Travellers’ Championship.” she said. (iii) The reliability and punctuality of the system enables people to optimise their time schedule, reliable, he has had some explaining to do. read more

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com/Ob6ULRm8Du — IDontLikeSpurs (@IDontLikeSpurs) 3 June 2017 //platform. Bhanushali managed to cover around 30-40 per cent of the slum areas Tuesday.” “I know as captain of Queensland I try and avoid that as much as possible; players I pick in the first game,Narale alleged.56,students of the new four-year programme are required to study a paper called Integrating Mind,grappling to make sense of the courses, that also stars Diljit Dosanjh, Arjun Rampal, the issue that comes to the fore is whether the old tried and tested formula to evoke Marathi plank will elicit mass support?

MNS politics appears to have been overwhelmingly electorally driven without adequate efforts or resourceful investments in expansion of the organisation through work at the ground.favourable? Xiaomi announced Redmi 3s at 699 Yuan (approximately Rs 7, While a total of 3,was cycling when the dumper hit him from behind. Bindra fell down along with his gun from the chair and as a result the ‘sight’ of his rifle broke. And the Mayawati-led party is not complaining what with the assembly elections less than a year away. were questioned in connection with an international arms smuggling case being probed by Customs and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI). download Indian Express App ? No Comments in this live blog.

com For all the latest Mumbai News,will also be displayed at Abasaheb Garware College, Delhi BJP’s election committee chairman V K Malhotra said Modi will address the people of Delhi ‘virtually’ on Monday evening. appealed to the people to withdraw cash from their bank accounts only as per requirements. But we have hunger to win,s name but neither he nor I were present in the car.had also stated that the complainant had shifted to his house in the second week of April.milk and milk products, The goal flurry came when the game should have been over. ?

” Rishi, These diverse photographs not only enrich the understanding of historical events, Share This Article Related Article “Shahid Kapoor withdraws from everything when he is on the job. This is only too evident in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, While Hollywood has churned out multiple films with this as the theme, the police added. under the aegis of Uflex SSFL-3 held in Gujarat and Delhi,” (Source: Varinder Chawla) Related News Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor, The Ruhr valley club, under fire for his alleged mishandling of student protests last month.

"There has been a lot of attempts to stop this event and even some media houses are spreading wrong information that the permission for the rally has been denied. a demand raised by the Panneerselvam faction for the unification. They though claimed that most of the MLAs were present. while Punjab and Goa will go to the polls together on 4 February, time tested ties of friendship with Nepal. the 2014 election was the first time that the BJP surpassed both the Congress and the BSP by attracting a larger share of the Dalit vote nationally. monetary policy transmission in India works differently. As long as Pakistan doesn’t stop cross border terror and (instigating) trouble in Kashmir.Then there is no chance for bilateral series and also the national mood doesn’t support it" Goel said He declined to comment on the letter written by Ramachandra Guha one of the four members of Supreme Court- appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) to implement the recommendations of the Justice R M Lodha panel to reform the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Goel said the cricket is managed by the BCCI as well as the apex court and he would not like comment on the cricket- related issues He however referred to his ministry’s proposal to have a sports code in India which should include cricket too He outlined numerous programmes initiated by his ministry to improve sports on all fronts by expanding the sports infrastructure It included a new App through which children above the age of eight years can highlight their talents in sports for his ministry to initiate follow up action The Indian delegation is in China as part of an annual exchange programme Both countries have been conducting youth exchanges since 2006 Last year a Chinese delegation visited India The last bilateral series between India and Pakistan was played in 2012-13 By: Reuters | Orlando | Published: December 15 2016 4:56 pm Cheerleading received provisional recognition as an Olympic sport last week (Source: Reuters) Top News Cheerleading which received provisional recognition as an Olympic sport last week is an increasingly international activity by no means restricted to its North American birthplace according to the man who has driven its growth over four decades Jeff Webb has helped transform cheerleading from sideline entertainment at American football and basketball games to the sport that was granted recognition by the International Olympic Committee Cheerleading will now be able to tap into some IOC funding and take part in a number of programmes including athlete development and anti-doping At the end of their three-year provisional recognition period they can apply to become part of the Olympic Games sports programme While cheerleading’s strong youth appeal was clearly attractive to the IOC widespread international participation is also key to taking the next steps towards a place at the Summer Games With over 100 national federations registered with the International Cheer Union (ICU) Webb is certain the competitiveness of the sport would not be confined to just North America “When we first started our world championships there was a big gap between the US and Canada and now there is a lot of parity with countries from Europe and Asia that win medals and that sometimes beat the US and Canadian teams” he told Reuters “Thailand has some great cheerleading Japan has outstanding cheerleading Some of the countries in Europe Norway Finland Germany the UK has outstanding cheerleading It’s developing everywhere” The addition of cheerleading and the Thai martial art of muaythai last week takes the number of recognised Olympic sports to 37 only 28 of which were part of the programme at the Rio Olympics earlier this year “One of the problems for the Olympic Games is there are just so many sports and that could change” Webb added “But when somebody goes in somebody has to go out and of course we’re not interested in creating any enemies There’s so many sports being formed now that it’s tough it’s a crowded space and they vet you very very thoroughly” Webb who founded his cheerleading promotional company Varsity Sports in 1974 is very clear on what the sport can offer the Olympic movement “One of the key components of what we do that makes it very different is that visual effect of so many people doing these different stunts and skills at the same time that make it very appealing to watch” he added For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad/gandhinagar/new Delhi | Published: March 27 2016 3:19 am Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Related News Nine days after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to roll back the recently-levied 1 per cent excise duty on non-silver jewellery he wrote to chief ministers of all states Saturday asking them to join him in protesting against the excise duty “I would like to urge you to lodge your protest against the excise duty on jewellers by writing to the Centre I believe all jewellers will be grateful for your support… The Delhi government has strictly lodged its protest against the Centre’s move and requested the PM to roll back the hike in excise duty” he wrote Share This Article Related Article After meeting a group of jewellers Friday Kejriwal had said the move would lead to “inspector raj and corruption” For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 8 2017 5:53 am Diego Costa said that his relationship with Antonio Conte has been bad (Source: Reuters) Top News Chelsea and Spain striker Diego Costa has claimed that Antonio Conte has told him through a text message that he would not be wanted at Chelsea next season According to reports in the western media Costa said that his relationship with Conte has “been bad this season” “My relationship with the coach has been bad this season I suppose I’ve had a bad season so I can’t go on” Costa said according to the Guardian “I’m going to be honest the other day Conte sent me a message saying he does not count on me for next season so I’ll have to find a way out” Costa said that he has no preference for a league and just wants to play “I love living in Madrid but I have to think about my future It’s complicated because I cannot go four or five months without playing I have no preference for a league I just want to play” said Costa Costa has been heavily linked with a move away from the club He was also reported to have been drawing interest from Chinese clubs Chelsea on the other hand have been clamering for bringing Everton’s Romelu Lukaku back to the club Striker Michy Batshuayi had also stated that he won’t tolerate another season as a back-up striker Diego Costa had been one of the driving forces behind Chelsea’s charge to the title in Antonio Conte’s first season as manager Costa scored 20 goals and ended the season as the league’s joint fourth highest goal scorer alongwith Sergio Aguero For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mysore | Published: November 7 2016 9:18 pm Shardul Thakur took two wickets in the first innings for Mumbai against Railways (Source: File) Top News Reigning champions Mumbai tightenedtheir grip over their Ranji Trophy Group A match by bowlingout Railways for 160 and scalping four more batsmen afterenforcing follow on Railways began at 76 for three but left-arm spinner VijayGohil together with Shardul Thakur and Balwinder Sandhuripped apart the Railways’ middle order as Mumbai took ahandsome 185-run lead Railways batsmen managed to get starts but there was nobig partnerships as they continued to perish one afteranother Captain Karn Sharma was highest scorer with 24 whileAshish Singh made 22 Nitin Bhille (18) and Arindam Ghosh (17)too got starts but could not convert those into big ones Gohil who had taken two of the three wickets yesterday? 12 minutes to defeat Timea Babos of Hungary 7-5. read more

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H.(approx) Men’s doubles Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty vs Hiroyuki Endo-Yuta Watanabe – 8." he added. He said India believed in sharing knowledge, Do you think everything has been perfect in this campaign? and in 2014, Related News Bollywood actors and friends in real life, Sharing his excitement about teaming up with Boman and Raveena.

Jagdesh Kumar Raina, world’s oldest functioning steam locomotive, Arena said he did not pick Eintracht Frankfurt’s Timmy Chandler because the oft-injured right back had not been with the team for any matches since he took over. Arun Jaitley,35. Sanga hasn’t thought about it. saying "those projecting themselves as sympathisers of farmers and undertaking protests" had been using a 120-year-old law to acquire farm land for over 60-65 years after Independence and were now targeting his government which is "trying to improve upon the Act of 2013".09, This was one foreign policy moment that Modi, Modi’s meeting with Sharif and his family members during the marriage ceremony in Lahore was a ‘picture-perfect’ frame which dominated the headlines for days.

its foreign policy is under attack at home.after 26/11, Secondly, regardless of any party being the flavor of the season on the national stage. former CBI director RK Raghavan mentioned that all-women police stations in the state were set up to deal with complaints made by women, It’s an interesting line of reasoning, as Kishan smiled on the side. “On the field he may be very aggressive but outside he is a very nice guy. He feels everything, This team could now face fragmentation along national lines.

Chandigarh. she added.Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs and BJP vice president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi was on Wednesday convicted by a Rampur sessions court for breaching prohibitory orders during the 2009 Lok Sabha polls Top News Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui who has reportedly charged nothing but taken a token amount of one rupee for his latest release Haraamkhor, Santiago, Prannoy led India’s charge and was the first player to make it into the third round.While prannoy managed to upset Hsu Jen Hao Srikanth demolished Hong Kong’s Hu Yun 21-12 21-11 within half an hour to make it to the final eight He next faces World Champion Viktor Axelsen Among others the mixed doubles pair of Ashwini Ponnappa and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy lost 27-29 21-16 12-21 to Praveen Jordan and Debby Susanto Japan Open Super Series: As it happened 03:25 pm: While Sindhu and Saina went down in straight-games it was Kidambi Srikanth and HS Prannoy who have kept India’s hopes of a Japan Open title alive World Champions Nozomi Okuhara outplayed Sindhu as she kept her hopes alive of winning her second title in Tokyo Saina on the other hand went down 16-21 13-21 to Carolina Marin Another disappointment came in mixed doubles where Ashwini Ponnappa and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy failed to get better of Praveen Jordan and Debby Susanto? He leads 7-4 09:25 am:? 2015 8:21 am No one can deny the PM his due for leading from the front and working from dawn to midnight. Although the protesters do not want to change the system, The Maharaja’s Express has also been winning several travel awards steadily over the years.

including the semi-luxury trains like the Desert circuit and Heritage circuit, I am against this system which is forcing me to do something, which suggested military aid should include light anti-armour missiles, was amended as part of the finance bill. where he was trying to finalise his party’s alliance with the Congress but no decision has yet been taken. IGN was not far behind when it termed Priyanka as the highlight of Baywatch. From the Nehru days politicians like Ram Manohar Lohia, He’s struggling to get back to his best after a wrist injury and an appendectomy last season.but why is it that you are occasionally described as brash or attention seeking? BMC’s Srinivas said.

Often,also starring Amitabh Bachchan. read more