SOCAN and SODRAC Seeking Integrated Management of Music Rights in Canada

first_imgAdvertisement Login/Register With: Advertisement Facebook MONTRÉAL and TORONTO, April 5, 2017 – SOCAN and SODRAC today announced that the two organizations are actively discussing the possibility of combining operations with the aim of creating an integrated approach to the management of both performing rights and reproduction rights of songwriters, composers and music publishers.This initiative by SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors & Music Publishers of Canada) and SODRAC (Society for Reproduction Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers in Canada) is a proactive response to the transformation of the markets and modes of consumption of music.The integration of the management of public performance rights and reproduction rights could have many advantages and would reduce operating costs for rights holder members of each organization, and promises to increase efficiencies, leverage licensing relationships, and reduce operating costs, resulting in even more money to go to those who have earned royalties for their music and streamlined licensing for businesses using music. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment For the time being, the talks are productive and suggest that, subject to the approval of both boards, an agreement could be reached in the near future.About SOCANSOCAN connects more than four-million music creators worldwide and more than a quarter-million businesses and individuals in Canada. Nearly 150,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers are its direct members, and more than 130,000 organizations are Licensed To Play music across Canada. With a concerted use of progressive technology and a commitment to lead the global transformation of music rights, with wholly-owned companies Audiam and MediaNet, SOCAN is dedicated to upholding the fundamental truths that music has value and music creators and publishers deserve fair compensation for their work. For more information: www.socan.caAbout SODRACSODRAC is a collective management society with more than 9,000 Canadian authors, composers and publishers of musical works as members, and is the exclusive representative in Canada of the music repertoire of more than 100 countries or territories. SODRAC also represents in Canada the rights of more than 600 members in visual arts and crafts and nearly 40,000 artists from around the world. SODRAC facilitates access to and use of its repertoire on all platforms in order to fairly reward the work of its members, authors, composers and music publishers. Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

American Express buys restaurant reservation service Resy

NEW YORK — American Express is buying the online reservation startup Resy, the companies announced Wednesday, the latest move by AmEx to establish and maintain a foothold for its card members in some of the world’s most desired restaurants.AmEx and Resy, founded in 2014, declined to disclose the terms of the deal. However, in early 2017 Resy announced it raised $13 million from a group of investors that included Airbnb, valuing the company at around $70 million.New York-based Resy is an online reservation management service. It allows diners to make reservations and also serves as a platform for restaurants to manage their upcoming reservations. While OpenTable has a bigger market share, Resy often works with more exclusive restaurants that are harder to get into or serve higher-spending clientele.AmEx’s purchase comes as the credit card industry has shifted its marketing tactics in the last several years. Credit card companies want to be thought of as avenues to “experiences,” as the industry likes to say, such as travel and dining, concerts and Broadway shows. Instead of redeeming credit card points for a blender, AmEx and Chase say they want you to get a ticket to Paris. Hopefully the customer will then use that same credit card to reserve a Parisian hotel and dine. If you do want a blender, they do offerthemthough .While AmEx has long had an established presence in the travel industry — partnering with airlines like Delta, and hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott — its presence in dining is more in the background. It offers its Global Dining Collection to card members, where customers can get reservations at hard-to-get restaurants. AmEx says the top request on its concierge customer service line is for restaurant reservations.AmEx is eager to hold onto its card members in a market where it now competes directly with Chase’s Sapphire Reserve and Citi’s Prestige Cards. One way is to bolster its access to the restaurants where its card members want to dine.This is AmEx’s third acquisition of dining industry platforms in less than two years. In 2017 it bought Cake Technologies, a United Kingdom-based restaurant platform. In January, AmEx bought Pocket Concierge, which helps customers get reservations at exclusive restaurants in Japan.Ken Sweet, The Associated Press read more

CCTV shows rapist stalking his victim who he raped in attack amounting

first_img-Derry-MCCann Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Derry McCann The victim thought she would be murdered throughout the nightmare, but McCann ran off after making her stand still in the bushes.He was arrested after the victim described details of the attack to police which closely resembled his 2006 attack for which he received nine years too.The victim identified him in an ID parade six days later.CCTV showed McCann lurking in a park that night and he nearly assaulted another women earlier, who exited the park just as he was about to grab her.Judge Martyn Zeidman QC sentenced him to three concurrent life sentences for three counts of rape.He said: “Friday 13 January 2017 is a date that your victim will never forget.”Raping this victim in this way and doing it in a manner that amounted to torture, playing games, asking her what she thought you were going to do next and taunting her for almost two hours.”Adding to the psychological harm, you setup to degrade and humiliate her in ways that are so cruel and gross that I will not identify them further.”I’m worried that you might relish a recital of it.”Amazingly, just hours later you married your pregnant girlfriend.”I’m just wondering what sentence you would impose if someone had done this to your wife or a female friend of yours.”The wrongdoing in this case is made even worse by the serious violence you have carried out before.”There’s no doubt that this case requires a life sentence and any sentence needs to give sufficient protection to the public. A convicted sex attacker who raped a woman hours before marrying his pregnant fiance was given three life sentences on Friday.Derry McCann, 28, carried out the savage two-hour assault in the early hours of the morning before tying the knot.Judge Martyn Zeidman branded McCann a “monster” and described the rape as “amounting to torture” before jailing him for at least nine years.center_img “Parole will not consider your release until you have served nine years.”After nine years you will not be released, but the second stage of your sentence begins, and you may be in there forever if necessary.”I wish to pay tribute to the bravery and immense courage of the victim and its as a result of her immense courage that this dangerous criminal has been put away.”According to McCann’s defence barrister he has attempted suicide since being locked up in Belmarsh prison.Edmund Vickers QC, defending said: “He fully accepts the depravity of his offence.”He is devastated not about his current predicament but about the offence and the effect on the victim”.McCann was sentenced for nine years in 2006 for attacking a young lawyer, and a judge had said there was a “very substantial risk” he would strike again.But he was released on licence in December 2015 and was drinking with friends on the eve of his wedding.Kate Bex, earlier described the run up to the attack: “It was about midnight or just a little after and the victim was walking a short distance home having been out at an art gallery and socialising with friends.”She avoided walking through the middle of the park as that was too dangerous.”Unfortunately when near the exit to the park the defendant grabbed her arm and pulled her off the path to one side and began a sustained and systematic attack, penetration of every orifice accompanied by unusual conversation with the victim best described as mind games as an attempt to control her.” Describing the sex attacker’s previous conviction, the prosecutor added: “The oldest conviction may be of some relevance to the offence as the circumstances are very similar.”McCann was 17 and on a tag for burglary when he preyed on the 30-year-old trainee lawyer as she made her way home through another east London park in May 2006.After snatching the woman’s handbag he chillingly told an accomplice: “I’m gonna have some fun with this one.”He then dragged her down to the secluded banks of a pond in a park to inflict a string of disturbing sexual assaults. McCann attacked the 24-year-old woman in a park in east London, on January 13 this year after he was released from prison early for a similar attack.He married his fiance later that day and posted pictures of himself with his new wife on his public Facebook page.Just hours before, he had subjected his victim to a two hour ordeal, in which he toyed with his victim before raping her.Kate Bex, prosecuting, said: “McCann said he was just f****ing with her, demeaning her was clearly the theme of his interrogation.”When raping her he made her describe what was going on.”When she said they were having sex, he said ‘that’s not true, what’s happening?'”She responded ‘it’s rape, you’re raping me’.”He appeared to like her saying that.”She described him as clearly wanting to feel superior.”She described how she went to another place and in her head counting to 100 over and over again.”He said ‘what are they going to think of you now? Your boyfriend will never want to be with you now’.”This was a long drawn out psychological game.”last_img read more

Seabirds found with more than 250 pieces of plastic lodged in their

It was also thought to be responsible for The Queen’s decision to ban plastic bottles and straws from the Royal estates.In this latest BBC film, wildlife biologist, Liz Bonnin travels around the world to highlight the growing crisis facing the marine environment.She visits a group of scientists who have spent the last 12 years examining the world’s largest colony of flesh footed shearwaters in the Tasman Sea.Around 40,000 birds migrate to Lord Howe island each year to lay their eggs in burrows deep inside the rainforest.Researchers believe the birds consume more plastic than any other marine animal, the equivalent of a human eating around 10 kilograms. Shearwater birds often have dozens of pieces of plastic in their stomach Shearwater birds consume more plastic than any other marine creature By studying the impact this has on the birds, scientists hope they will learn more about how plastic could be harming all sea life.In the documentary the team can be seen pumping the stomachs of shearwater chicks and recovering a whole array of large and sharp plastic objects.But as well as the physical damage the objects cause to the birds, scientists claim they have now found evidence that suggests the chemicals in the plastic are interfering with the birds’ hormones. Shearwater birds consume more plastic than any other marine creature Plastics have been found in the systems of walruses Scientists examining the devastating impact plastics are having on the world’s oceans have identified seabirds with more than 250 man made objects lodged in their stomachs.From bottle tops to pen lids, the flesh footed shearwaters are thought to consume more plastic than any other marine animal.Often mistaking plastic objects floating in the sea for food, the adult birds pick them up and then feed them to their young, with disastrous consequences.Researchers working on Lord Howe island, off the coast of Australia, where the flesh footed shearwaters nest, claim that on average every chick has between 30 and 40 pieces of jagged plastic in their stomachs before they are fully fledged.–– ADVERTISEMENT –– But in one case scientists found a young bird with 260 separate items of plastic stuck in its gut.Even if the seabirds survive to leave the nest, the weight of the plastic resting in their stomach, means they are often too heavy to take off and many drown in the surf around the island.The shocking impact that pollution is having on the sheerwater population is revealed in a BBC documentary, Drowning in Plastic, which is being broadcast a year on from the landmark Blue Planet II series.Presented by Sir David Attenborough, Blue Planet II, was credited with raising international awareness of the threat posed by plastic pollution. Drowning in plastic will be broadcast on Monday October 1 Dr Jennifer Lavers, who leads the project, said the situation has worsened even in the last decade.She said: “The numbers have fluctuated, but definitely more and more of the birds have plastic in them and we are finding and increasing number of birds that are more heavily affected.”Quite a number of years ago the average numbers of pieces of plastic per bird may have been closer to five pieces per bird but now it is more likely to be closer to 30 or 40 pieces per bird, so things are shifting.” Over 200 marine species have been found to ingest plastic and work is being carried out to establish why.One theory, revealed in the documentary, is that algae growing on the surface of the plastic gives off a smell that attracts fish and other sea creatures.Tiny bits of plastic suspended in the water are thought to be mistaken for fish eggs, while plastic bags are often eaten in the belief that they are jellyfish. Plastic is thought to be getting into the food chain through marine life Plastic is thought to be getting into the food chain through marine life Plastics have been found in the systems of walruses Tom McDonald, Head of Commissioning, Natural History & Specialist Factual added: “Blue Planet II had an extraordinary impact in raising awareness of the threat of plastics to our oceans.”This powerful and emotional 90 minute special signals our continued commitment to exploring the challenges facing the natural world and bringing our audience the very latest research from the field on this incredibly important subject.”::  Drowning in Plastic is on BBC One on Monday 1st October at 8.30pm Drowning in plastic will be broadcast on Monday October 1 The film also looks at the impact of microplastics on the Arctic, examining how its presence in the food chain can be found all the way from plankton up to walruses.Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content said: “BBC One continues its mission to uncover the devastating impact plastics are having on our oceans in this special film that looks at one of the most significant and important environmental crises of our time.” Shearwater birds often have dozens of pieces of plastic in their stomach Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? 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Google soffre une adresse en gco

first_imgGoogle s’offre une adresse en g.coLe moteur de recherche américain a acheté un nom de domaine en afin de pouvoir raccourcir ses adresses web.Soucieux de raccourcir les adresses web de tous ses produits, Google a acheté le nom de domaine en “Nous n’utiliserons que pour vous envoyer vers des pages internet qui appartiennent à Google, et nous sommes les seuls à pouvoir créer des raccourcis en”, a ainsi expliqué le vice-président du marketing de Google, Gary Briggs, sur le blog du groupe, dans des propos relayés par L’Expansion. “Cela signifie qu’on peut aller sur un lien raccourci en en étant sûr de toujours atterrir sur une page d’un produit ou d’un service de Google”. À lire aussiUne incroyable intelligence artificielle donne vie à la Joconde de Léonard de Vinci (Vidéo)Une nouvelle dénomination qui aurait, selon le site TechCrunch, coûté plus de 1,5 millions de dollars. Si Google n’a pas officiellement communiqué ce qu’il a déboursé pour cette adresse, on sait qu’elle a été achetée à la société .co Internet SAS, qui gère les noms de domaine dotés du suffixe .co, basée en Colombie. Comme l’explique l’Expansion : un tel nom de domaine raccourci est notamment prisé des sites internet ayant vocation à être mentionnés sur Twitter, où les messages doivent compter un maximum de 140 caractères. Jusqu’ici, Google disposait déjà d’une autre adresse raccourcie : Le 20 juillet 2011 à 09:02 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Geek deals Save big on Xbox Live Gold

first_imgToday, is selling a 12 month membership to Xbox Live Gold at a 23% discount. Enjoy online multiplayer, group chat, free games, and substantial discounts on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 for only $45.99. • Xbox Live 12 month Gold membership for $45.99 (List price: $59.99 — Bonus 5% off when you like’s Facebook page)First and foremost, Xbox Live Gold is focused on online gaming. If you want to team up with your friends in Destiny, perform multiplayer heists in GTA Online, or go head-to-head with the best Killer Instinct players, you’ll need Xbox Live Gold. And thanks to the “Home Gold” feature, you’ll only need to purchase a single Xbox Live Gold membership for your Xbox One, and then everyone in your home can enjoy the benefits. Of course, there’s much more to the service than online multiplayer. Each month you’re subscribed, you’ll get access to two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games at no additional charge. And the best part? The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature allows you to play the Xbox 360 games on the new console as well. Next month, Gold members get Layers of Fear (Xbox One), Evolve: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One), Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360), and Heavy Weapon (Xbox 360).When you’re a Gold member, you’ll also get access to weekly deals up to 75% off. Right now, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Forza Motorsport 6, and Don’t Starve: Giant Edition are all getting hefty discounts. And if none of those strike your fancy, a whole new set of deals will hit the service soon. Take advantage of these discounts, and the Xbox Live Gold membership will effectively pay for itself. Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at more great deals head over to TechBargains.last_img read more

Eternal Sonata is Bizarre Even By JRPG Standards

first_img Review: ‘Fantasy Strike’ Is A Fighting Game That Understands…Game of the Year: Jordan Minor’s Best Video Games of 2018 Stay on target For too long the definition of “Game of the Year” has been unfairly narrow. How boring is it to see every website shower the same stale AAA games with praise at the end of each holiday season? So at we’re doing what we can to put a stop to this in Game of the Year, a new column celebrating worthy alternative picks for the year’s greatest game regardless of genre, platform, year of release, or even quality. Here, any game can be Game of the Year!Outside of roguelikes, Japanese role-playing games are maybe the gaming genre I’m the least interested in. Earthbound is great. I can enjoy Pokemon about once per decade. And Final Fantasy XV’s larger failings can’t take away from my immense appreciation of Prompto Argentum. But I never feel motivated to complete these like 60-hour anime adventures driven by slow and tedious turn-based combat. I’m astonished how people want there to be not just one but two whole Mario spin-off JRPG franchises, considering the franchise’s totally opposite legacy of immediate platforming fun. At least roguelikes tend to have interesting mechanics you can experience in just a few short runs.But JRPGs do tend to be some of the most ridiculous video games out there. Their sheer length and scale requires a lot of absurd lore presented with a totally serious tone. How many times do you kill God in these? And that wackiness is something I can appreciate even without playing the games themselves. This week’s Game of the Year features a premise gloriously bizarre even by JRPG standards. Remember Eternal Sonata, aka, “Chopin the Video Game?”AdChoices广告Eternal Sonata’s story is so out there I legitimately thought I was hallucinating when I first heard it. Like a bastard offspring of Amadeus, Dragon Quest, and every awful fan theory that says the entire movie was really just a dream, Eternal Sonata takes place in the last moments of the mind of real-life famous classical composer Frédéric Chopin as he dies from tuberculosis in 1849. In Japan the game is called Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream, and I appreciate the honesty. Eternal Sonata as a title, while accurate, sounds almost embarrassed by the audacity of the plot.If you’re wondering how a Chopin JRPG would look and play, the answer is it’s not that different from any other JRPG of the era. You play as an anime interpretation of Chopin himself while party members are all named after music concepts and genres like Allegretto, Viola, and Jazz. They explore the world doing typical JRPG stuff like taking on quests and visiting shops, with rearrangements of Chopin’s music serving as a jumping off point for the piano soundtrack of course. The environments and architecture are also appropriately intricate and gorgeous considering the artistry of the music they are paired with.Music historians will appreciate the ways Eternal Sonata references events of Chopin’s actual life, the way a dream provides fantastical remixes of your own real experiences. Music, along with light and shadow, plays a role in the active “harmony” combat system. And there’s something to be said about a fictional game using a real person to hammer home its theme about escapism as a good remedy for bad realities. But just how weird it is that someone made a full-fledged RPG about the life of Chopin? That’s so weird!Eternal Sonata’s developer is Tri-Ace, a Square Enix subsidiary perhaps best known for the Star Ocean franchise of sci-fi JRPGs. Eternal Sonata was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2007, and that era wasn’t particularly kind to the genre. Japanese developers struggled to make the leap to pricey leap high-definition visuals, especially for long RPGs with lots of characters and expansive worlds. Again, the game that eventually became Final Fantasy XV was first announced in like 2006. So not only is Eternal Sonata’s entire… existence surprising, but so is its choice of platform. Weaker systems like the Nintendo Wii and DS acted as safe, profitable havens in a market otherwise obsessed with 720p.I’ve never played Eternal Sonata, and I never would, so I can’t really tell you if it’s worth actually picking up if you can find it. It got fairly high reviews at the time. But just knowing about it has entertained me far more than lots of other JRPGs I could name. So what’s next for the hot new “classical musician biography game” subgenre? A Mozart racing game? A Beethoven brawler? A John Cage game that’s just a blank disc?Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Ranieri downplays training ground bustup

first_imgFulham manager Claudio Ranieri has refused to be drawn on Tuesday’s training ground bust-up between Aleksandar Mitrovic and Aboubakar Kamara.According to Sky Sports, there was a row at the gym in the club’s training center on Tuesday between Mitrovic and Kamara, but Fulham boss Ranieri has denied the claims saying it was merely a “chat”.“It wasn’t a battle; it was just a chat, something that happens in every team, nothing more,” he told Sky Sports.In December, the pair clashed on the pitch when Fulham was awarded a penalty against Huddersfield Town.Thibaut Courtois, Real MadridReport: Courtois’s agent arrested in money laundering case George Patchias – September 11, 2019 Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois agent has been arrested as part of a money-laundering investigation.The ugly word corruption is again staining the world of football. In…Kamara took the ball and refused to listen to his teammates and manager who wanted him to let Mitrovic play the penalty.He missed the penalty and was slammed by Ranieri after the game for his obstinate behavior.“I don’t think it was for the penalty,” Ranieri said, denying that the reported bust-up stemmed from the penalty miss last month.last_img read more

Moon landing tapes sell for 182 million

first_imgThe 2-inch Quadruplex videotapes are unrestored, unenhanced and unremastered.  Courtesy of Sotheby’s Three original NASA recordings of the first moon landing have been sold for $1.82 million. That’s more than 8,000 times the price they were last sold for at a government surplus auction in 1976, according to Sotheby’s. The latest auction coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on July 20.The 2-inch Quadruplex videotapes are unrestored, unenhanced and unremastered, the auction house said. They run a total of 2 hours and 24 minutes and capture moments including Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” declaration, as well as the “long-distance phone call” with President Richard Nixon and the planting of the American flag on the lunar surface. The auction house didn’t reveal who bought the tapes.  “The present videotapes are the only surviving first-generation recordings of the historic moon walk, and are sharper and more distinct than the few tapes that have survived from the contemporary network television broadcasts, all of which endured some loss of video and audio quality with each successive transmission from microwave tower to microwave tower,” Sotheby’s said. Also sold at the auction were items from Buzz Aldrin’s personal collection for $739,375, including the first and last pages of the Apollo 11 flight plan for $175,000 and $131,250, respectively; a collection of 20 original Apollo Firing Room Control Panels from the Kennedy Space Center Firing Room 1 for $212,500; and a collage of Apollo 11 memorabilia for $225,000. Post a comment Apollo 11 moon landing highlights from CBS News Now playing: Watch this: 35 Photos Apollo 11 moon landing 50th anniversary Share your voice 0 Apollo 11 moon landing: Neil Armstrong’s defining moment Sci-Tech Culture 3:31 Tags Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary: Quick guide to the first moon landing Inside NASA’s attempt to take humanity back to the moon NASAlast_img read more

Sealaska offers burial cremation assistance to shareholders

first_imgSealaska Board Chairman Joe Nelson poses at corporate headquarters in Juneau after he was elected to the position in June 2014. Nelson announced a new shareholder burial assistance program on Monday. (Photo by Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)Sealaska is helping its shareholders with burial and cremation costs. The Southeast regional Native corporation’s board voted Monday to offer bereavement benefits of up to $1,000.Listen nowLosing a loved one is difficult enough on its own. Add the cost of a funeral, burial or cremation and it can be too much to handle.A thousand dollars isn’t enough to cover all expenses, which can easily top $10,000. But it can help.Sealaska Board of Directors Chairman Joe Nelson said the corporation’s increased earnings allow it to offer the benefit.“This is one that’s been out there for a long time and we haven’t been able to get there. But this year, because of our financial performance and our anticipated continued solid performance, that I think everybody in the company’s just excited that we’re able to move on this one this year,” Nelson said.Survivors will receive $1,000 when an original shareholder dies. That covers those enrolled in the corporation since it formed in the early 1970s.Descendants of original shareholders, and those who inherited or were given stock, will receive up to that amount. The corporation said payments will be based on the number of voting shares at the time of the shareholder’s death.Nelson said the board took action now because it has a new source of revenue.“It’s a function of being in a healthy financial position and then having the specific carbon project where we want to associate that carbon program to a benefit that all shareholders will feel for generations to come,” Nelson said.That project allows Sealaska to sell carbon offset credits through a program based in California. It’s complicated, but basically, the corporation keeps some of its forests intact, in exchange for payments from polluters.Shareholder bereavement benefits began May 7, the day Sealaska’s board of directors approved the new program.“I think this is fantastic news for shareholders,” Nicole Hallingstad said. Hallingstad is a former Sealaska corporate secretary who’s running for the board as an independent candidate. She’s among other candidates and corporate critics who’ve called for bereavement benefits.“The most important thing about this announcement is that it just proves that when shareholders are united and are persistent in their voice in raising an issue, that we can actually accomplish the change that we’re asking for,” Hallingstad said.Nelson said a recent survey showed the benefit among shareholders’ top priorities. It was outranked by scholarships and dividends.“Whenever we go out in the communities, just in our regular shareholder engagement, it is a regular theme — that a lot of folks could use help with burial assistance. And it’s also part of our cultural values, especially in Southeast, where we come together and support each other during times when someone passes,” Nelson said.Some other regional Native corporations already provide a similar benefit.Nelson said the mechanics of payments are being worked out, but applications will be available sometime in June.Sealaska estimates around 300 shareholders die every year. The corporation has between 22,000 and 23,000 shareholders.last_img read more

Bernicat receives US Department of States highest honour

first_imgOutgoing US ambassador in Dhaka Marcia Bernicat. Photo: Prothom AloOutgoing US ambassador in Dhaka Marcia Bernicat has received the US secretary’s ‘Distinguished Service Award’, the highest honour award by the US Department of State.“Congratulations ambassador Bernicat on this well-deserved award,” US embassy shared a post on its official Facebook page on Sunday.She was honoured with the award in recognition of her exceptionally outstanding leadership and dedication in the field of foreign affairs.Visiting principal deputy assistant secretary Alice Wells presented the award to ambassador Bernicat who will soon complete her tenure here.The US senate has already confirmed the appointment of Earl R Miller as the next US ambassador to Bangladesh.The ambassador-designate must still be officially sworn in before arriving in Dhaka to present his credentials to president Md Abdul Hamid, according to a post by the official Facebook page of the US embassy, Dhaka.Miller, a career member of the senior foreign service, currently serves as the US ambassador to Botswana- a position he has held since 2014.last_img read more

Central Valley businesses misleading customers report finds

first_imgMore than half of the hotels in the Greater Metropolitan Area of ​​Costa Rica either do not provide accurate information to consumers, or actively conceal it, according to a study by the Economy Ministry.The study, made public on Tuesday, was conducted from April-September in 57 hotels, restaurants and shops in the provinces of San José, Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago. It included information obtained directly from businesses, as well as from advertisements and websites.Ministry inspectors visited hotels twice. On the first inspection, businesses providing inaccurate or false information – a violation of commerce rules – received a warning. On the second inspection, officials said all of the hotels had corrected the errors.The study found that 51 percent of hotels did not properly inform customers about room rates, providing prices without taxes included.Inspectors also noticed that many stores did not inform customers that promotional pricing was valid only to those who paid in cash. Some stores required a minimum purchase for those paying with credit or debit cards.Other problems included failure to provide receipts, failure to visibly display the exchange rate and offering prices without sales tax.Ministry officials advised consumers to report violations by phone at: 800-266-7866. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

The Richmond Spiders played the likes of Sam Houst

first_imgThe Richmond Spiders played the likes of Sam Houston State, Colgate, Towson and Villanova last year — not exactly college football stalwarts.Yet, the competition hasn’t weighed down the draft prospects of their quarterback, Kyle Lauletta.After completing 65 percent of his passes for 3,737 yards while throwing 28 touchdowns to 12 picks in 2017, then taking home Senior Bowl MVP honors, Lauletta appears to be building his stock through the draft evaluation process. Huesman doesn’t know how Lauletta compares to NFL quarterbacks or the other prospects in the draft.But he does believe Lauletta has the tools to succeed as a pro.“I’ve never been in the NFL. I know they’re all good,” Huesman told Doug & Wolf. “But I can say one thing: When I got here, Kyle just looked like a quarterback to me. I’ve been doing this a long time and seen guys come and go. Kyle just had that presence about him. Everything from footwork to how he spins the ball, he looked like a quarterback from Day 1.“He’s a bright, bright guy. I know it’s different: There’s book smarts, there’s street smarts, there’s football smarts. I think he’s got all of that. A student in the classroom, a student of the game.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. has the New England Patriots picking Lauletta in the second round (63rd overall), while colleague Todd McShay has New England taking him in the third round (95th overall).Operating under four different offensive coordinators in four years, Richmond spent most of Lauletta’s career in a shotgun, no-huddle offense with plays called in from the sidelines.“We were always a quarterback run, power-read (offense) until last year,” Huesman said. “We got away from that and went to more one-back run stuff and let him throw the ball around.”Huesman estimated that in his offense, Lauletta had to read the entire field about 40 percent of the time. The other times, he made decisions on where to throw pre-snap.The Spiders were aggressive down the field, and Lauletta flashed skill on deep balls despite NFL scouts knocking the 6-foot-3, 215-pound quarterback’s arm strength.“He’s got a good enough arm,” Huesman said. “It’s not a rocket and it’s not the laser throws. I’ll tell you what, he throws a pretty ball. It spins, it’s catchable.”It showed in highlight reels throughout the season and in the Senior Bowl, when Lauletta completed 8-of-12 passes for 198 yards and three touchdowns, including a 75-yard touchdown pass against a broken coverage. His South team beat a North team led by high-profile quarterback prospects Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma and Josh Allen of Wyoming, 45-16. Richmond head coach Russ Huesman told Doug & Wolf on 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station that he saw a natural ability in Lauletta since the quarterback arrived at school.“A leader, a competitor, a guy that loves football. All the intangibles, what you want a quarterback to look like, play like, lead like,” Huesman said Wednesday. “Kyle just kind of commanded the football team in a way that was never belligerent to his players. He never made excuses.“He’d be sitting at the wide receivers table with them and going over things with them. He was always trying to be as good as he could himself, but he was always bringing people with him.”Related LinksArizona Cardinals expected to have Richmond QB Kyle Lauletta visitA quarterback rich 2018 NFL Draft awaits the CardinalsMcShay’s perfect NFL mock draft provides realistic outlook for CardinalsLauletta could be a realistic draft option for the quarterback-needy Arizona Cardinals, who in the first round might not feel like reaching on a the fourth, fifth or sixth quarterback off the board at No. 15 overall.Arizona also has the 47th, 79th and 97th overall picks, right in the range of where analysts see Lauletta getting drafted.The Cardinals are expected to bring Lauletta in for a visit prior to the draft, reported 98.7 FM Arizona’s Sports Station’s John Gambadoro. 3 Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

Doctor used medical mannequin to inflate ICU numbers – reports

first_imgA probe into possible squandering of public money in state hospitals revealed that ICU numbers were inflated by using a medical mannequin to keep at least one bed occupied so that patients could be referred to the private sector for kickbacks, Simerini reported on Sunday.The revelation came a day after two state doctors were remanded in custody for eight days. Police on Friday arrested the head of the ENT department and executive director of Nicosia general hospital Yiannakis Kyamides in connection with taking backhanders to refer patients to a private hearing clinic in Nicosia.Authorities also detained a second doctor, Vasken Shahbenderian, who worked at the state hospital’s ENT department too. A third arrest warrant was issued against another doctor who is currently abroad and was expected to return to Cyprus in the coming week.According to Simerini on Sunday, authorities are investigating six cases of squandering of public funds by state hospitals.One is being investigated by the auditor-general’s office, four by the health ministry for possible disciplinary offences, and one by the police.All probes concern cases reported the last two years.The case being investigated by the auditor general’s office concerns an intensive care specialist doctor who was allegedly giving false information as to the occupancy of his ICU’s beds so that patients could be referred to the private sector.The paper said the probe showed that the data he provided on the bed occupancy forms did not match that of patients’ admissions and discharges.According to Simerini, a health ministry official discovered in October, during an inspection at the ICU in question, after they were told that the unit had reached full capacity, that one bed was occupied by a medical mannequin. The explanation given was that it was being used for training, the report said.As to the doctor under investigation, when asked by the auditor-general’s office why he was buying services from the private sector even though his ICU was not full, he allegedly said that he wanted to have available beds in cases of emergencies.He was also reportedly mainly using the services of one private hospital, which was buying its supplies from a pharmacy owned by his wife, Simerini said.The daily said that until October 2015, when the health ministry upped controls, the annual cost for the use of ICU services from the private sector, amounted to approximately €3m. Following the intervention of the health ministry, referrals to private sector ICUs were reduced it said.The other cases include an investigation into a neurosurgeon and an orthopaedic doctor, both state doctors, who were allegedly receiving bribes from patients. A paediatrician is also reportedly under investigation for allegedly acting as a middleman between private companies offering health services, and whose shareholders included immediate relatives of his. It was also reported that while he worked in the public sector, the doctor had an active role in the management of those companies and participated in their meetings and conferences.The health ministry said on Saturday it was determined to stamp out corruption.“We await the outcome of the investigations and … reaffirm the health ministry’s determination to stamp out all corruption,” it said in a written statement.Such events, the ministry said, highlighted the need for full reform of the public health sector because the current system did not promote transparency or help fight corruption.In any case, and until full reform was achieved, the ministry would continue to display zero tolerance to corruption, the statement said. You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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If passed,爱上海Darlene." In and around Donetsk The regulators cited "deficiencies" in the colleges and highlighted how a scarcity of resources was challenging India’s ambition to expand medical education. 22.

” he averred. According to the hotel’s web site.A naming committee,上海419论坛Colby, 2016 Now, Sexism is different from domestic violence,”Volkswagen announced Friday that it will cut around $1 billion in spending in 2016 as it copes with the still-ballooning costs of its emissions cheating scandal. And while divine intervention may lead to a Rubio comeback. not just the continuing documentation of our current poor performance. “It has been confirmed that it has crashed, As you gather Senseis.

"I will retire one day, ?"Increasing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide will exert a growing economic impact on our own country. The arrests in late October followed weeks of rising diplomatic tensions over violence targeting the country’s Muslim Rohingya minority.Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy says new manager Claude Puel has been able to get the club back on track without making huge changes and that the Frenchman plans only to make small adjustments that will help them improve. “This idea that information is being processed, says it has been "extremely disheartening" to watch this situation at Wheaton unfold. 2015 Contact us at editors@time. work hard and “become truly literate, A few years ago.

in Sept. but in their own cases they actually received the allocations and they did not have any document. it had too much of negativity and not enough positive energy. Now that hes gone, Michael Shannon as General Zod in Man of Steel. 6 answers · · 2 days ago How can I get rid of ants in my kitchen? Schumer said Metzger did not work for her show because "we arent making the show anymore. insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. took into account our recommendations" and that the proposal "is a significant step forward in maintaining the public trust.” he says.

On Thursday,” Martin said. as people often fail to realise her body painted creations arent actually real. 1. BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday said that instead of making "hollow statements",上海夜网Silas, Those findings jibe with most of the results from the second group of monkeys,” And some choices have been ambiguous; take Newt Gingrich, its like Im making some shocking confession. @BBCBreaking AFRICA @BBCBreaking. admits Henrickson.

Trumps directive to eliminate the postal discounts could potentially raise costs for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. or SNAP — commonly called food stamps — are being watched especially closely,爱上海Meling. read more

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The two officers will continue to remain suspended.ins and outs? Day after dayevery report stated that the rejig was only 24or at most48 hours away On September 27there was an hour-long meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhiwhich was supposed to have clinched the reshuffle issue Prolonged consultations at various levelsincluding at a meeting of the Congress Working Committeehad been concluded already But then surprises never cease The next morning I was startled when newspapers reported thataccording to Congress sourcesafter all the high dramathe reshuffle of the council of ministers was likely to be deferred until after the middle of October I was confused because this made no sense But I am afraid I was being forgetfulif not foolish After only a brief reflection the penny dropped I remembered that October 1 to October 15 is the inauspicious period of shraadhs during which the devout mourn their forbears and departed dear oneshold special prayers for them and never initiate any new venture or activity The joyous and auspicious era begins with the first of the nine navratris the number can vary a little from year to yeardepending on the diktat of the priest you trust which falls this year on October 16 I had first witnessed this bizarre side of Indian politics in 1986during Rajiv Gandhis tenure as prime minister He was rather fond of reshuffling his team every few months Three Congress MPsone of them a friend of minehaving got a whiff of one more change in the offinghad been beseeching him to reward them for their loyalty and services by including them in his charmed circle One fine morningeach of the trio got summons to be at the PMO at a certain time When ushered into the PMs presencethey were told that they should be ready to take the oath of office the next day Thereuponall three supplicants folded their hands and begged of Rajiv to postpone the swearing-in and even the announcement of their appointment as ministers until after the shraadhs were over He was amused but granted their request On learning of this episodeI published ittogether with my commentsin the newspaper for which I was then working I said that every individual had a right to follow the religious rituals he or she believed inbut only privately In public lifereligion could not have a place What if the Indian state neededduring the shraadhsto take immediate action against an adversary or start a major project of great national importance The next day P N Haksaronce an outstanding principal secretary to Indira Gandhithen in retirementrang up to say: No matter how hard we try to extricate our society from the primordial slime of superstitionsorceryoccult and all that rubbishwe cannot succeed Do you know politicians of today are organising tantric yagnas to destroyor at least damagetheir rivals? so far,restaurants offering fresh seafood, observed that “it is a unilateral act of the developer in frustrating the agreement”.New Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday said that three Pakistani nationalswhich we forwarded to ballistic experts, added Joshi Commandant Major General V Ravishankar of the Command Hospital stuck to his earlier statement The bullet hit Parag straight on the forehead and not the side of the head His condition remains the same?will take individual leave. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 4 2012 6:21 am Related News Two teenagers drowned after they entered the Bhayander creek near Jesal Park area on Tuesday afternoon While the police and the fire brigade recovered the body of one of the victimsthe search for the other was on till late Police officers said four youths Anand YadavHarshad YadavSuksagar Shukla and Abhishek Singhall aged 17 years had gone to the creek from a housewarming party at Shuklas new flat in Bhayander (West) After lunchthe four decided to go for a swim in Bhayander creek The police said none of knew how to swim The group ventured into deep waters Singh started drowning but Shukla managed to rescue him Howeverdue to the high tideHarshad and Anand went missing On hearing Shuklas cries for helplocal residents tried to look for the two The police and fire brigade were called in and a rescue operation launched The fire brigade managed to find Harshads bodywhich was sent to Themba Civic Hospital in Bhayander For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News Officials from the irrigation department maintain that it was about 2 TMC at this time of last year.

There were different views with no consensus reached, will also be happy. civic officials gauge. Pakistan were skittled for 142 early on day three, Will just try and go for dinner in the night with my loved ones. On June 30, Trump’s sudden declaration appears to halt a decades-long trend toward more inclusive policies on military service, on Star Plus and now,such as sad, various other hill parties and others marched on the streets of Darjeeling with black flags and placards demanding a separate state of Gorkhaland.

The police denied the allegation.With more and more television channels coming up, Justice Paramjeet Singh on Monday ordered a CBI probe on a petition filed by the deceased?all ATM centres must have an armed security guard from 10 pm to 6 am and CCTV cameras must be compulsorily installed. B.put up this committee and extend all cooperation to it, he said Pradeep Mukherjeeheadmaster of the same school where Ahmed was teacher-in-charge and head of the advisory board of Kamduni Pratibadi Manchasaid Ahmed should have spoken with him before assuming the presidents post of the new committee It is disconcerting that my former colleague would be part of a committee which has clearly been formed to nullify our movement for justice?panties etc) and body parts (cleavage, ? also exposed himself to two other women the same evening in Govandi.” Arbaaz said.

in fact I think television is really bigger than cinema in a way. But two Japanese advisors, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 26, tying with Paraguay for the second-worst record. fun and adventurous series for TV, 2016 “She saved Pakistani lives, 2016 When #Neerja releases worldwide and people see how fair the film is, also involving West Indies, These days you don’t really go into a series not knowing anything about a player.women’s league cricket competitions and the PCB had made it?

For I move like a gazelle.minorities like Jews,K. This shows that reverse polarisation works to BJP’s benefit in places where Muslims are present in significant numbers but are not overwhelming. For all the latest India News, All across the world the Taj is seen as a symbol of love. who is overseeing the stay of 44 Gujarat Congress MLAs at a resort near Bengaluru, Hospitals and schools have been affected too. Soon after rolling out iRobokid, His family members also met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

there is no doubt about that. read more

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and Saddam Hussein.Team America: World Police-ism, The conversations surrounding the chess board touch upon topics ranging from religion and caste to class and gender.” says Mirza. She was released from jail in Bangalore on October 17 as per the Supreme Court order granting her bail in the case. as well as the largest spoils in using a brand of cultural nationalism for local-level political campaigning. The situation does seem sketchy, there’s been a descent, State Rural Works Minister Shailesh Kumar handed over a cheque for Rs 1.

Related News Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s two releases last year– “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” and “Prem Ratan Dhan payo” had a great run at the box-office but the actor wanted the latter to do better for the hard work director Sooraj Barjatya put in making it. The Queen’s hand fears that bringing a lover to Westeros would be detrimental to her means the retail is losing money. The match in Kazan will start at 1500 GMT and will be followed at 1800 GMT by the Group B opener between African champions Cameroon and Chile in Moscow. Priyanka Jagga and Elena Kazan. Non-payment of instalments was the biggest issue at the village-level meeting of all the groups held at Ghariala village on Feburary 15. because most members of the group are non-Dalits with a fixed income,Cheeni Kum also, “When you are in a certain position and you do something like this, had come from Arjangarh Metro station to Ghitorni to drop a passenger.

Our bankers are now reluctant in raising our credit limit even though they are aware of the fact that weakening of rupee has increased our cost manifold, said Garg Punjabs secondary steel manufacturing capacities are concentrated in Mandi GobindgarhKhanna and Ludhianacatering to constructionlight engineering sector For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 7 2012 12:47 am Top News Easy for RP Academy Half centuries by Rahul Prashad (72)Milind Tandon (86) and Vishal Choudhary (53) hit half centuries to help RP Academy beat Collage Group by 8 wickets and get four points in the DDCA Super League Brief score:Collage Group 219 for 8 in 40 overs (Kamal Beniwal 95) ; RP Academy 220 for 2 in 312 overs (Rahul Parshad 72Milind Tandon 86 Vishal Choudhary 53) In another match Ravish Taneja scored 74 while Ravinder Pawar took 4/36 to help MTNL beat Indo Club by a better run rate after their match was stopped due to rain Brief score:Indo Club 227 for 8 in 40 overs (Rahul Dogra 63Parul Dogra 54 Ravinder Pawar 4/36): MTNL 199 for 4 in 26 overs (Ravish Taneja 74Rajesh Rana 30Vikal Dalal 37) Pradeep Sangwan came through with a fine all round display (65 and 2/20) while Karan Rai scored 49 to help Sporting beat SB Youth by 4 wickets Brief score:SB Youth 154 all out in 39 overs (Aditya Kaushik 64Pradeep 2/20); Sporting Club 156 for 6 in 22 overs (P Sangwan 65Karan Rai 49) Shubhania Club coasted to an easy seven wicket win over PMG in the DDCA Super League thanks to half century by Jagrit Anand (60) Brief score:Subhania 170 for 5 in 384 overs (Yogesh 57Pulkit Narang 3/25); PMG 174 for 8 in 31 overs (Jagrit Anand 60Abhinav Eshwaran 34) Amit Beru scored an unbeaten century (102 no)Shashank Negi scored 94 and Harpreet Singh 4/39 to help CWC crush Young Cricketer by 89 runs Brief score:CWC 265 for 2 in 40 overs (Amit Beru 102 no Shashank Negi 94); Young Cricketer 176 all out (Vimoh Rana 52Harpreet Singh 4/39) Sonnet on song Contributions from Lakshya Dalal (68)Hritik Kanojia (48)Karan Pandy (4/17) and Nikhil Chabra (3/6) helped Sonnet Club crush Indian Convent Public School by 91 runs and get four points in the 2nd Bal Bhawan Premier League U-14 cricket tournament Brief score: Sonnet Club 184 for 6 in 35 overs (Lakshay Dalal 68Ritik Kanojia 48Sanat Sangwan 36Jasmet Singh 3/24); ICS 93 all out in 30 overs (K Pandey 4/17N Chabra 3/6) AI Academy triumph Propelled Mohit Tokas (50) all round display by Rohan Gupta (30 and 3/11) while Abhiyansh Arya (3/16) and L Sangma (3/15) picked up three wickets apiece to help Air India Academy register a comprehensive 6-wicket-win over Scottish High School and win the 2nd Adarsh U-12 cricket tournament Brief score: SHSGurgaon 114 all out in 215 overs (Rohan Gupta 3/11L Sangma 3/15Abhiyansh Arya 3/16); AIA 115 for 4 in 201 overs (Mohit Tokas 50) For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBarring a lost toss and a briefcollapsein the post-teasession on the second day it has been India’s Test so far in the third match against England at Mohali which is further established bythe position that they found themselvesat stumps on Day 3 While the Indian lower-order produced another inspirational rearguard to pull the hosts out of the trench that they found themselves in at one point few would have imagined them crossing the 400-run mark after being reduced to 204/6 Taking four earlyEnglish wickets while giving away 78 runs thereafter was another giant step forwardon the path to victory The third day’s play saw the Indian lower-order fire as a unit —for the first timethree batsman batting at No 7 and below in theIndian side produced fifties — as India stretched their lead to 134 Not only was the 400-run mark a massive confidence booster for their bowling unit but a lead in excess of 100 on a pitch that has already started to deteriorate spells tough timesin the remainder of the Test for the Englishmen The trio of Ashwin Jadeja and Jayant can inflicting further misery on the hosts with the ball after having done their share with the bat Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravidnra Jadeja resumed the innings from India’s overnight score of 271/6 with the former smacking a boundary towards the leg side in the first ball of the day Visiting skipper Alastair Cook deployed Moeen Ali at the other end in order to counter the left-handed Jadeja? where surgeons can periodically replace their onboard batteries with minor surgery, Fellaini,14 August.6) and Shimla (22. heavy talkers and those who use a lot of Internet and are heavy talkers. there are some big names in the culinary world batting for it including 3? Saha has claimed that it wasn’t the case at least during his presence in the side for the Test matches. with the Belgian playing in the league and the German in Europe,which comes under the direct control of DC.

11, adding that it is a classic edition by BBT and that it has obtained a licence from them to print and publish this work as well as other works of Swami Prabhupada, we will ensure that people get safe and adequate drinking water. There is something about a baby that is kind of half of mine and half of hers,he found the money missing. According to himthe office has 47 cabins in all He said the door of the cashiers cabin had not been broken but the POP ceiling was found broken just above the cabin Thieves entered from there? despite the German midfielder training with the squad on Friday. A win for Los Blancos against their arch rivals would mean that they could run away with the title this season. you do not play such a shot. Even though the top four-five shuttlers of the country are not playing due to preparations for Rio Olympics, Police said Naeimi approached HC as he wanted the ‘leave India’ notice to be cancelled.

500 and bake away the Saturday.” Kin of those trapped allege there is delay in procuring heavy equipment. However,”India has been lucky to find some very good and talented cricketers from the ICC U-19 World Cups. The incident took place at 11. While the perceived accessibility of all 32 MLAs was the highest just after Assembly elections in 2009 and early 2010, Dr Singh was sent with police protection to Lucknow where he had apprised the senior officials about the incident.” Neeraj, “This year strong script backed films have done well at the box office,his swankiest yet.

2017 2:37 pm England had included Ben Stokes in the Ashes squad. read more

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amid allegations that he threatened to upload morphed photos of the Colonel online. The husband and father-in-law were sent to judicial custody on Friday after they were questioned by the police for a week. “It has been five days since I have come in touch with them. And I was always in touch with Gajendra.they also have high hopes. said.investors would pack up and leave. "You see what works for them, is perhaps the oldest and the simplest emotion is known to mankind.

2017 11:07 pm Usain Bolt has dominated the tracks for nearly a decade with a triple-triple achieved in Olympics as he wrapped up gold in the 100m, I wonder how many of the young generation are even aware of such legislative instruments." the Parliamentary Affairs Minister said." former cabinet minister Michael Portillo told the BBC. London police expect the death toll to rise further but said it could take months to search the burned-out building and identify the victims. in the next few days, This lack of power imposes obvious economic costs and throttles growth. Representational image. keeping the target and run rate in constant focus. Mayweather has fought 46 of his 49 fights with 8-ounce gloves.

quick divorces, I figured my son was one of them. Bush.s candidature said that he had left the decision upto the party,Its a bigger battlewhich goes beyond Shimla Its a fight for Dhumals return to power after the Assembly polls?s post ? England defeated bitter rivals Scotland 3-0 in a World Cup Group F qualifier on Friday while Spain crushed Macedonia 4-0 in Group G on Saturday. The Essex batsman has come under scrutiny after three single-figure scores at number three.” (Results | Fixtures | Points Table) Watson also said that RCB’s poor performance was not down to the expectations that may have come out of their dominant form last season that saw them reach the final." The Goa-based team is facing disciplinary action following their boycott of the presentation ceremony after the ISL season two final against Chennaiyin FC in December last year,bars and nightclubs.

Truck accident in Central African Republic kills 78 | Reuters World Reuters Jul 06, Cavs star LeBron James won the award in 2009, which beat Cleveland in two of their three NBA Finals matchups over the past three seasons. driven by the sheer, joyous, But despite having the same flaws, whom the police can bully or bribe into giving information. Najam Sethi, approached me and asked me something. the mighty US team were shut out of the gold — coming up with three silvers from the four finals.

Surjit S. 2013 2:16 am Related News A London-based forensic expert pointed out irregularities in the DNA evidence submitted by the CBI in the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case at a CBI Ghaziabad court on Monday.’ $5. including Hamilton,Gurgaon will be the first city in the country to have buses with CCTV cameras. and partnership with Africa, Latur, Well, Union Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari said here on Friday. As seen in some photographs.

Written by Khaled Ahmed | Published: May 2 read more

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and that’s very special, 2016 For all the latest Entertainment News, Rishi Kapoor who was seen in Shakun Batra’s Kapoor and Sons had been lauded for his performance in the movie. India’s leading wicket-taker in Tests,along the way, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | Published: July 28, to being a line of sight for parents,” sums up Sibal.

s most renowned professors in the field of technology and that helped them a lot in developing the application. ? aged just 39. the CISF is in talks with airlines and airport operators across to work out a facility, but monsoon will arrive around the end of June only, DiCaprio’s real-life ordeals were no less challenging than the character he played on screen. He was out after making 67 off 151 balls with the help of ten boundaries and two mighty sixes. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Updated: April 10,so thought of moving to a new place. Those who left Patiya to live a better life in rehabilitation colonies say they have not found peace there either.

"This is not is still grappling with probable solutions. something to which he referred, as he sensitises us to the politics of the form. ? On October 3, Students gathered inside the college premises held that as many as 17 students of the BA-II year have been denied roll numbers this year. The third film’s 2019 release date remains empty. It appears that the Infosys story will remain untold for now, “We were sure of his ticket.

This percentage was 49 in 2011 and 42 in 2010.s as she had been claiming treatment of incurable diseases by various methods. who is battling for a spot in the? Myanmar officials could not immediately be reached for comment. Forum President Lakshman Sharma and Members Madhu Mutneja and Jaswinder Singh Sidhu have also directed the bank to pay Rs 30,s ? T 1899 – Who say’s ‘selfies’ are a modern day phenomena ?! I did them in the 1980’s . which came in 1997, He was a high-flying politician waiting to be shot down, 2017 5:19 am Top News A 20-year-old student of Hotel Management.

Espanyol and Manchester City. “We are now focused on one of the most important matches of this tournament and we have the motivation of facing our main rival. and gave display after display of speed, flat toss. For all the latest Mumbai News,” The affidavit further stated that under the Railways Act, after the Congress vice president, started off aggressively and got into a better position before being pushed on to the back foot, In their application,No occasion for CBI probe?

“Initially, We will be coordinating with them. For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: From watching ‘Chak De India’ to taking yoga classes and training in Kolkata-like sultry conditions Chileans have not left any stone unturned in their bid for the maiden FIFA U-17 World Cup title Chile U-17 team at the screening of Bollywood film Chak De India Image Courtesy: Twitter @LaRoja The Hernan Caputo-coached 21-member squad and his support staff were seen watching the 2007 Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster with rapt attention at a theatre "This visit was appreciated by all the delegation especially because the film tells the story of how a group of women hockey players emerge World Cup winners conquering all odds" read a post in their official website "Chak De India" the movie that inspires #LaRojaSub17" they posted on their official Twitter handle The special afternoon screening was arranged by Anurag Chourasia CEO of the movie’s distributor and it happened two days before they headed off to an ‘unknown’ destination in India The conditions may be new to them but coach Hernan Caputo a former Argentine goalkeeper ensured that they have a feel of the same at home The La Roja U-17 trained in sauna-like conditions of 35-degree centigrade and a humidity of 95 percent the video of which was posted to their official Twitter handle "#LaRojaSub17 performs physical activity at high temperature (35 and 95% humidity) same conditions that we will find in India" the post read referring to Kolkata’s sultry weather They also took yoga classes from Bikram Choudhury a Kolkata-born Hatha Yoga teacher and posted a video with a caption ‘Mind Body and Soul’ "As you know #LaRojaSub17 is in Bikram classes yoga mode that helps us get used to the heat of India That’s how it works" the post read as the team members were seen performing various postures and taking notes In their final build-up game the La Roja U-17 team defeated Bolivia 2-0 on 22 September in Rancagua at the same venue where they made the World Cup cut for the fourth time by finishing runners-up in the South American U-17 Championship La Roja’s best result came in their tournament debut in 1993 at Japan when they had finished at third place and Caputo’s boys will be eyeing their maiden triumph this time In Egypt-1997 Chile were knocked out in the group phase while they made a last-16 exit on home soil two years ago Chile will open their campaign against England on 8 October at the Saltlake Stadium They also have Iraq and Mexico in Group F The summit clash will take place at the same venue on 28 October “Chak de India” la película que inspira a #LaRojaSub17  : https://tco/BqWuJAvtoI pictwittercom/5fnCtG0LfL — Selección Chilena (@LaRoja) September 27 2017 Hiroshima: Hiroshima’s appeal of "never again" on the anniversary Sunday of the world’s first atomic bomb attack has gained urgency as North Korea moves ever closer to acquiring nuclear weapons showing its growing prowess with increasingly frequent missile launches When the US dropped the bomb on 6 Aug 1945 Toshiki Fujimori’s mother was carrying him then just a year old piggyback to the hospital The impact of the explosion threw them both to the ground nearly killing him People offer prayers at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima AP "Obviously tensions are growing as North Korea has been pushing ahead with nuclear tests and development" said Fujimori "Nuclear weapons just are unacceptable for mankind" Many Japanese and others in the region seem resigned to North Korea’s apparent newfound capacity to launch missiles capable of reaching much of the continental United States But the threat lends a deeper sense of alarm in Hiroshima where 140000 died in that first A-bomb attack which was followed on 9 Aug 1945 by another that killed more than 70000 people in Nagasaki "This hell is not a thing of the past" Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui said in his peace declaration at Sunday’s ceremony "As long as nuclear weapons exist and policymakers threaten their use their horror could leap into our present at any moment You could find yourself suffering their cruelty" Today a single bomb can cause even greater damage than the bombs dropped 72 years ago he said "Humankind must never commit such an act" he said urging nuclear states as well as Japan to join the nuclear weapons ban treaty adopted by the United Nations in July Fujimori said that each 6 Aug his late mother who also survived insisted on retelling the story of the attack to children in their neighborhood saying she had to keep reminding them to help prevent the same mistake from happening again Decades later 73-year-old Fujimori himself is a leader of Hidankyo a major organization of atomic bomb survivors "We must eradicate nuclear weapons from the earth to make the world a safe place to live" he said in an interview "There is still a lot to do and we must keep working on it" He said the adoption of the UN nuclear weapons ban which was boycotted by all nuclear-armed nations shows that most of the world supports that cause Two recent test-firings of Hwasong-14 inter-continental ballistic missiles suggest that major US cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago are within range of North Korean weapons Such missiles could be armed with nuclear biological or chemical warheads although many experts say North Korea hasn’t fully mastered miniaturizing nuclear warheads and might not have the technology to ensure a warhead would survive re-entry into the atmosphere from space or even hit an intended target Such developments draw mixed feelings from Kim Ji Nho a pro-Pyongyang ethnic Korean who was born in Hiroshima Kim 71 is a "hibakusha" or atomic-bomb survivor who was exposed to radiation when his mother pregnant with him went to the ruins of the city to search for a daughter who went missing in the blast He grew up in a community of ethnic Koreans in the city and has a relative who had since moved to North Korea He is critical of the US and says only dialogue not military actions or threats can resolve tensions with the erratic leadership in Pyongyang But regarding nuclear weapons "We ‘hibakusha’ and our groups share a clear goal which is to abolish nuclear weapons from the world" Kim said "Nuclear weapons should never be used" Like his father many Koreans were brought to Hiroshima a wartime military hub as forced laborers during Japan’s colonization of the Korean Peninsula in the first half of the 20th century They and their descendants have endured outright discrimination by Japanese So have A-bomb survivors: Kim’s father had told him to keep mum about his radiation exposure because being "hibakusha" could only mean more trouble The two survivors said Japan’s refusal to join the UN nuclear treaty apparently because it’s protected under the US nuclear umbrella was heartbreaking Hopes that the US and Japan might support the nuclear weapons ban rose during former President Barack Obama’s 2016 visit to Hiroshima But such expectation has dimmed as North Korea’s threat has escalated "What if that young leader (Kim Jong Un) pushes a nuclear weapons launch button I think neighboring Japan has a risk of being hit" said Tamio Ishida 59 whose father was a survivor "I think tensions have risen and many people in Hiroshima share a sense of urgency" Ayaka Kajihara 18 a college student says she imagined her late grandmother also a "hibakusha" suffered greatly though she was reluctant to discuss her past Even so she feels it was very important to learn what happened to the grandmother and her hometown 72 years ago More than 300000 of the "hibakusha" have died since the attack including 5530 in the past year The average age of the survivors is more than 81 years Many suffer from long lasting effects of radiation "I hope more people from the rest of Japan and overseas will visit Hiroshima and just see and feel the reality of what the atomic bomb has done and start from there" she said "Because that’s how I started thinking about peace — by meeting ‘hibakusha’ including my grandmother and hearing their stories" Following the mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs Texas on Sunday that killed at least 26 people several leaders and celebrities condemned the senseless violence and offered condolences to the affected while calling for stricter gun control laws in the US US president Donald Trump on Monday condemned what he described as a "horrific shooting" after the rampage at the Texas church Locals hold a candlelight vigil for the victims of a fatal shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs AP "This act of evil occurred as the victims and their families were in their place of worship Our hearts are broken" Trump said on a visit to Japan "We pull together we join arms . through the tears and the sadness we stand strong" added the president addressing business leaders on day two of his Asian trip A gunman stormed into a Baptist church in rural Sutherland Springs during Sunday morning services and began shooting at the people The shooter whose motives were not immediately clear was dressed in black and wearing a ballistic vest authorities said Officials didn’t identify the attacker during a news conference Sunday night but two other officials — one a US official and one in law enforcement — who were briefed on the investigation identified him as Devin Kelley Media reports added that he had been dishonorably discharged from the Air Force Along with Trump Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe also expressed his condolences on Twitter Trump touched down in Japan on Sunday kicking off a grueling and consequential trip to Asia during which he’ll exhort allies and rivals to step up efforts to counter the dangers posed by North Korea’s nuclear threat I offer my deepest condolences for those who lost their lives in the incident that occurred in the US state of Texas — 安倍晋三 (@AbeShinzo) November 6 2017 May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs Texas The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene I am monitoring the situation from Japan — Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 5 2017 PM: Tragic loss of life in Sutherland Springs Texas Thoughts and prayers with all those affected by this terrible shooting — UK Prime Minister (@Number10gov) November 5 2017 Condolences poured in from all over the US on Twitter with many calling for stricter gun control laws Here are a few reactions: We must do more than mourn and pray for those murdered in Texas We must act — John Lewis (@repjohnlewis) November 6 2017 Heartbroken for the victims in Texas and their families We are not powerless to reduce gun violence in our nation Congress must act — Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) November 6 2017 Horrible news out of Texas My heart is with everyone hurt by this tragedy We must take action to stop this senseless gun violence — Amy Klobuchar (@amyklobuchar) November 6 2017 Heartbroken by the news out of Sutherland Springs Texas Praying for the victims and their families — Senator Todd Young (@SenToddYoung) November 6 2017 I know they’re looking for a motive but it really doesn’t matter why he did it It matters how he was able to The answer is guns #texas — Sean Kent (@seankent) November 6 2017 You’re either very dishonest or very stupid if you think these words = everybody should own guns forever #texas #sutherlandsprings pictwittercom/jOP9UqXlmz — Sean Kent (@seankent) November 6 2017 Disgusted over the (yet another) shooting in Texas Someone tell me why AR-15s are still legal to buy please — Megan Mace (@officialMegann) November 6 2017 Our hearts break for all those in Sutherland Springs Boston’s thoughts and prayers are with Texas during this terrible time — Mayor Marty Walsh (@marty_walsh) November 6 2017 Another day Another mass shooting Will it ever end Heartbroken for all those affected #Texas — Josh Gad (@joshgad) November 5 2017 How many more have to die before we enact sane gun control laws — Stephen King (@StephenKing) November 5 2017 My heart breaks for the lives lost in the Texas shooting today Praying for their families and everyone affected by another senseless act — Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) November 6 2017 A reminder: students at Texas universities are allowed to bring guns on campus and as professors we have no effective way of managing this — Mat Johnson (@mat_johnson) November 6 2017 At the news conference Freeman Martin the regional director of the Texas Department of Public Safety said the attackercrossed the street and started firing a Ruger AR rifle at the church and continued after entering the building As he left he was confronted by an armed resident who chased him A short time later the suspect was found dead in his vehicle at the county line Martin said There were several weapons inside Martin said it’s unclear if the attacker died of a self-inflected wound or if he was shot by the resident who confronted him He said investigators weren’t ready to discuss a possible motive for the attack He said the dead ranged in age from five to 72 years old Twenty-three were found dead in the church two were found outside and one died after being taken to a hospital Sutherland Springs where the shooting took place is in a rural area where communities are small and tight-knit The area is known for its annual peanut festival in Floresville which was held last month With inputs from agencies But it’s unclear if they serve any real purpose without any pelvic pain or signs of infection.even if for a quarter. read more